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Shaving Cream Hairdos

Supply one can of shaving cream per couple. Guys spray shaving cream into girl’s hair and sculpt a hairdo (or vice versa). Crowd votes on winners. You may want to give a hint to a few kids ahead of time in secret – create an Abe Lincoln look, punk rocker spiked doo, Mickey Mouse ears,… [Continue Reading]

Shaving Cream Hairdos

Hermit Crab Fun

# 1Favorite game (for now) is Hermit Crab Fun -Go to Petsmart get 5 or so Hermit crabs. Go to Walmart and get bag of peanuts in the shell. you will need 2 blindfolds and some cones or something to make a tiny obstacle course.  So you get 4 unsuspecting animal loving students to volunteer… [Continue Reading]

Hermit Crab Fun

The Amazing Race Youth Group Game

These are all the raw files I have on our Amazing Race, feel free to copy and edit.  We did some with teens, some with families and some with the whole church.  You could use this for team building too. Parents Letter March 25, 2005 Dear Parents, This WEDNESDAY’S AMAZING RACE – PLEASE COME!! I… [Continue Reading]

amazing race youth group games

Easter Bunny Hunting

Easter Bunny Hunting – It’s no secret I hate the Easter Bunny.  I wasn’t Traumatized as a child or anything like that, I just hate the way it takes so much away from Christ Death and Resurrection. So here is the Game: Get 2 Bunny Suits from eBay. I liked the bugs bunny and the… [Continue Reading]

hunting wabbits


This is pretty simple and fun for everyone. Get 2 Critter Cruisers 2 “Robo Hamsters”Real live hamsters and make a safe race track  (this is a particular breed at Pets Mart that are crazy fast) Set up a start and finish line.  Take the hamster wheel out of the cars, and place the 2 cars… [Continue Reading]


Frog-a-pult Game

This is a Crazy fun game that is different than most. We have a middle school program called Wild Life so we did a night with as many live animals as we could. Here is what you will need: ½ inch metal pipe from Lowes or Home Depot.   1 -8″ pipe 2 – 6″… [Continue Reading]


Angry Birds Live

So I decided to create a live action game of Angry Birds and it was a trip, so here you go: 1st get 2 or 3 plush Angry Birds. I found mine at Toys R Us, but you can get them at Amazon too. You will need a 3 man water balloon launcher A bunch… [Continue Reading]

angry birds live

Onion Rings Studios has the best Youth Group Games Birthday party games and more! I have a massive library of games, ideas and activities for youth groups that I have collected over the last 20 years. I am currently rebuilding the site to make it easy to find free games for your event.  This project is set for May - August 2014 when we hope to have everything back up from the old site. Feel Free to Donate so I can hire some help and finish sooner with the 1000's of games and skits for summer camp.

Most games are filed under Indoor games unless there is no way to do a game indoors.  
We have a selection of fun group games, youth ideas and youth activities for youth group and youth programs including youth group icebreaker games, wide games, youth camp games, messy food games, indoor youth group games, outdoor youth group games, water fun games, junior youth games, icebreaker ideas, memory verse games,youth bible games, church youth group games and team building games.
Youth Group Games has a huge range of icebreaker games for youth ministry and groups. "Icebreakers" (or ice breakers) are games or activities that break the ice and help people get to know each other at group functions, parties and events.
Ice breaker games are great for small groups or large groups where there are many people who don't know each other.
Having some relaxed, fun icebreaker games, icebreaker activities or warmup games at the beginning of a group meeting can be a fantastic way to the ease the group in the becoming more relaxed around each other. To get some ice breaker activity ideas view our collection of ice breaker games for small groups, icebreaker games large groups, icebreaker games teamwork and team building activities.

Random Games


3 guy/ girl couples (this is a safe skit for a couple if one of the two is shy & would never want to be in a skit alone). Tie a lifesaver in the middle of a long (or 2 pieces) piece of licorice. Guy and girl at each end race to eat licorice and life saver first without using hands. If it drops on floor they must go get it without using their hands. This sell could be done … [Read More...]


Two small girls race to put on biggest guys unies. Take all pads out of pockets and include chewed mouth guard. Maybe to add even more action to the skit, whoever is in uniform the fastest could run to grab a ball and get it over the finish line. They may end up tackling one another to get to the finish. Marching band fight song music will add to atmosphere with kids cheering. … [Read More...]


The Lone Ranger One Man Skit

The Lone Ranger One Man Skit

 (Click Here to download the original broadcast of the “Origin of the Lone Ranger". I got mine at Cracker Barrel.  Then listen to tape 237,052 times and read these … [Read More...]

Stupid Human Tricks

Find weird talents kids can perform, i.e. roll tongue three times, dislocate body parts, burp National Anthem. Screen before hand and help them be great at what they … [Read More...]

“It’s On Random”

Hermit Crab Fun

Hermit Crab Fun

# 1Favorite game (for now) is Hermit Crab Fun -Go to Petsmart get 5 or so Hermit crabs. Go to Walmart and get bag of peanuts in the shell. you will need 2 blindfolds and some cones or something to make a tiny obstacle course.  So you get 4 unsuspecting animal … [Read More...]

Class Party Halloween Games

If you ask children what their favorite holiday is, the most likely response from most children will be Christmas, with Halloween coming in a close second. Some children will choose Halloween as their first favorite. But this holiday, with all its goblins and … [Read More...]

Great Mattress Race

Teams must carry a mattress a mile or two across town without getting caught. Arrange teams and drop each team off at separate designated points, each the exact same distance from the final meeting place. Each group has one mattress each. Their job is to be … [Read More...]

Paper Airplane Game

Everyone makes a paper airplane and writes their name, something they like and dislike on it (You may also want to add additional questions). On cue, everyone throws their airplane around the room. If you find an airplane, pick it and keep throwing it for 1-2 … [Read More...]


This is a great youth group game especially on a dark night in a house with all lights turned out (the darker the better). In order to prepare for this game, the different pieces of a flashlight are hidden on surfaces throughout a house (i.e. not inside … [Read More...]

Grab It

Divide into two teams. Put them side by side in two parallel lines about 3 feet apart. Have them sit down and hold hands with their team mates. At the back of the lines put a bucket of water with a bar of soap in it (If this is on carpet put a layer of towels … [Read More...]

Great Race

Divide the group into teams, with at least 40 kids on each one. Direct each team to select different kids to participate in each of the team events so that everyone gets an opportunity to play. Begin by dispersing kids to the specific event areas where they’ll … [Read More...]

Golf Wiffle

Each player must have one golf club (no putters or drivers). Then play golf with the Wiffle golf balls. Cones can be placed around the field to use as the 'holes. … [Read More...]

Animal, Bird, Fish

One person (A) in the middle goes to any person (B) in the group and says either “animal," "bird"or "fish." B must name a specific one of these that has not yet been said during the game, before A counts to 10. If B succeeds, A stays in the middle and quickly … [Read More...]

Group Charades

One person from each team comes up front. Leader has signs with one word written on each they hold up behind them as they face their teams. People up front can't look at the sign, and team members can't speak. Team acts out the word for the person to guess. … [Read More...]