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5 Best Uses of Your Limited Family Time Together This Christmas

Every Christmas we get 2 weeks to spend time with our daughters as they are out of school for Christmas break. So I thought I would share some of the fun things we do together in hopes of giving you a few ideas to make some memories that will last beyond the toy’s battery life. […]

Stinky Christmas Sheep

Stinky Christmas SheepWhen I think of Christmas, sometimes I think of sheep in the manger, which makes me think of stinky sheep, which makes me think about David. Christmas can be exhausting for those in ministry, so here is a quick encouragement from God’s investment in David’s life.

As you […]

Young Life Skits Old School

Classic Old School Young Life Skits


For a
long time everything (mixers, minutes, skits, and run-ons) was called a
“skit”. Well, these are the actual skits. They are done mostly by
leaders and traditionally cause a lot of laughs. They need a lot of work,
practice, and preparation before you ever get to club.

1. Rindercella
And The Prandsome Hince Skit(origional […]

Youth Ministry Games

Youth Ministry Games

by http://www.onionringsstudios.com/

Youth Ministry GamesYouth ministry Games are one of the best ways for people to learn about each other. They make it easier for people to interact with each other and share stories they would normally have a hard time […]

Onion Rings Studios Relaunched

Onion Rings Studios Relaunched

Onion Rings Studios was created back when the internet was invented (almost) way back in 1998. My last name is Rings and being in youth ministry students give you nicknames so some high school guys at my first church started calling me Onion, thus the Onion Rings Studios. […]

Steal Stuff From Hula Hoops

Steal Stuff From Hula Hoops
You’ll need one Hula Hoop and two soft rubber balls for every four or five players. Place the hoops on the floor throughout a large area and place two rubber balls in each hoop. Have kids form teams of 4 or 5 and ask each team to choose two […]

Station Rotation Games Jinga Scrabble Banna Grams Bunko

Station Rotation Games
Assign as many stations as games and leaders available. Put one game at each station and “tweak it” as to create an aggressive 4 minute point earning encounter. Ex. Guesstures: everyone takes a turn acting an item from a card. You get 1 point for a correct answer and minus 2 […]

Sponge Bomb Soaked Pants

Sponge Bombing Game
First begin by marking out a starting line and a finishing line approximately 50 feet apart. Find 5 or 6 obstacles that are large enough to be hidden behind, for example a table or a wheelbarrow. Place the obstacles approx. 10 feet apart in a zigzag pattern between the start and […]

Soccer Games Nurf Ball

Soccer, Crab Walk
Play soccer indoors with a Nurf ball and all players must crab walk the entire game

Soccer, Inner Tube
Play soccer using a smaller inflated inner tube instead of a soccer ball.

Soccer, Monkey
Play soccer indoors with a Nurf ball and all players must squat to walk (waddle). They hit the ball with their […]

Snap Crackle Pop Game

Snap Crackle Pop
Cut off the front panel of several cereal boxes — one for each group you want to form then cut up each panel into puzzle shapes- one for each person in the group. Mix together all the pieces and give one to each person and have them compete to find their […]