Food Games

Tongue Tied

Give three kids a piece of wrapped bubble gum. Together they put the gum in their mouths, wrapper and all. They must unwrap it in their mouths (no hands), spit out the wrapper, then blow a bubble.

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Spam Sculptures

Each team gets a can of Spam. Have a sculpting contest.

Fun Game Ideas

Shaving Cream and Cheese Balls

Pick two teams — one girl, one guy for each team. Cover the guys’ faces with shaving cream except eyes and mouth. Girls have 15 seconds to throw cheese balls at guys’ faces. See which team gets more cheese balls to stick.

Fun Game Ideas

Plexiglas Race

Get a piece of Plexiglas, about 2 1/2′ x 4′. It needs to be pretty thick (3/8″ at least) so that there’s no danger of it breaking. Then stick Ritz crackers on it in vertical lines with peanut butter. Or Oreos if you have peanut allergies Have two kids hold the glass up so that the peanut […]

Pizza Races

When I got started in youth ministry there were the 3 P’s that me and my fellow youth pastors knew were the foundation of our jobs. Pepsi, Petra and Pizza Ha I’m old!  But seriously some things never change, so have fun one night when you were going to order pizza anyway 🙂 At the […]

Peel Banana with Feet

Participants must peel a banana and feed it to their teammate using only their feet.

Fun Game Ideas

PB & J Foot Sandwich

Three girls, barefoot, make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with their feet. Have ingredients already in bowls. Feed to three guys. First guy to eat entire sandwich wins.

Fun Game Ideas

Musical Baby Food Game

Get jars of baby food. Play music and pass the baby food around like a hot potato. When the music stops, the person holding the jar must take a bite. Start process again.

Fun Game Ideas

This Game Sucks Too

One partner sucks M&M’s on the end of a straw and drops them into a cup on the floor that their partner is holding (or the partner’s mouth).

Fun Game Ideas

Licorice Eating Contest

Blindfold a couple of kids and have them eat licorice whips without using their hands. As they are eating, squeeze new pieces onto the end of the piece they are eating. They will keep eating and eating.
Fun Game Ideas