No Supplies Required

Musical Boys Game

This is a fun game if you get the right kids involved. You could call it Mat Wars as the girls wrestleĀ over a boy named Matt’s knee šŸ˜‰ Pick a 5 girls and make sure a few of them areĀ competitive. Then get 4 guys, pick at least […]

King of the Circle

Mark off a circle (10 feet in diameter) and put 12 guys inside. At a signal, each tries to throw the others out while staying in himself.

Fun Game Ideas


Divide the club into teams and play, keeping cumulative time.

Fun Game Ideas

Body Charade

Divide into two groups. Give a person a phrase like “blow your nose.” They must relate the phrase to their group a letter at a time using their body to form the letters (no finger spelling). As a variation, time the group. The group who has the most correct guesses wins.

Fun Game Ideas

Blind Lineup

Divide into teams. Blindfold a team and tell them to line up in order from shortest to tallest. When they think they are finished, they yell done and are checked.

Fun Game Ideas


Savage Women (Big Group)

All of the guys get inside a circle, sit down, huddle together in any position and lock arms and legs. The girls attempt to pull the guys out of the circle any way they can, while the guys try to stay in. The last guy to remain in the circle is the winner. Guys cannot […]

Blob Tag

This game is a normal game of tag with an added twist. When “it” tags someone, that person becomes part of it. Then the two of them must run hand-in-hand and catch their next victim who will also join them. Last one caught by the “Blob” is the winner!

Elbow Tag

Divide everyone into partners and have them stand together arm-in-arm (elbows locked together) in your play area. Divide one set of partners and make one player “it” and the other player the snipe (the victim, the damsel, whatever!) The snipe runs when you say go while “it” tries to tag him or her. The snipe […]

Three Truths and a Lie

Need paper & pencil. Have everyone place 4 things about themselves on a piece of paper, 3 true and I a lie. Take turns reading them and assign points for guessing the lie by the onlookers and points for how many guessed wrong to the liar. You could also do it without paper and pencil […]

The Story

Stand or sit in a circle. Go around the room assigning the name of a person, place or thing to each person. The first person in the group begins to tell a story that they make up. Within 10 seconds (longer or shorter is okay) that person must mention the person, place or thing assigned […]