Up Front Games

Tongue Tied

Give three kids a piece of wrapped bubble gum. Together they put the gum in their mouths, wrapper and all. They must unwrap it in their mouths (no hands), spit out the wrapper, then blow a bubble.

Fun Game Ideas

The Choice

Choose 2 kids for “choosers” and two convincers. The object of the game is to try and talk your way out of getting Pied in the face or talk your way into getting candy bar. Blindfold the 2 contestant, then give a pie to one convincer and a candy bar to the other.

The chooser has 30 seconds […]

Take Off Something You Don’t Need

This one is a prank on everyone in the room, you can even prank your leaders and don’t tell them about the secret ending. Picking the right crazy guy is key for this game. You pick three guys out of the room. Prep one of them prior to club and have him place crazy boxers […]

Sweet Tart Dissolving

Get three or four couples, put a Sweet Tart (or other similar candy) tab on one person’s foreheads in each pair. Use a rubber band to secure the tab. Place goggles and a garbage bag on the same person. Hand a squirt gun to the other partner. On your command, tell them to squirt away. […]

The Good The Bad The Ugly Squirt Gun Duel Game

Here are 3 version of this game

1. Blindfold a guy and girl and have a squirt gun fight. Before you start, remove the girl’s blindfold.

2. Another version of this is having each person holding a candle and a clear cup of water.

You need a lighter



Water gun – not a good one, just a crappy one […]

Shaving Cream and Cheese Balls

Pick two teams — one girl, one guy for each team. Cover the guys’ faces with shaving cream except eyes and mouth. Girls have 15 seconds to throw cheese balls at guys’ faces. See which team gets more cheese balls to stick.

Fun Game Ideas

Redneck NASCAR Simulator

Redneck NASCAR Simulator – Place a pipe between the handles on a washtub, then suspend it between two chairs. A contestant stands in the tub straddling the pipe. He is given a broom to steady himself. Four hats are perched on the backs of the chairs, and he races to knock them off, using the […]

Q-Tip Shooting

Give everyone a straw, give guys a blue Q-Tip, girls pink. Place a target up front and have them shoot.

Fun Game Ideas

Plexiglas Race

Get a piece of Plexiglas, about 2 1/2′ x 4′. It needs to be pretty thick (3/8″ at least) so that there’s no danger of it breaking. Then stick Ritz crackers on it in vertical lines with peanut butter. Or Oreos if you have peanut allergies Have two kids hold the glass up so that the peanut […]

Best pick-up lines

Have five guys leave the room. Set up two card table chairs with a sheet draped over them. Set chairs apart so a third chair could fit in the middle. Then have the girls sit on sheet and pull it tight. Bring guys in one at a time, explaining to them before they see the […]