Indoor Games

Indoor Games

Musical Hats

Have kids line up in a circle. Get stupid hats and when music starts, have them take the hat off the person in front and put on their head. Person left without a hat when the music stops is out. When only two are left, have them line up back to back.

Fun Game Ideas

Kleenex Drop

Divide participants into pairs. One person lies on the floor with a straw in his or her mouth and blows Kleenex up in the air. The other partner tries to catch the Kleenex in a roll-out party horn.

Fun Game Ideas

Gun Gorilla Karate

Played like Paper, Rock, Scissors except that you play using the entire body. Pair everybody up and have each couple stand back to back. On the count of three, they turn around and act out either gun, karate or gorilla. Gun kills gorilla, gorilla kills karate, karate kills gun. Eliminate everyone until you have one […]

Cotton Ball Drag Race

Line three or more kids up on a starting line made of masking tape. Have them get down on all fours. Give them each a flexible straw and a cotton ball. The goal is to race to see who can blow their cotton ball and crawl down the 30 feet or so to the other […]


This is kind of like a Mission Impossible/Freeze tag game except a lot more fun. This game is great for lock-ins or all- nighters because it must be pitch dark outside. This must be played in a facility with a lot of rooms. First you should have more than 10 or 12 people to play. […]

Musical Tape

This is just like musical chairs, but with more versatility and you don’t need chairs! Begin by giving each player a 6-8″ strip of sticky tape. You can use duct tape, masking tape, etc., just make sure it doesn’t leave residue when removed. Ask them to fix it anywhere on the floor. While introducing and explaining […]

Duct Tape Challenge

Divide into even teams and have each team select a volunteer- preferably a small, light one. Give each team a roll of duct tape. The object is to tape a team member up on to the wall, using no more than the provided role of tape. The one who stays up the longest is the […]

Bug Collecting

Buy a bag or more of those little plastic insects and scatter them around the room. Give each person a flashlight. Turn out the lights and have them try to find the bugs. This game could be called “Animal Safari” if you used little plastic wild animals.


Ankle Balloon Pop

Give everyone a balloon and a piece of string or yarn. Have them blow up the balloon and tie it to their ankle. Then announce that they are to try to stomp out other people’s balloons while keeping their own safe. Last person with a blown up balloon wins.

Human Bowling

Go to local bowling alleys and ask for 12 old pins, they should be able to give you some as they get beat up fairly often. Get a creeper(sled on wheels used to slide under a car to due maintenance), or some other sled on wheels(skateboard). Get a motorcycle helmet. Put girls on the sled […]