Free Youth Ministry Games  


Welcome To Onion Rings Studios! I have dug deep for as many Games and Skits I could find from my decades in Youth Ministry and working for Young Life. I did my best to organize them, but there are so many, and what do you want for free??? I hope you have fun in the ministry you are in, but I really hope you focus on teaching solid Biblical truths to the sheep you have been entrusted with. Email if there is anything I can do to help you in your ministry. Thanks for stopping by, and you stay classy.

Jesus Commands my Destiny,
CEO Onion Rings Studios


My Favorite Games


Here are my Top 3 Favorite Games
1. The Um Game - get a row of 6 students boy and girl mix. line them up shoulder to shoulder in a line. You have a device called Splash Out which is a water balloon popping device with a timer and needle built in. You hold said device over students head while they have to name something in a topic. Once they name something, then the device is shifted to the next student in line. The ticking noise and the fear of the randomness somehow shorts the brain out. Topics can be anything you like: name santa's reindeer, football team, disney princess', star wars characters, cartoon characters, books of Bible, stores in our mall. I try to come up with one round for girl knowledge and one for boy. You can find the Splash out on Amazon or Ebay, but in the summer Toys R us has them $10.

2. Easter Bunny Hunting - It's no secret I hate the Easter Bunny. I wasn't Traumatized as a child or anything like that, I just hate the way it takes so much away from Christ Death and Resurrection. So here is the Game:
Get 2 Bunny Suits from eBay. I liked the bugs bunny and the Easter bunny ones
2 baskets, some easter eggs
2 paintball masks
1 paintball gun
You can pretty much see where this is going, but I'll tell you anyway.
Find 2 of your crazy students or young college guys to be the bunnys. Have them put on the paintball mask under the bunny mask for saftey. They hop around collecting the eggs that have either candy in them or $ or nothing and put them in their baskets. All the while you have 3 different girls trying to shoot the bunny. So there is 2 sides to the game students can play and everyone has fun. Obviously do this outside with adult supervision to avoid any death or disfigurement :)

 For more fun with the Bunny check out this great clip on the YouTube

# 1Favorite game (for now) is Hermit Crab Fun
-Go to Petsmart get 5 or so Hermit crabs. Go to walmart and get bag of peanuts in the shell. you will need 2 blindfolds and some cones or something to make a tiny obstacle course.  So you get 4 unsuspecting animal loving students to volunteer for this game. You set up the obstacle course with a few cones and then you put down the hermit crabs and tell them they have to make it through the course without killing any of the crabs, oh and they have to do it blindfolded. Take the students out of the room and have them blind folded and have them brought in one at a time. While they are out of the room, pick up the crabs and put down lots of peanut shells. When students begin you can lie to them and say things like "if you stomp your feet as you go through course they will feel the vibrations and run away. or just jump, or run through it. The crowd will help steer them toward the peanuts and when they crunch down, say "aww you kill one, it's okay you can make it just run" and of course they run and crunch more poor hermit crabs and they freak out. Then unblindfold them and show them the fun.

Amazing Race


We have done several versions of the Amazing Race for our Youth Group and I'm happy to share everything with you to make your event fun. We have done city wide with other churches and we have done all on campus entire church body editions.

Amazing Race

New Games


Here are 2 games I saw recently that I think you may like
1. Old Dude and an mp3 player. Old dude has head phones on singing lyrics to popular songs and 3 girls 3 guys with a leader in the middle. kind of like family feud style when they think they know the song, they slap the hand of the leader in the middle and guess the song. The team to get 3 songs right 1st wins.

Game Time


Youth Ministry / Young Life GAMES

REPEATABLE Championship Free GAMES POSSIBLY DONE YEARLY for Youth Ministry and Young Life.I KEYS: These games must be built into a tradition that kids look forward to each year. Literally, we want kids to be begging to have a chance to participate in them before they even happen.


4 freshman/ sophomore guys sitting on chairs in a line facing out. 5 upper class girls. Play musical chairs. Girl must be in guys lap with arms around neck. Play up ‘fighting to the death for your man’. Make a world champion belt for them to wear the rest of the night, possibly put the names of past winners on it so that it can become a yearly tradition that kids look forward to for club. You may even include the last guy’s name as well. Use big time wrestler uniform and music for the sell.

CHUBBY BUNNIES Kills Students, Don't Do IT!! Instead try this one

3 Amigos

3 kids in line stuff one Banana pepper in mouth at a time and say ‘Hola Amigos’. Last one who can say it with all the peppers in mouth, wins. Need plastic for DROOL, and bags to spit them out at the end. . Possible trophy, pepper necklace. keep girl and guy records of how many they held along with past winners on trophy. Use giant sombrero costume  for the sell. (be careful not to let kids choke!)


Go to local bowling alleys and ask for 12 old pins, they should be able to give you some as they get beat up fairly often. Get a creeper(sled on wheels used to slide under a car to due maintenance), or some other sled on wheels(skateboard). Get a motorcycle helmet. Put girls on the sled with the helmet on and have them put their hands behind their back and let a guy (or vice versa the guy and girl thing) bowl them down into the set of 10 pins (they must be spread out well1 you will need to practice to see how far). Usually bowl 3 competitors and let them do a frame a piece. You will need 2 folks to set the pins up again quickly and one to catch them so they don’t go through the pins and head first into the wall. Most good sleds can really move up to 20-30 feet or so, so have a good runway. There are great sound effect CD’s with bowling sounds for the background. Also, you have the two extra pins - paint them gold and do them up right into trophies, give one to keep and put the names of the winners on the other as your running trophy. For a sell, have a "human cannonball’ fly in on the sled and smack the pins (helmet, chest protector, goggles, shin guards, elbow pads, etc.).


4a great thanksgiving tradition. See pin directions above. Also get a 1 16 pound frozen turkey and drill 3 holes in it where they would be placed in a ball. Same game as above game. Have 3 contestants bowl a frame. You may want to put down cheap black plastic (at any hardware store) for an alley. Also please have someone at the end of the pins to catch the turkey or you may put a nice hole in a wall. For a trophy, you may be able to make a turkey out of an old bowling ball (body) and pin (as the head). Use feathers and a red sock as a goblet and paint the ball with winners names. This sell is obviously the job for any turkey!


This game is best done when it is warm outside so that when it is over, kids can hose down outside. Obviously, it will be messy, you may need to do it outside and will need to think of other clothes for them when it is over, have towels, etc. If you try to replace circles on a twister mat with pie tins of Jell-O, the tins will merely slide off. I recommend using a square of cheap black plastic, and attaching the pie tins to a 4x4 grid by pushing a bull clip through the bottom of the pans and plastic, and then spreading out the tips under the plastic to hold them down. You then may fill them in with Jell-O (already made) night before club. Have a good spinner, kids who will go for it and play in bare feet. This trophy may be a plaque that looks like a twister board with a past winner in each circle. "The Twist" by Chubby Checker maybe background music and the sell possibly with a kid who can come in with their legs behind their head (those sick twisted individuals!).


Tell parents ahead of time. Get to kid’s homes early and videotape them being woken up. Show video in club. You may find it funny to mix in movie clips. The classic mistake is that people always make this to long, it should not show more than I min per kid. Be creative on who wakes them up (wake up fairy, Tour interrupter characters, a spin off Movie character, etc.) Also, you must have a great light on your camera or hand held when you video, don’t expect the moms to have good lighting - they won’t. Use a sleepytime bed head pajama character to sell, pajama’s with footies and great pattems are funny, sleepytime music is on any kids tapes. No real winner or trophy needed to make this one a tradition, just remember, always leave them wanting more.


KEYS: Often times people frown at competition as if it is evil. Instead, we need to teach kids how to compete in fun and godly manner. Many times competition is the only way to pull a crass, pagan kid into what we are trying to do; likewise, many kids have only had bad examples of competition growing up (how many times have we all seen parents be bigger idiots about winning and losing than kids!). We have a great opportunity to teach many things to kids though this tool, we may even end up modeling success in failure (the story of the gospel itself - our failure and God’s grace). We must teach campaigner kids to cheer for everybody. We must lift up the kids and teams that lose for being so awesome to take the risk and play. We must teach them that losing is not life and death and that we all are in this together. Find some funny lines like "winning is everything, but losing is nothing’ and ‘it’s not whether you won or lost, but how good you looked doing it... and you looked the best’ to keep things in perspective. These games are often designed to pull kids in to just have some plain, old, crazy, off the wall fun!


Four guys vs. four girls (maybe one each class). Use TV tunes CD’s (they are expensive but have many uses and are worth the investment). One from each team steps up with a big pot on their head and a big spoon. When they think they know the answer they beat on their heads for a bell. Correct answer and each member of the other team puts in a marshmallow. Wrong answer and your team puts one in plus another one if other team gets right. If it is going too slow, you may want to have bonus rounds for double penalties with anyone on the team being able to sound in and guess (need 8 spoons then). Have rags for them to spit out marshmallows as they drop out. Also, may be done with kazoo or current music. Obviously a great sell is a game show host.

DR Guy/girl teams again. One guy vs one girl at a time. Each has squirt gun and squirts other while song is playing until they get it right.


Guys put raw egg inside pantyhose and pull over head. Girls ride piggy back with half a Polish sausage (put the sausage in pantyhose also or it will break immediately and they will have nothing to swing with). Try to break other guy’s egg, make sure guys know they cannot hit each other. Four teams, lots of room, knee pads for guys if it is a hard floor. and towels to clean up! A cowboy rodeo sell will work. Have some good country wild west music for this ride also!


six kids in circle pass a pie around. when music stops, kid with pie has choice to pie person on right or self. If kid pies others, he’s out. If he pies self, stays in. Winner gets some prize like $25 camp scholarship. If they all pie themselves add honey to pie, spam, whatever it takes. Use marshmallow fluff for pies. This may be another game to use your game show host for a sell.


4 guys and 4 girls (pair up classes). Senior vs. Soph, then Junior vs. Frosh.. then Championship round each girl will be on the back of her guy as he is on all fours. The key rule: The girl’s feet Cannot touch the ground at any time, she must keep them wrapped around the guy. Give each girl a pillow and let them try to knock each other off! Call the feet rule close and the championship round will be better. The guys cannot knock each other over, only the girls. You may want to put helmets on the girls. A medieval jousting uni would be great for a sell and music in the background will do a lot for this one.


One can of Barbasol per couple. Guys spray into girl’s hair and sculpt a hairdo (or vice versa). Crowd votes on winners. You may want to give a hint to a few kids ahead of time in secret - create an Abe Lincoln look, punk rocker spiked doo, Mickey Mouse ears, roman headgear, etc. A hairdresser or fashion consultant character could sell this event. Background music "you are so beautiful" or something heart wrenching about beauty.


dozen eggs; (4 raw - 8 hard boiled). Two people alternate picking and egg and smashing it on other person’s head. You may want to choose 4 folks have 2 rounds and a final round. Also, in the final round, have 8 eggs (5 hard boiled and 1 raw) and hold them in a bowl above their heads to pick. Put your finger on the raw egg and before club explain the skit to all 4 contestants (because you don’t know who will be in the finals!). Play the first rounds for real (possibly girl vs. girl, guy vs. guy, and battle of sexes for final round) and in final round they pick the hard boiled eggs 5 in a row (because you told them not to pick the one with your finger on it till last). Each time you are really in their faces to nail one another, when the final egg is up in the final round you are going crazy only to have the finalist smash it on your head! Make a kid a hero!


blindfolded girl applies make up to guy, 34 sets of folks. Have it go in stages: first, you can really save his skit with good wigs for the guys (they will look much more funny with them on) eye shadow, cheek powder, lipstick etc. Have good music in background.. Theme from Wonder Woman works (off TV disk) or Aretha Franklin "Respect". Have kids vote for winner, and have towels for guys to wash off. This is a great skit to sell before homecoming, sady hawkins, or prom... play up the fact that guys get ready in 5 minutes for dances and do not appreciate all the work the girls do. You may even have the guys hold goofy corsages.


guys lay on floor with Dixie cup in mouth. Girls on another guy’s shoulders crack eggs on guys forehead holding them and then drop eggs into cup. Three each, team with most in cup wins, you may want a glass measuring cup to pour it in for the win. You will need a drop cloth underneath the guys, plus towels etc. to protect their clothing, plus different towels for them to clean up. I also suggest breaking down and buying the huge jumbo eggs, and you will need a container to collect their shells quickly. Obviously a sell involving basketball will be a natural, you may want basketball Globe Trotters theme in background and a funny kid calling play by play. Also similar skits done with toothpaste and coke bottles on chest, or bottle to be filled up with water and girls use sponge


Place ski masks on two to three kids and wrap head with duct tape, sticky side out (this will take some time - think through what else can be going on as they do this - camp sell. club cards. whatever). Put a bunch of objects on the floor or a table (we want kids to see them going for it). Use small and larger objects such as yam, paper clips, ping pong balls. whiffle ball bats, fuzzy dice, etc. Kids roll around or head bang for 1 minute to collect items. Most on head wins. You may consider selling this skit as a young Life version of ‘head banging dancing. Have the heavy metal music in the background and the seIl folks can come in slam dancing etc.


Each class decorates someone with ornaments, garland, tinsel, popcorn, lights, etc. Plug them in for the finale and vote for winners. You must really have a lot of lights and great ornaments to make this one worth it. Think through how to hang the ornaments (for example, putting old sweats on each kid so they can hook them in the sweats and not ruin their clothes). Obviously this is a Christmas skit, music while decorating is also a must.


several kids pull surgical gloves over head down over nose but not mouth. Inflate by inhaling through mouth, exhale through nose. Hold onto sides with hands. Pull on by getting on forehead first, then pulling back, over and down. A doctor may be involved in this sell, music in background (such as Good lovin’ or something with doctor in it) with kids cheering them on is a must.


two teams inflate and pass balloons to kid who stuffs them into oversized sweat shirt and pants. Girl leader counts for girl; guy for guy by popping balloons with pins. Three minute time limit. Pop all extra balloons so kids aren’t throwing them during talk. You may have different sized and different shaped balloons. Fat Albert music in background (off TV tunes CD). For a sell you may have a little person in huge sweats already stuffed with balloons come in to Fat Albert. Maybe you could even do a spin off of one of these ridiculous gas x, turns, commercial


Two to four guys race. ‘On your marks, get set...’ then stop and take away fork. Repeat and add whipped cream. Last time, hands behind back. These must be kids that will go for it, have a drop cloth and towels to clean up. Music in background. A ‘momma’ character with apron, wig. etc. may be a part of the sell.


Give outgoing kid topic like belly button lint. He must talk about it for two minutes. If he stops or repeats himself, herself, he/she gets squirted. These must be funny kids who can really talk. For a sell on this one you may use a ‘valley girl’ character who just talks and talks nonstop interrupting club. You may consider giving the kid a bullhorn or mic (you can get wet) so kids can hear him/her.


Wrap 15 feet of clear tubing around a small girl. Have three different pairs of guys get three marbles from one corked end out the other by lifting and spinning girl. Fastest time wins. Can use Tuba Ruba game also. Tell teams to plan it out so they don’t just shake girl. If you have the bucks to buy two lengths of tube (it can be expensive), it may be even better to do two groups at once racing. Background song ‘I’m all shook up’ ‘Twist and Shout’ etc. For a sell you may consider the girl coming in with 20 hoola hoops talking about how she just loves to hoola hoop, you have a 3 dimensional version of hoola hooping.



3 couples. Set out Iine of food items beginning with small stuff. (i.e. M&M pile and getting larger up to jello or plate w/ spam). Girls wheelbarrow guys down row as guys eat items. Music in background and toweIs to clean up with. For sell you may have a girl wheelbarrow in a guy in total crash uni gear helmet, chest protector, etc) and have him crash and burn into crowd. You being the helpful leader that you are decide to teach them how to do it YL style.


Lay guys on ground, girls stand over them and drop ingredients into guy’s mouths. Banana. Chocolate syrup, whipped cream, nuts, cherry. Can blindfold girls. Put garbage bag on guys and use drop cloths, also have towels to clean them up with. Bananaman (superhero) could sell this skit. Also, music in background involving food, ice cold, bananaman theme (green hornet).


[Just like ‘Name that Tune’. Two guys add one ingredient at a time to a cracker trying to out bid each I other to eat that cracker. 10 gross ingredients. ‘I can eat that cracker with sardines.’ ‘I can eat that cracker with sardines and jalapenos.’ etc. A great game show host can really spice this deal up along with some fun sound effects off a CD. You may even do 2 pairs and then a championship round with different foods. Have a bucket or bag just in case there is a surprise ending.


half inch clear plastic tubing. Use funnel to put egg into it. Two kids standing 5 feet apart try to blow egg into opponents mouth. Leader must hold tube so kids don’t blow egg into crowd. Make sure eggs don’t have Salmonella. Also have towels to clean off. Or the same set up as above only set it up ahead of time so tube gets pointed at leader’s face at last second


three kid teams. One has to hold duck other two wrap with paper, ribbon, bow. Crowd votes for winner. check local farms or mail order duck firms. Good luck getting out of jail from the SCPA and all the sentimental kids in club that hate you now. You may be able to sell this as a problem you had trying to wrap a ‘special’ gift for your nephew or niece or whatever. Asking for their expertise, bring up the teams hand them the goods, and then bring in the ducks! You may want Christmas music in background.


3 guy/ girl couples (this is a safe skit for a couple if one of the two is shy & would never want to be in a skit alone). Tie a lifesaver in the middle of a long (or 2 pieces) piece of licorice. Guy and girl at each end race to eat licorice and life saver first without using hands. If it drops on floor they must go get it without using their hands. This sell could be done by a Dr.Love, Antonio Amore character and is good near dances, homecoming, etc. Any weird love song or song about kissing will do. Or just your love character’s theme music.


For this skit you will need to figure out a way to connect a candleholder (Preferably with 3 candles each) onto some type of helmet. Pull up 4 kids and have two semi final rounds and a final round where kids are about 10 feet apart with squirt guns trying to knock out the others fire. You may want to hand them bigger and bigger guns (up to a super soaker) until someone wins. Caution, your room could get very wet. Music Billy Joel ‘we didn’t start the fire", ‘come on baby light my fire’, etc. or maybe even theme song from the movie The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. Obviously a challenge to a duel will be a good sell. Have towels, know your water supply, and you will need two very good lighters.


Put a dab of shaving cream on the end of 3 to 5 kids nose, each kid has a squirt gun: place them strategically around the room, they have to shoot the shaving cream off of the nose of the person on their right. Clearly explain if they start shooting the crowd on purpose, they will be executed (yes, speak the truth in love)! You again may use a wild west sell and music for this one. Have towels and know what will get wet. You may need to practice shooting to get a feel for this one!


Put Oreos open faced on sheets of plexiglass. Pull up 2 to 4 kids and blindfold them as they race to smash their face up against the glass and lick off the oreos. Have extra open faced oreos ready for when they knock them off. And, it helps to have the plexiglass framed so that it does not wobble as much.


[4 guy/girl teams. Girls sit on chair with a pie tin on lap. Tie sponge to back of guys head with bandana (even better if you can really attach sponge to bandana - it slides out too easy). Race to see who can getmost water from a 5 gallon bucket into tin in 2 minutes. Girls can only use hands to hold tin on lap. Any goofy love song will work for background music. Sponge man or toilet paper man could sell this skit as an absorbent picker upper.


get 5 ore more guys to be blindfolds horses, and girls are to be the riders. The rider has a cup of ice (ammo). The rider guides the horse by pulling on ears to turn. The only command they can yell is ‘FIRE". When this command is yelled, the horse spits the ice in it’s mouth in an attempt to hit an opponent. Rider reloads horse with her supply of ice. If you get hit twice, you are out. If it is a hard floor have knee pads for guys, also cowboy sell and western music.


2 to 4 kids are to race while milking rubber gloves. Set up the gloves on saw horses or around chests of guys on all fours to make the cow. Make very small pin holes in the tips of the fingers of the gloves. Have a measuring cup to see who wins and a container for each to milk into. Cow sound effects and country music in background. A local yocal dairy man character could sell this one.


Buy about 5-6 rolls of thick (foam mounted) double sided sticky tape. Make 2 teams of 4, can be battle of classes, sexes, whatever. Cover each persons face with the double sided tape (1 strip down nose, across forehead, on cheeks, down chin, etc. and place a large, yet not completely filled balloon on the first person in each line. The object of the game is to jam your face into the persons next to you and pass the ‘balloon down without using your hands. If it falls to the floor, have that next person go on the floor and jam their face in the balloon to pick it back up. Try this once on your own, you may want the relay to go down and back. An Antonio Amore, Dr. Love, relationship doctor could sell it, any music with romantic flair could work in background. Keep crowd cheering.


3 couples. Each girl gets 3 packs of lifesavers and 2 minutes to lick and arrange on guys face. Vote for winning couple. You may make a lifesaver hat out of a foam circle, spraypainted to add to the decor. you may also consider having 2 girls per guy decorate.


get 2 kids: tie their left hands together and give each kid a banana. He has to peel the banana with one hand and stab the other guy in the face with the banana. Kind of like Michael Jacksons "beat it. video! scary. I


One couple from each class. Taffy apples taped to string tied onto broom handle. Fake starting and

I stop once to add chocolate syrup, again to add whipped cream, last time to blindfold


Two small girls race to put on biggest guys unies. Take all pads out of pockets and include chewed

mouth guard. Maybe to add even more action to the skit, whoever is in uniform the fastest could run to grab a ball and get it over the finish line. They may end up tackling one another to get to the finish. Marching band fight song music will add to atmosphere with kids cheering.


2 teams of 3 guys and girls. Race to see which team can run up as a couple and pop a balloon a leader places between them by hugging. Go through lines a couple of times fast and end with a water balloon. Perhaps we could sell this one with slam dancing idea?


Three pounds of grapes in each cooler. Two guys crush with bare feet for two minutes. See who gets the most juice out of spout. Drink as tie breaker. Have measuring cup and big glasses!


Five guys have three minutes to see how many girls they can get to sign their bare feet. Permanent markers?


Blindfolded guys put on pantyhose wearing hockey gloves. Then maybe they could have to grab sticks and shoot an egg at a target or something.


Girls feed guys through pantyhose: applesause, cottage cheese, pudding, orange juice with pulp. Spit into cup to measure. Maybe this could be a relay or a cooking show deal.


Pass objects chin-to-neck down and back guy/girl lines. Orange, frozen vegetable package, water balloon, etc. Obviously this one could be a Dr Love sell on how to teach people to "neck".


Girls fish out jelly beans with toes out of ice water and feed to guys. Three couples race.


Three guys weigh in (have a good scale) and then are stuffed for one minute with ice cubes by two girls each. Max weight gain wins. Need 20 pounds of ice per guy and big coolers to dump ice into after skit.


Pairs lay down head to head and feed ice cream to person behind them. First team done with bowl wins.


Punch hole in end of frozen freeze pop. Tie to 20 feet of string. Team passes freeze down sleeve and out pant leg of each team member. (Also has been done with frozen tub of margarine.)


Four person team from each class. Object is to see how long they can keep one square of toilet paper in the air by blowing on it.


couples race to see how many balloons they can pop by biting them as they are placed between them. Have some with shaving cream in them. Go fast and have each ½ of room count out loud for their couple.


3 couples. Have girls dress like moms and guys in a diaper (use Depends or sheets) and bibs and bonnets. Have guys sit on girls laps and girls feed them a gar of gross baby food and a full baby bottle. Girls burp guy. First burp wins. Cut bigger hole in bottle or it takes forever.


3 guys in front of club with 32 oz tumblers around their necks 3 girls in back of room blindfolded with 1 dozen hot dogs each. The girls throw the dogs to the guys who catch them in their cups w/o using their hands.


Only for tough guys. 3 guy/girl teams. Girls hang as many pins on guys ears, lips, etc. as they can in 2 minutes.


2 guys facing each other at a table each with a candle. a big cup of water, and some matches. The object is to drink your entire cup of water but you can only drink when your candle is lit. Can’t use hands for anything other than drinking water or lighting candle so options are to drink, blow out opponents candle, or light yours. Explain clearly to kids and referee.


2 teams of 4. Lie on back in circle with feet raised to meet in the middle balancing a bucket of water. Each team member must remove shoes without spilling water. Can be a class competition.


2 couples. Guys go upstairs and instruct girls that they will "rain" their guy to do a certain action using only M&M’s as rewards, nothing else (they cannot speak, act out, etc.). Bring guys down and explain that they will be trained and rewarded as they move towards correct action. Give each girl a different action like getting guy to sit down and take off a shoe and smell it or stand on a chair and bark and scratch his head.


3 guy/girl teams. Put business ends on both ends of a plunger. String a tennis ball from the middle Have couples put their heads in the cups and using only their heads flip the ball around the plunger. Three wraps fastest time. Kind of like teatherball!


Take 3 people out of room. Bring in first person and act out detailed, exaggerated actions of your hobby. Bring in next person and have first act out for the second. At end ask each what they thought they were acting out. Can also do changing a diaper, washing an elephant, etc.


5 girls and 5 guys. Each girl takes off a show. Mix them up, blindfold guys. Girls must remain seated and verbally guide their guy to find their shoe across the room and come back to put it on her.


13 girls barefoot make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with their feet. Feed to 3 guys with their feet. First guy to eat entire sandwich wins. Put ingredients in bowls.


Fill nylon with applesauce or honey. Pull over guys heads. First one to eat all the stuff wins! Wow we are reaching on this one!


3kids 3 events, each kid participates in all three events: 1. have them blow up balloon until it breaks. 2. have them blow up balloon not using their hands, only their mouths. 3. have them blow up balloon with their nostril.


Take a rope of some sort and have a large sheet or sheets draped over the rope so that the opposing teams cannot see each other and turn on strobe lights with kicking music. If you have a large club, consider putting all the guys up at

he net and letting them play each other first, then the girls up front to play each other. This will help keep over aggressive idiot guys from killing girls and from groping them in the dark as well. Think through it. A beach volleyball sell in the cold winter makes this a winner to even sell sand volleyball at Camp.

Tons More Games



What are Mixers?
Mixers are activities that include the entire club. Kids arrive at club with a few friends or by themselves, and they naturally will gravitate to people that they know. After a good mixer, kids are comfortable with others in the room. A good mixer that is led well… will draw in the kids on the edges. If we can get everyone involved … they are invested in what is happening at club and not just observing.

Ameba Race
Tie several crowds of people together with a rope around their perimeter and have them race each other's group as a large "Ameba."

Armenian Egg Crush
Kids knock their hard boiled egg against another persons hard boiled egg. The egg that doesn’t crack wins. Have the winners face off with other winners.

Back To Back
Start by pairing up. Sit back-to-back and lock elbows with the person behind you. Now stand up together. Next do it with 4 people, then 8, then 16, then 32 etc.

Balloon at your back
Establish a starting line and a finish line, and have kids form teams of four to six. Give each person a balloon to inflate and tie. Have the first two players of each team stand back-to-back at the starting line and wedge two balloons between their backs while the other team members simply hold their balloons. The entire team must then walk to the finish line without dropping any balloons. When the team reaches the finish line, have three team members wedge three balloons between their backs. Then the entire team must walk back to the starting line, where they should add a fourth person and balloon. Continue until the team is transporting all their balloons without dropping any of them. The first team to carry all the balloons across the playing area wins.

Balloon Contest
Divide the club in half. Have two different colors of balloons. Have half of each team try to pop the other team's balloons, and the other half try to keep their team's balloons in the air.

Balloon Gauntlet
Girls are given rolled up newspapers, and they are lined up in two single file lines. The two lines are parallel, facing each other with approximately three to four feet between them. The boys tie balloons to their pant belt loops and must "run the gauntlet". That is, they must run between the two lines of girls who try to pop the balloons by hitting them with the newspapers. The object is to see which boy(s) can avoid having their balloon popped.

Balloon Golf
Use low profile boxes for the holes, balloons for the balls, foam pipe insulation for the clubs. See how many swings it takes to get in the hole.

Balloon Pop Relay
Participants line up, run to a chair across the room, blow up a balloon, pop it by sitting on it and run back. First team that finishes wins. The less people you have on each team, the better. Kids will get bored if they stand in line too long.

Balloon Rockets
Divide kids into groups of 5. Give them all the supplies they need to make a balloon rocket. They will need one toilet paper tube, four large balloons, four clothes pins and tape. Balloons are taped to the toilet paper tube. Clothes pins are used to seal the end of balloons until take off. Attach twine to the other side of the room and pull it taught across the room. Insert end of twine through rocket tube and let them fly. Set up more than one twine runway in order to have races.

This is a good game to divide people into teams. Have pre-made cards for more than enough kids. Come up with as many animals as you want teams. If you want four teams, have four animals. If you predict 35 kids that night make forty cards, four groups of ten. Each group of ten cards will have a particular animal written on it (so you will have 10 chicken cards, 10 cow cards, 10 donkey cards and10 pig cards). Hand out cards randomly to the kids and tell them to not tell anyone their animal. When you give the signal, have them make the sound of their animal as loud as possible until they find their entire group. The first group to totally find each other wins.

Birdie on the Perch
All girls stand in a circle, and the guys form a circle around them. Everyone must be paired off with someone of the opposite sex in the opposite circle. When the music plays, the girls walk clockwise and the guys walk counterclockwise. When the music stops, they must find their partner, and the girl must sit on the guy’s knee. The last couple to find each other will be out. A variation for this game is to have a leader calling out two parts of the body as the music stops. For instance, “elbow to ear.” Each couple must find their partner and touch one person’s elbow to the other’s ear.

Bite the Bag
Everyone lines up in rows. In front of each row is a paper grocery bag. Without touching the ground with hands elbows or knees they must bite the bag & pick it up. If a person fails to pick up the bag, they are out. For each round have a bag ready that you have cut shorter. By the end a few may be picking up a paper off the floor with their mouth.

Body Spelling
Divide into two groups. Give a person a phrase like "blow your nose." They must relate the phrase to their group a letter at a time using their body to form the letters (no finger spelling). As a variation, time the group. The group who has the most correct guesses wins.

Boy Relay
The boys line up in several teams. The girl members of their teams divide in half and each half lines up one side of their boys’ team. So you have a line of with a short line of girls on each side of them. At a signal, four girls from each team (two from each side of the boys) pick up the first boy. One girl takes one leg, another the other leg and one girl takes each arm. They ten carry the boy across the room and deposit him on a chair. The girls race back to the team, get to the end of the line and the next four carry the next boy. First team to carry all boys across is the winner. Girls will have to carry more than one boy.

Bring Me
Four teams find items that are announced from up front. Items might include: 5 fruit of the loom tags, longest belt chain, biggest ball of gum, family pictures, love letter, etc. Really think through things they can come up with and have only one person from each team to deliver the items.

Bubble Gum Sculpture
Materials: bubble gum and a towel or two. Divide your group into groups of 4 or 5. Get two volunteers out of each group. (Don't tell them what they're volunteering for) Give them a plate or flat dish(we used cookie sheets). Give everyone bubble gum, and tell them to chew as quickly as possible. Have them chew it only until it is soft, and then give it to the volunteers in their group, and start chewing the next piece. As the group is chewing, the volunteers need to be working on their sculpture. Set a time limit of 10 minutes. Give them creative ideas of what to make such as pizza, turtle, etc., but it has to be something difficult. Have someone judge the sculptures.

Burrito Races
Divide into small groups of 5 to 7 people. Each group is given supplies to make a burrito racer… frozen burrito, 4 wood screws for axles, 4 washers for wheels, toothpicks, raisins, celery, carrot, etc. Be creative with the items to decorate the racer. For the race, get 2 12 ft. plastic rain gutters (these double for ice cream troughs later in the year). Lift both rain gutters to the same height and let the cars go. The burrito racers tend to fall a part but that’s half the fun.

Butt Bumpers
Everyone grabs ankles and tries to knock others over by bumping into them. If you get knocked over you are out.

Camera Cram
Mount a camera on a tripod. This can be a class competition. Explain to them they must try to fit as many people as possible into the view of the camera just like they were cramming into a phone booth. The winner is team with most in the picture.

Candy Teams
This game works very well as a mixer for large crowds. Gather a few distinctly different types of candy and tape them under the chairs of your audience before the meeting. Keep in mind when deciding how many types of candy you use that you will want the teams to be as evenly numbered as possible. Have your MC explain the activity as follows:
1. Groups must look underneath their seat, grab the candy bar and then find the other people in the room with that candy bar.
2. Once all team members have found their group, they must eat their candy and present their wrappers to one person on the team who will bring them all to the MC.
This gets the crowd up and interacting and provides a boost of energy to your meeting. It is also a good idea to have some high energy back ground music.

Card Questions
Use a deck of cards to divide into groups and answer questions. Card 1 answers question 1, card 2 answers question 2 and so on.

What is 1 achievement you’re proud of?
If you could change 2 things about school, what would you change?
What are 3 ways to make you laugh?
What is your routine be4 you go to school in the morning?
What were you doing in 1985? be specific as you can.
What are your top 6 movies of all time?
What is your favorite thing to buy at a convenience store like 7-eleven?
How would you describe the perfect d8 (date)?
What were your favorite tv shows when you were 9? Why?
Where do you see yourself 10 years from now? Explain.

Charades On The Wall
Before the game create a list of one or two syllable words. Clear a large space on the wall. Form 2 teams. Have each team choose a representative to start the game. Explain to kids that you'll show their selected team members a word that they must convey to their team. Tell the kids they must convey the word in only one way: by using their heads as imaginary pencils to spell the words on the wall. Play several rounds so each team member gets a turn at writing on the wall. The team that's able to guess the correct answers in the shortest amount of time wins

Cheese Dishes
Divide into 2 teams with a spokesperson for each side. Alternate listing one dish having cheese as an ingredient. No dish can be repeated. Each team has 5 sec. to give their answer.

Chocolate Bar Scramble
Great game for groups of 6-10. Place a chocolate bar in the center of the table. The candy should stay in its wrapper and, to make the game last longer, you could wrap the candy in gift-wrapping paper as well. Each person sitting around the table takes a turn at rolling the dice. The first person who rolls a six gets to start eating the candy bar -- but only after he puts on a pair of mittens, a cap, a scarf; only after he runs once around the table; and only with a knife and fork. While he is getting ready (according to the instructions above) to eat the candy bar, the group keeps taking turns rolling the dice. If someone rolls a six, then the person who rolled the six before him relinquishes his right to the candy bar, and the second person must try to eat the candy before someone else rolls six. The game is over when the candy bar is finished.

Christmas Carol Quiz
1. Bleached Yule
2. Castaneous_colored Seed Vesicated in a Conflagration
3. Singular Yearning for the Twin Anterior Incisors
4. Righteous Darkness
5. Arrival Time2400 hrs _ WeatherCloudless
6. Loyal Followers Advance
7. Far Off in a Feeder
8. Array the Corridor
9. Bantam Male Percussionist
10. Monarchial Triad
11. Nocturnal Noiselessness
12. Jehovah Deactivate Blithe Chevaliers
Red Man En Route to Borough
14. Frozen Precipitation Commence
15. Proceed and Enlighten on the Pinnacle
16. The Quadruped with the Vermillion Probiscis
17. Query Regarding Identity of Descendant
18. Delight for this Planet
19. Give Attention to the Melodious Celestial Beings
20. The Dozen Festive 24 Hour Intervals

Answers: (Don’t include these on the quiz . . . duh!)
1. White Christmas
2. Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire
3. All I Want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth
4. O Holy Night
5. It Came Upon a Midnight Clear
6. O Come, All Ye Faithful
7. Away in a Manger
8. Deck the Hall
9. Little Drummer Boy
10. We Three Kings
11. Silent Night
12. God Rest Ye, Merry Gentlemen
13. Santa Claus is Coming to Town
14. Let it Snow
15. Go, Tell It on the Mountain
16. Rudolph, the Red_nosed Reindeer
17. What Child is This?
18. Joy to the World
19. Hark! The Herald Angels Sing
20. The Twelve Days of Christmas

Christmas Gift Exchange
Have everyone bring a wrapped gift. The gift can be a used item or something they buy for $3 or less. Have the group sit in a circle with the gifts in the center. Have the first person pick a gift and open it. The next person can take that gift or pick a wrapped gift. If someone takes a gift that you chose, you must pick a new wrapped gift at that time. When everyone has a gift, start round two by having everyone stand. They then trade gifts (they may not say no to a trade) for one minute. You can not trade directly back. Only through a third party trade can you get that gift again. In round three have everyone sit in a circle and pass their gift 2 people to the left. Round four is where you trade again but only if you want to trade.

Each girl takes off a shoe. Mix them up, blindfold guys. Girls must remain seated and verbally guide their guy to find their shoe across the room and come back to put it on her.

Circle to the center
Circle around an empty garbage can holding hands. If you touch the can or the can touches you in any way, you are out, and if you break hands with the person next to you, you both are out. And the last man (or woman) standing wins.

Clothespin bite relay
This is set up like any relay with multiple teams, each team with 5 clothespins. Have the first person in line attach the clothespins to their shirt, clothes, or body part, run around a certain designated point and return to have the clothespins removed by the next person in line . . . with their teeth! They then attach the clothespins to their own clothes and run. Team to finish first, wins.

Clothespin Tag
Give each person 4-5 clothespins. Explain that when the music begins, they are to get all clothespins off of themselves and onto someone else. Turn off lights and turn on strobes and music. You may want to put girls on one side of room and guys on another (divide it with a volleyball net or something). Explain that when the lights come on, one or two folks should have about 100 pins on them - pull them up and parade the winner. Here is one more possible key to this mixer. At the end collet the pins by dressing a tough kid or leader up in very protective gear (motorcycle helmet with face shield, chest protector, turtleneck, scarf, gloves, shin guards, thick pants, etc.) and put a bulls eye on their chest. Tell everybody to grab all their clothes pins and throw their pins at him. Kids can’t believe they are doing this. Sweep them in a corner and go on with club! Also, a possible sell is a kid in real wrestling outfit and headgear coming in to music, maybe dejected because he can’t pin anybody - so you must find the easiest person to pin!

Commercial Slogan Trivia
1. Fly the friendly skies -- United
2. When it absolutely, positively has to be there overnight -- Fedex
3. I love what you do for me --
4. Make a run for the border -- Taco
5. It's everywhere you want to be -- Visa
6. We build excitement --
7. The happiest place on earth --
8. Obey your thirst -- Sprite
9. Before you dress -- Caress
10. Strong enough for a man but made for a woman – Secret Deodorant
11. Squeezably soft -- Charmin
12. They're great! -- Frosted Flakes
13. This is my planet -- Reebok
14. Don't leave home without it -- American Express
15. A different kind of company, a different kind of car -- Saturn
16. Generation next -- Pepsi
17. Just do it -- Nike
18. The quicker picker upper -- Bounty
19. There's no wrong way to eat a ________ -- Reese's
20. Made from the best stuff on earth -- Snapple
21. Get your burgers worth -- Burger King
22. It's what a ham-burgers all about -- In-N-Out Burger
23. The best part of waking up is ________ in your cup. -- Folgers
24. Snap into a ______ _______ -- Slim Jim
25. What do you want on your _______________ --
Tombstone Pizza
26. The real thing -- Coke
27. If it doesn't get all over the place, it doesn't belong in your face -- Carls Jr.
28. Pizza, pizza -- Little Caesar's
29. Two for me, none for you -- Twix

Common Ground
Form equal-sized teams of three to six. Give each team a sheet of paper and a pencil. Tell teams their challenge is to list everything they can think of that all team members have in common. For example, team members might all attend the same school, or all like the same brand of shoes. The only rule is that they can’t list similar body parts, such as “We all have eyes.” Tell teams they have three minutes to create their lists, so they need to work quickly. When time is up, find out which team has the longest list and ask team members to read the similarities they listed. Then ask teams who had similarities not already listed to share them.

Cookie Hockey
Spread Cardboard out on the floor. Assign one person to be the shooter & one to be the goalie. Shooter trys to score a goal using a cookie as a puck and a regular hockey stick. Shooter gets 2 cookies then it’s the next shooters turn. Goalie must eat each cookie that is blocked. If the goalie misses a shot… the next goalie steps in. Get more than one setup going at once to involve more kids.

Dance Tag
For this game, it is better to have roughly an even amount of guys and girls. Around 25 players are needed for the game to be fun. Have all of the girls stand in a circle facing outwards, and all of the guys stand in a circle around the girls (facing the girls); each guy taking the hands of the girl in front of him. Select a few people (guys & girls) to start the game without a partner. These people must run around the outside of the circle trying to tag someone of the same gender. Girls tag girls, and guys tag guys. Once a runner tags someone he or she gets the partner of the tagged person, and the tagged person becomes a runner. Only the person on the outside of the circle can be tagged, so if a guy comes running in your direction, the guy & girl should swing around so the guy is on the inside of the circle and the girl is on the outside. EXAMPLE: Bob and Sarah are partners. Sarah starts on the inside of the circle and Bob starts on the outside. Along comes Willy, running around the circle in their direction. To save himself from getting tagged, Bob swings around to the middle of the circle, with Sarah on the outside. All is well. Willy missed a chance to dance with Sarah, so Bob still has his partner. Then, all of a sudden, Sarah feels a tap on her shoulder. She turns around and sees Alyson there, trying to get a dance with Bob. Sarah, because she is on the outside of the circle, must let Alyson dance with Bob. Sarah now becomes a runner, desperate to find a partner to dance with. (end of example) The game is almost as fun to watch as it is to play. Watching all of the couples twirling around as people run by if quite funny. If you have a much larger group, you can have people running around the inside and outside of the circle. You can also add more runners if the game gets too slow. If there are significantly more girls than guys or more guys than girls, you can designate some girls to be guys or guys to be girls. This game can be played for quite a while if everyone is into it. It's best to use your own judgment and stop the game before it is becomes boring.

Donut Popsicle Stick
Compete in teams. Pass the donut down the line using popsicle sticks in the mouth.

Dress Up Relay
Have kids run to a pile of clothes. Put all the clothes on. Take them off and run back. This is great for getting kids into a theme night when they won’t dress on their own for the night (Disco or Western).

Egg Designs
Have kids bring hard boiled eggs (have extras made up if kids forget). Supply colored felt tip markers for kids to decorate their eggs.

Electric Fence
For this game you need two poles and a piece of rope or string. The rope is tied between the two poles, about four feet off the floor. You can divide into teams, or, I recommend that you do this as a group (great activity to make a group work together as a team). The object of the game is for the entire team to get over the "electric fence" (the rope) without getting "electrocuted" (touching the rope). Team members go one-at-a-time, with or without help from his or her team-mates. What makes this game interesting is that even though one player goes over the rope at a time, the other team members can help any way they want. Once a person is over the fence, however, he or she must stay over the fence and not come back around to help anyone. The last person on each team must somehow get over the fence without help from the other side. If you do this with multiple teams, competing with each other, have them each send one member over at a time. You can start with a low rope and make the rope higher and higher each turn. Teams can be eliminated entirely if one person touches the fence, or you can eliminate individual members only as the rope gets higher and higher. Make sure your teams are evenly divided according to height, age, and sex.

Divide into teams. Yell out a word that is commonly found in songs (love, road, river, girl, baby, need . . . ). The teams must sing a song in unison (together) using that word. The first team to do it wins a point. Play as long as they like it.

Food & Beachball
Throw a beach ball out in club. Have kids throw it around while the music is playing. Whoever hits it last before the music stops, that person comes up, picks out a bag and has to eat whatever is in it … baby food, onion, candy bar, apple, pickle etc.

Fruit Basket Upset
Have group sit in a circle. "Number" people off, but instead of saying, "one, two, three, four, five" say "apple, banana, orange, kiwi, peach" or whatever fruit you like. The more people you have, the more groups you may want. The last person is "It" and stands in the center of the circle. "It" yells out a fruit name. Everyone with that name must exchange seats with someone else with that name. "It" tries to take one of the empty chairs before they are all taken. Whoever is left without a chair is "It". Rather than yelling a fruit name, "It" may yell "Fruit Basket Upset." Everyone must change seats. Variation: "It" may yell more than one fruit at a time. This gets more people up and moving. Variation without the fruit: Have the person in the middle yell out certain characteristics that they have (hair color, color of clothes, gender, etc.) instead of a fruit, and people with those characteristics must get up and move. Have the person in the middle yell out "I am" or "I have" then the characteristic (I am blonde, I have a blue shirt on, I play on the soccer team, etc.)

Geometric Fun
Draw shapes on poster board that are large enough for everyone to see from up front. Divide into teams and when a shape is shown each team tries to be the first to make that shape. (shapes like… square, triangle, dot, line, letters, etc.)

Giant Twister
Make a twister game by painting large colored dots on an extra large tarp. Use a regular Twister “spinner”. Have the whole group play at once.

Grape Toss
Divide into teams of about ten. Each team gets into a circle and appoints one member to be the grape tosser. He gets a bag of grapes (or small marshmallows if you prefer) and stands in the center of the circle. When the signal is given, he tosses a grape to each team member in the circle, one at a time, and the team member must catch the grape in his mouth. The tosser cannot toss to the next player until a successful catch is made. The first team to toss all the way around the circle is the winner.

Guess the Alias
Each player writes a name on a slip of paper and passes it to the judge. After the judge receives all the slips, he mixes them up and writes the names on the board. The judge picks a person to start. The person (Frank) chooses someone in the game and guesses what their name might be. "Bob", I think you're Cinderella." If Frank is correct, Bob is now on Frank's team. Later, if Frank's name is guessed, both Frank and Bob join the other's team.
Frank continues to guess people's names until he guesses wrong. The last person he asks now gets to guess. Play continues until all but two players have been guessed. The winner is the player with the most people on his team.

Guess the Leader
Everyone gets in a big circle. Pick a volunteer to leave the room after you explain the game. Once that volunteer is out of hearing range, pick a volunteer in the room that wants to be leader. Everyone must slyly watch this person and imitate what they do when the other volunteer comes back into the room (cross legs, cross arms, yawn, stick out their tongue, etc.). The person who was out of the room will come back in, stand in the middle of the circle and try to see who is the leader (the one everyone is watching). The leader can get bold and make faces, throw their hands in the air, etc. when the person's back is turned and before the person in the middle has a chance to see who started it, everyone is doing it. Give the person in the middle three guesses. Then find a new volunteer and a new leader. You can have the leader be the next volunteer if he is guessed or any way you see fit.

Guess the Task
Everyone gets in a big circle. Pick a volunteer to leave the room after you explain the game. Once that volunteer is out of hearing range, choose a simple task that the volunteer is to do when he or she enters the room (walk in and tie a certain kids shoe that is untied, take off their own coat, say the pledge of allegiance, etc.) The volunteer must come in the room and try to start doing certain tasks (unaware of the task to be done). The kids in the room help direct this ignorant person by clapping when this person gets even close to doing the task. Louder and faster clapping means the person is getting hotter (closer to completing or discovering what the task is). Silence means "you're way off- keep trying stuff".

Gum Relay
This is a relay for two or more teams using sticks of chewing gum, work gloves, and shopping bags. Individual sticks of gum (wrapped) are placed inside the shopping bags, and each team is given a pair of work gloves. The idea is to put on the gloves, run down to the bag, pull out a piece of gum, unwrap it and chew it (with the gloves on), run back, and then pass the gloves to the next person. The team that finishes first is the winner.

Gum Sculpture
Divide club into four teams and pass out 3-8 gum balls per kid (depending on the size of club). Each team picks a sculptor, chews gum and designs something in 5 minutes. Judge for originality, funniest, etc. Build on cookie sheet and have rubber gloves for sculptor. Gum commercials (off a commercials CD) will work for background music or even TV shows. Also for a sell, you may want a brat guy or girl interrupting, chewing gum and stretching it out of their mouth etc..

Gun, Gorilla, Karate
Played like Paper, Rock, Scissors except that you play using the entire body. Pair everybody up and have each couple stand back to back. On the count of three, they turn around and act out either gun, karate or gorilla. Gun kills gorilla, gorilla kills karate, karate kills gun. Eliminate everyone until you have one person still alive. If a pair does the same movement three times, they are both out.

Head Through Arms
Cross your wrists and place your palms together. Now lace your fingers. Keeping your fingers locked, rotate your hands down and towards you until your hands are up and near your face. Now make a gap between your wrists and fit your head through without unlocking your hands.

Heads to Cup & Stand
Pair up and have one person lay down with a cup held to their forehead. The other person stands with their toes near the top of the other persons head. They must bend down to touch the cup to their head too. Now they must stand and twist around so they are looking at each other with the cup between their foreheads. At no time can they touch the cup with their hands.

Honey, If You Love Me
The group sits in a circle facing inward. One member of the group is "it." The objective is for this person to make another smile. He goes around the circle, picks a person, kneels, and asks him/her, "Honey, if you love me, won't you please, please smile?" The person must respond with, "Honey, you know I love you, but I just can't smile," without smiling. If he/she smiles, that person becomes "it," replacing the first. If the person "it" does not convince a person to smile, he/she must approach another until he/she does. The person "it" may do any gestures he/she wants to make the person smile (e.g. make funny faces, do a stunt), but cannot touch the person. This is a circular game, meaning it does not end. A good length for this game would be 20 minutes, or when most of the group has been "it."

Hootie & The Blowfish
Form 2 lines. Person at front of line is given a ping pong ball. They put the ball in their mouth and spit them across the room. Use a hula hoop as a target (or a fishing net for blowfish theme). Shoot for distance at the end for few remaining participants. Have leaders retrieving, cleaning w/ bleach water and drying the ping pong balls.

Hula Hoop Chain
Have 2 teams form lines by holding hands. They must pass hula hoops down the line without letting go of their hands. Works best if you have multiple hula hoops. The team to get all their hula hoops down the line is the winner.

Human Christmas Tree & Gift
Divide your group into teams. Have as many teams of 10 to 15 as you want. Designate one person "the Christmas tree," and another as the “gift” the other team members "the decorators." Each decorator has a bag full of Ornaments, lights, and Tree decorations. Include construction paper, scissors, pens, wrapping paper and Christmas bows. Give each team 10 minutes to decorate, when finished turn off all the lights and plug in Christmas Trees. Student lights up like a tree. It’s great in a dark room.

Pieces of cardboard of various sizes are the islands. While music is going everyone must “swim” around the islands. When the music is stopped everyone must get on an island. Encourage them to squeeze on and help others stay on the islands. When the music is started again everyone must swim around the islands and someone removes a few islands. If someone does not make it on an island they are out. Eventually you will be down to a few people remaining.

I Have Never
Have everyone sit in a circle except one person. When everyone is seated the person in the middle says something that they have never done(ie. I have never had braces, or I have never worn a dress). All the people who have never done that have to get up and find an empty seat (from someone else who just got up). The person stuck without a seat is now in the middle.

Jelly Bean Trade
Everyone for themselves. Everyone is handed 10 jelly beans. They are to try to get 10 of one color by trading with other people one at a time. First person to get ten of one color wins.

Jigsaw Jack-o’-Lanterns
This is a great competitive team mixer for the fall. Cut up pumpkins into 8-10 pieces. Break your group into teams of 5 or 6. Have a supply of round wooden toothpicks. Give each group two minutes to put its "jig-saw puzzle" pumpkin back together, using the toothpicks to hold the pieces in place. The first team done or the team with the most "together" pumpkin after the time limit is the winner. Pumpkins must be able to stand up alone to be considered a winner.

King Of The Goats
Choose a “goat” from the group (or one from each team) and have it removed while the groups are given instruction. The crowd (one group) is instructed to stand on the sidelines and shout instructions to the goat, while the circle group (the other group) is told to from a circle holding hands. The goat is to be put in the center of the circle blindfolded. At the signal, the goat is to start chasing the circle and the circle is to move as a whole to avoid being caught. When the goat is ready to start, the circle group is instructed in his presence to move silently and to make no sound. The goat is to listen to the sideline crowd for instructions where to go to catch the circle. As soon as the start signal is given, the crowd starts shouting instructions to the goat, such as, “Go to the right, the right, now go back, straight ahead.” The minute the game starts, the circle team, instructed before the goat arrived, immediately disbands and joins the crowd, leaving the goat in a an empty field. Let the goat run for a short time or until the goat guesses what is going on. Be sure you choose someone for this who can handle it.

King of the Throne
Call out actions for group to do (last ones are out)
king on the throne...(2 people lock arms for guy to sit)
queen on the throne...(2 people lock arms for girl to sit)
5 person pyramid…
dead bug... (lay on back and wiggle arms & legs in the air)
cannon ball... (tuck into cannon ball position)
Piggy Back

Kleenex & Straws
Pass a Kleenex down a line of people using only straws.

Knee Slapin’ Names
This game is designed as a "get-to-know-ya" kind of game (usually for no more than about 30-35 people). Have everyone sit in a circle or as close as you can get. Then, have each person give their name and make sure each name is clearly said so that all others can hear it. After going through the names once or even twice, have someone start in the middle by asking someone to call the name of another person in the room. The person in the middle proceeds to find the person and try to whomp'em with a rolled up newspaper (or pillow) before that person can say both their name and someone else's name in the room. If they get whooped before they can say their name and someone else's name, they are now "it". Also, if the person whose name is called fails to say both their name and another person's name, they will have to be it. The person who is in the middle takes the place of the person they whoop. This helps people learn each others name and mixes kids around with each other.

Leader Trivia
A contest by teams, Jeopardy style, with "answers" in categories of leader trivia. A great way to let kids get to know their leaders.

Lifesaver Toothpick
This is a simple game with any number of evenly divided teams. Everyone gets a toothpick and places it in their mouth. Get the teams in some sort of single file line, row or circle. Start the front or beginning person with a Lifesaver candy on their toothpick. They must pass the life saver from their toothpick to their neighbor’s toothpick without using hands. First team to pass it all the way down is the winner.

Everyone must walk under a stick by leaning backwards. Hands may not touch the ground. Each time everyone makes a height the stick is lowered more. Play limbo music throughout.

Line Up By
Divide group into 2 or more teams then have them line up by:
shortest to tallest
oldest to youngest
smallest shoe size to largest
alphabetically by first name (a to z)
darkest hair color to lightest
person wearing the most red to the least
by birthdays Jan. to Dec. (don’t count year)
by how close you live to here (close to far)
line up guy-girl, guy-girl
lifesaver toothpick relay

Mafia (also called "Killers")
This game is good for smaller groups or over-nighters. The object of the game is to not get killed. Unfortunately, it takes a lot of explaining, but once you get it, it will quickly become a group favorite. You need at least 8 players to make the game interesting. You need a deck of cards, or slips of paper with the identities on it. For 10 or more, there should be 2 Mafia, 1 Angel, 1 Cop. The rest townspeople. For smaller groups, have only 1 Mafia. Try not to play with more than 30, because it turns into a huge shouting match. Distribute the identities secretly. Everyone should keep their identity a secret, but if they choose to they can reveal it as part of strategy later. Here is an outline of how to play each round:

1. Narrator says "Town go to sleep." All players put their heads down and close their eyes.
2. N: "Mafia wake up" Only the Mafia open their eyes and look at narrator.
3. N: "Mafia, who do you want to kill?" Mafia have to point to someone in the room and agree on that person. Narrator nods to let them know they understand.
4. N: "Mafia go to sleep" Mafia close eyes again.
5. N: "Cop wake up" The cop opens eyes. "Who do you think it is?" Cop points to someone they suspect is a Mafia. Narrator either nods yes or no. Now the cop has an advantage for later. "Cop go to sleep"
6. N: "Angel wake up" Same deal. "Angel, who do you want to save?" Usually, the angel points to him/herself, in case they were picked to be killed off. But sometimes they are gracious and point to someone else to be saved, especially if they have an idea who has been picked by the Mafia. "Angel go to sleep"
7. N: "Town wake up" At this point, everyone opens their eyes, and the narrator announces who is dead, or that no-one is dead (if Angel managed to save them.) Everyone gasps in surprise, and then the accusations fly.
8. Narrator asks for accusations as to who the town thinks the Mafia is. It's usually a good idea to limit it to 2 or 3 per round. To make it more interesting, I always insist on the accuser making up some creative reason why they are accusing so-and-so. (like, "I heard them leave their house last night" or "look how muddy their shoes are!")
9. Narrator then allows each of the accused to defend themselves. This whole process can get really rowdy, and you need to be careful not to offend the sensitive kids. Narrator must remain neutral, but can egg on either side with "facts".
10. After a few minutes, the narrator should announce that it's time to vote. By a show of hands, go through each accused. The one with the most votes gets "lynched" by the town and is therefore dead.
11. Repeat.

When someone is "dead" they cannot participate in the accusations. They are not allowed to talk. However, they get to keep their eyes open and find out all the answers to the mystery. Remind students not to cheat, because the temptation is great to do so! The game ends when both Mafia are killed off (town wins) or are the only ones left (mafia wins). The advantage of being the cop is that they can say "I'm the cop, I know the Mafia is so-and-so." However, they should be careful, as sometimes the town doesn't believe them and the cop ends up getting killed off! Also, you can play that once the Angel is killed off, that's it, or that he/she can continue to save people because they don't technically die.

Make the Most of It
Have kids form small teams of three or four, depending on the size. Give each team a pencil and a supply of paper. Have each team choose someone to be the recorder. Tell teams you’ll call out a category and then they’ll have three minutes to write down as many items as they can think of that fit in the category. The group with the longest list wins. Use the following categories, or think of others yourself: (Automobile models, Tree varieties, Vegetables, Sports team, Italian foods). For the next round, have groups exercise their imaginations by making lists that fit the following categories. You may want to increase the time allowed to five minutes. (New uses for tires, New subjects to take in school, New uses for paper bags, New inventions you’d like to see.) For the final installment of the game, have kids test their brain-power by thinking of as many solutions tot he following problems as possible. (Someone just delivered twenty-five turkeys to your door, You found a canvas gym bag full of money, You’re stuck in a blizzard, and the only things in your refrigerator are ten oranges and a loaf of bread)

Map Game
This game is good for small groups. Obtain several road maps (all identical) of your county and before the game draw a large number, letter or symbol with a pencil (i.e.: number 8). Make a list of all the towns that your pencil crosses or comes near. Have the kids divide into small groups and give each group a map and the list of towns. On "GO" they must locate the towns and figure out what they symbol/number is that the towns form when they are connected with a line. No guessing allowed (a wrong guess disqualifies them) and the first group to come up with the correct answer wins.

Matchbox Nose
This is a relay -- kids pass a matchbox cover down their row from nose to nose without using their hands.

Melt the Ice Cube
Divide the group into 2 or 3 teams. Have a large block of ice for each group. The team has to melt the ice block in any way they can (i.e. crushing, breaking, friction, body heat etc.).

Milk Crate Stand
This is a quick game that can be used in many different ways. Get as many milk crates as you have teams. Turn the milk crate upside-down. The object is to see how many of their team they can get to stand on the milk crate for more than 3 seconds. The team with the most people off the ground wins.

Money Elbows
Raise your elbow with your hand open near your ear, and your fore arm parallel with the floor. Place a coin on your elbow. In one motion, quickly lower your elbow and catch the coin with the hand of the same arm. Add coins to see how many you can catch. The person who can catch the most coins wins.

Movie Trivia
Divide into 6 groups by your favorite movie type (comedy / action / romantic / Disney / scary / sci-fi). In your group have each person share what their favorite movie is. Show a movie clip. Each group sends up their expert on that movie. Line up in the order they arrive up front. Rapid fire, each person must share trivia from that movie (ie. actors names or quotes from the movie). Pausing repeating an answer or wrong answer means you’re out. Repeat with new movie clip.

Mr. Potato Head
Break the group into teams of four kids, and give each team a potato, toothpicks, and vegetable pieces. The object is for each team to make the funniest, most creative potato person possible. If you desire, you can turn this into a competition between the teams and give out prizes.

Musical Partner Body Parts
Everyone finds partner of other sex, guys in an inner circle, girls in an outer circle. When music starts, guys move clockwise, girls counter clockwise. When music stops leader yells out two body parts. They must find their partner and connect. Last pair to do so is out. Elbow-ear, nose-knee, foot-forehead, butt-butt, thumb-nose, etc...but keep it clean.

Musical Squirt Gun
Can be played with a group ranging from 6 - 30 (can also be played outdoors). Group sits in a circle on chairs or on the floor. A loaded squirt gun is passed around the circle until the music stops or the leader says "Stop!" The person who is holding the squirt gun at the time must leave the game, but before he leaves, he can squirt the person on the left twice or the person on the right twice or each person once. The chair is removed, the circle moves in and the game continues. Last person remaining is the winner. The gun must be passed with 2 hands and received with 2 hands. It is best to have another loaded gun standing by for when the 1st runs out. Emphasize only 2 squirts!!!

Music Trivia
Play short portions of popular songs. The first person to guess correctly wins and is tossed a small candy bar. It works best if they raise their hand and the leader calls on them otherwise you can’t tell who yelled what.

Name Connecting
You start with a name (Tom Cruise). The other team must come up with a name starting with the last letter of the name (Edward Scissorhands). We had it going for a long time until we ran out of names for Y's and got into arguments over whether or not people really existed. We did another variation of the same game with songs. Fewer fights that way.

Neck Passing Relay
objects chin-to-neck down and back guy/girl lines. Orange, frozen vegetable package, banana, water balloon, etc.

Newspaper Gossip
Select a very short story or news clip from the paper. Have everyone sit in a circle. Give the news clip to the first person and have him read it to himself. He must then whisper the story to the person on his right. The story continues this way around the circle until the last person hears the story. Hey must then tell it out loud. Naturally the story will be somewhat different.

Newspaper Hunt
Students work in teams to find items in the newspaper that the leader calls out. Need identical papers for each group.

Newspaper Towers
Supply groups of about 6 with newspapers and masking tape. They compete with the other groups to see who can make the tallest free-standing tower.

Over Under Relay
Line up teams (however many you want). The object is to pass an item (a balloon, a ball, a bucket of water, unrolling TP etc.) over their head and under the next person’s legs and so on through the entire line. First one to the back (or back up, or the back person runs it to the front of the line, etc.) wins.

Paper Glen
Need stacks of newspaper. Start with two teams w/equal stacks of paper. This game is played in the following four parts: First team to crumple their entire stack wins. Team to get most of the paper on the other side of the room wins. First team to cover entire team w/ paper wins. First team to put all their paper in trash bags wins.

Pass It On
The entire group forms a circle. Everyone is given an object which can be large, small or any shape (i.e.: bowling ball, trash can, shoe, etc.). On a signal, every one passes his object to the right, keeping the objects moving at all times. When a person drops any object, he must leave the game, but his object stays in. As the game progresses, more people leave the game making it harder and harder to avoid dropping an object since there are more objects than people. The winner is the last person remaining.

Pass the Bag
When music starts pass the bag to the person next to you (you can not throw the bag). When the music stops if you have the bag you must take one bite of what's in it. Items for bags: Raw onion, apple, candy etc. Have gum on hand for onion eaters.

Pass the Hotdog
This game was inspired by the baseball games where vendors will pass a hot dog down the row to the person who wants it. For this game a person is passed to get the hot dog and then passed back with the dog. Then they eat it. To pass have everyone sit in two rows facing each other with legs stretched out. Feet from one row should extend to the backs of the other row. Person being passed should lie down, looking face up, they are then passed with everyone lifting with their arms and moving them forward. If there are enough people they can be split in two groups and race.

Pays to Make Friends
Plant several people in your crowd who have a one dollar bill, a certificate to something, or any prize of your liking. Tell everyone that they need to go and introduce themselves to and learn the names of as many people as they can meet. Have your "planted people" give the
prize to the 15th person that introduces themselves to them. Once the prizes have been given announce who received them and who had the prizes.

Pencil Passing
a pencil down the line using just the upper lip and nose.

Penguin Football
Give each person a rag about 4 inches wide and 2 feet long (sheets torn into strips work well). Each person then ties the rag securely around his knees to make running impossible. Players can move only by shuffling their feet.
Now divide into teams and play football using a Nerf ball. The game becomes hilarious when players must hike, run, throw and kick with their knees tied together. Of course, this opens up the possibility of playing Penguin Baseball, Penguin Volleyball, Penguin Soccer and countless other games.

People Bingo
Kids run around the room trying to find people who match the description of each Bingo square. Make a Bingo sheet using 8 1/2 x 11 paper with large squares (5 rows across by 5 rows down). In the top of each square place a description (examples below). Be sure to include several descriptions that only YL leaders meet. In the center square write "My Name". The person fills in their name in this "free" square. Leaders can learn kid's names by looking at the center square as they sign kid's sheets. Each person needs a Bingo sheet and a pen or pencile. A person can only sign a sheet once..

A freshman guy
Someone who owns their own YL hat
Someone who does not have their license
Someone who rode with their boyfriend or girlfriend
Someone who can do a back-flip
A girl who has not shaved her legs in a week
A person who is an uncle or aunt
A person who went to Castaway
Someone who has bench-pressed over 250lbs.
A person with a fake ID
An Honor Roll student
A person who weighs under 100 lbs.
Someone who went to the football game
A senior girl
Someone with size 10 shoe
A person who kissed someone yesterday
The youngest Young Life leader
A person over 6’3”
A person with a birthday this month
A person with over $40 on them
Someone who has gotten a ticket this month
A person who goes to campaigners
Someone who is going to sign up for YL camp
A person who is at YL for the first time
A varsity athlete

A word is given to one member of each team who tries to draw symbols and pictures to lead his/her team to guess the word. You may not use numbers letters or the "number sign" (#). Anything else is okay. You also may not say anything or do any kind of gestures, to help your team guess the word. You may point to a team member who is on the right track or very close to saying the answer, but no other gestures may be used. You may nod your head to say "yes, that's right" or "no, wrong". Use Pictionary cards if you have them, or make up a list of words yourself (maybe use a certain subject or topic of the club, i.e., Santa Claus, Reindeer, Christmas tree or pencil, teacher, school, etc.) Whoever has the most points (words guessed) at the ends wins. If it is a tie, give each team another word and see who can do their word the fastest.

Plastic Egg Hunt
Hide plastic eggs outside. Inside each egg is a piece of paper with a number on it. Everyone who has #1 gets a pack of gum, everyone with #2 gets a candy bar. Do whatever prizes you like. Each person only gets one egg and you don’t announce what the numbers mean till later. Make it so everyone gets something and a few get a really cool prize.

Pocket Alphabet
Divide into groups of four or five. Everyone in the group should empty their pockets, wallets, pocketbooks, etc. The group should try to have one possession that begins with each letter of the alphabet. The winning group is the one to have objects representing the most number of letters.

Poor Man's Beach Ball Volleyball
Use your leaders as a net (all lined up across the court with hands in the air) and play normal volleyball with a beach ball. Allow as many hits per side as needed.

Pull Apart
All the guys link up (get in a big pile and hug, grab each other, whatever necessary to try to stay linked together). When you say "go," the girls try to pull them apart. Once a guy is pulled to where he isn't touching any other guys, he's out and needs to go sit down. Last two guys together are the winners. I don't suggest reversing the gender roles on this game. Guys don't need to be grabbing girls.

Pull Up
Everyone sits in a circle facing in. Start with 2 guys and 2 girls standing in the middle. When the music starts, the people in the middle each go to someone of the other gender that is seated. They grab their hand and pull them up and sit in their place. The person who was pulled up must quickly go to the other side of the circle and pull up someone of the other gender. When the music is stopped, count how many guys and girls are in the middle. If there are fewer guys, guys win that round. Restart music and continue. Play as long as everyone is still having fun. Set a fast pace. It is much more fun when everyone is running across the circle.

Pumpkin Bowling
In the street or sidewalk, set up empty 2 Liter pop bottles as pins with some rocks in the bottom. Use a pumpkin for the ball.

Have everyone sit in a circle on the floor. Select 2 guys and 2 girls to be in the middle. Each of the people in the middle pulls up a person of the opposite sex and sits in their spot. The person that is pulled up goes across the circle to do the same. When the music stops, the sex with the fewest in the middle wins… repeat.

Pair up and face each other about 2-3 feet apart. Their feet should be even (side by side, not in front of one another) and their hands are raised, touching each others palms (like they are playing "Patty-cake"). The object is to make the other person fall, forward or backward by pushing or releasing pressure to your hands. They can't move your feet. They can't move your hands other than forward or back and they can't grab or close their hands.

Q-tip & Straw War
Divide into two teams and give each member a straw and a pile of Q-tips. One team member from each side sits on their side of the room on a chair with a paper cup on their head. The object is to knock the opposite team's paper cup off the person's head by blowing the Q-tips through the straws. No blocking Q-tips by anyone during the battle.

Q-tip and Food Coloring Wars
This is a messy game, so do game outside or in area easily cleaned up. Have a male leader wear a T-shirt, preferably plain white. Draw a target on the shirt that is big enough to cover the front of the shirt. Divide into 4 teams, each with a different color. Give each team 5 Q-Tips per person or an equal amount if teams are not even in number. (6 on team one, 7 on team two, 6 on team 3 - give team #2 five more Q-Tips) Give each person a straw (wide straws work best - McDonald's has them, but it would be wise to ask instead of just grabbing that amount). You also need a bowl or cup of water (about 1 cup of water per team) with enough food coloring added to color water well. One by one kids dip their Q-Tips in the bowl/cup to color the tip. Blowing the Q-tip out of the straw they shoot their five "darts" at the target on the leaders shirt. It does not matter who shoots when as long as each person gets in their five shots. The object is to hit the area worth the most points on the target. Leader note: Make the target however you want in terms of points. Add up the total points or # of hits. You may just put a big (+) across the front making 4 different quadrants, one for each team and score it by how many times a team can "hit" in their quadrant. 2 points if they hit their own quadrant and 1 point for hitting someone else's quadrant. Items needed: Old white T-shirt (they'll need to be thrown out after this event!) Enough Q-Tips for each kid to have 5, 4 different food colors, 4 cups or bowls, 4 one cup measures of water, Drop cloth, Tape to make a firing line on the ground.

Quick Draw
Have two challengers face each other with their hands behind their back. On "1, 2, 3, go!", they are to whip there hands out in front of them with a random amount of fingers sticking out for the other person to see. The first of the two persons to yell out the total number of fingers out there (from all four hands) is the winner.

Rain Making
This involves the whole club, and the larger the better. This may even be a good way to focus attention before a talk. Explain to everyone that you are going to do something once thought impossible. That with their help you will make it rain inside. Explain that they MUST be absolutely quiet and watch you tell them what to do for this to work. Then, only after they are quiet, point to the left side and have them quietly rub their hands together back and forth, then bring across the room from left to right until all are doing it (it should get louder as you go). Have them continue with the action till you give them the next one. Go back to the left and get them snapping their fingers, and work your way to the right. Then begin patting their hands on their legs. Then patting harder. Then stomping their feet on the floor. Then begin to do this process in reverse…back to patting legs, back to snapping, back to rubbing hands, back to silence. If it is done right, you will hear your rainstorm!

Real Identity
Everybody is in a circle. Everyone takes a turn saying their name and something about them (example, "Hi, I'm John and I play football"). The next person needs to say the previous person's name and item of interest before saying their own (example, "He's John, he plays football and I'm Mary and I torture small animals."). As this game moves on, people need to remember more and more information. With bigger groups you can have them only repeat the names to save time.

Reverse Charades
Entire crowd must act something out for the person up front to guess.

Ro Sham Bo Train
Everyone grab a partner. Rock paper scissors- if you lose you go follow behind the person that beat you and they will do it again with another pair. Keep this up. A large train will build behind the people that keep winning- eventually someone will have everyone behind him- he or she wins a prize.

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town Mad Lib
Have a leader go around before club starts and have kids help fill in the blanks. Don’t tell kids what it is for… Just say, “Give me a verb”. Once all the blanks are filled in, sing it together. With a leader filling in the blanks, it can keep a “G” rating.

Oh! You better watch out, You better not ___(verb)____,
You better not __(verb)______, I'm telling you why:
Santa __(noun)_____ is coming to ___(place)_______!
He's __(verb)___ -ing a ___(noun)_____, ____(vedrb)____ing it twice,
Gonna find out who's __(adjective)______ or __(adjective)______.
Santa __(noun)_____ is coming to ___(place)_____!
He __(verb)____s you when you're ____(verb)____ing,
He __(verb)______ s when you're awake.
He knows if you've been ___(adjective)_____ or good,
So be ___(adjective)______ for goodness sake!

Oh! You better __(verb)____ ___(adverb)_______,
You better not ___(verb)_____,
You better not __(verb)______,
I'm telling you why:
Santa __(noun)_____ is ___(verb)______ing to town!

Shoe Tie
Divide all the people into groups of three. Taking turns, have two people untie and then retie the laces of the group with one person using his left hand and the other person using his right hand. Put a time limit on it. Race against two groups.

Shuffle Your Buns
This game requires at least a good handful of people and a chair for everyone. Have everyone sit in a circle. Then select a person to go into the middle. When you say "go" they are to try to go back to their seat. Everyone slides their tush (shuffles their buns) over to block the person from sitting in the empty seat. The person will end up running around the circle trying to get to the rapidly moving empty seat. If he sits, the person on his or her left is the person who has to go in the middle.

Silent Animal Circle
Good for groups of 15 or so. Everyone gets in a circle and is given an animal. They are assigned a hand motion that represents that animal. Elephant- hang one arm down with your other arm wrapped around it, holding your nose (like a trunk). Mosquito- with your left hand hold up a peace sign with the inside of your hand facing you, with your right hand poke your index finger pointing forward and place it in the middle of the peace sign in your left hand; now bring your hands to your face like you have a mosquito nose. Cow- put your hand at your stomach with your fingers sticking out like an udder. Deer- point a finger on each hand upward, placing your hands on top of your head (like single horns) Moose- open your hands with fingers spread wide and place hands on your head with thumbs touching the top of your head (moose antlers)

How To Play: Lets say that 12 people are playing this game. They are all in a circle. The Elephant, in the 12 o'clock position of the circle is the leader. Then in the 11 o'clock position the mosquito then whatever order you like. The animal is always in the same position- as people move, they assume the animal in that particular seat or place in the circle. The object is to get to be the elephant. As people mess up in this game, have to move back to the one o'clock position and work their way up again as others mess up. The elephant starts the game by doing his own signal then another animals signal, such as the cow. The cow must then do his own signal and another animal's signal immediately. A certain rhythm or speed is set by the elephant (by how fast he or she does the signals). Everyone must keep that rhythm- no hesitations. If an individual pauses, forgets to do
their signal, or messes up the signal in any way, then he or she must go back to the one o'clock position. Lets say that the cow is always in the10 o'clock position. If the person that was the cow messes up, then he or she goes to the one o'clock position and is now a snake (for example). The person who was the deer (in the 9 o'clock position) is now the cow and so on down the line. When ever someone messes up, it is only the people below them that are affected and have to move up to a new animal. If the elephant messes up, everyone moves because he is the highest position.

Sit Down If …
Ask everyone to stand. As you read the list, people sit down if the statement is true for them.

You didn’t use deodorant today
You sing in the shower
You’re belly button is an “outie”
You kiss with your eyes open
You believe in making out on the first date
You are mad at someone right now
You’re socks don’t match
You’ve “two-timed” your boyfriend or girlfriend
You were late to one of your classes last week
You’re room is clean right now
You’re hair is dyed
You have ever eaten snails
You have never been kissed
You are really good looking
STAND UP if the person next to you just sat down and was wrong.

Snicker Trivia
Ask trivia questions from up front. When they guess they must raise hand and be called. For correct answers throw them a small snickers bar. Variations: name that tune, ad slogans, yl or camp trivia, pre picked Trivial Pursuit cards.

Snowless Snowball Fight
You'll need white pantyhose and flour to make the snowballs. The number of snowballs depends on your group size (about 1 to 1.5 per person). Take the pantyhose and cut the two legs apart from each other. Take an 8 oz paper cup, fill it with flour and pour it into the bottom of the pantyhose leg. Then you tie off the pantyhose with two square knots on top off each other, cut the pantyhose in between the knots and you have a snowless snowball. Repeat the process until you have used the entire leg. You should get about 8 per leg from "queen size" hose. Now you have snowballs that do not hurt too badly when they hit you. You can throw them over and over again. With these snowballs you can play any number of games. One is to have the group break up into two teams with a brave leader as the target for each team. Split the area of play in half and have the leaders positioned a good ways away from each other in a designated place with only a little room to move around (a circle 4 ft. across is good). Then have the teams try and hit the other team's leader. If a person is hit with a snowball while on the enemies side, they have to drop their snowball and return to their territory. The team whose leader that has the least flour on them is the winner. To make the game a little more interesting, surprise everyone by entering water balloons in as ammunition half-way through the game.

Try to get everyone else’s socks off while keeping yours on.

Song Endurance
This game is can be played with two or more teams. Pick a song theme (Christmas songs, love songs, or any song can work) and let the singing begin. The object of this game is to keep coming up with songs longer than the other team or teams. One team starts and sings a line of one song. Then the other team has 5 seconds to start singing a line of another song. Then the other team has 5 seconds to sing a line from yet another song . . . Teams may discuss and plan out which song to sing while the other teams are singing. The first team to repeat a song, sing a song that doesn't fit that category or just not sing within 5 seconds is eliminated.

Song Making
Split the room up into groups and give each group five words on a card. They need to make up a song with those words. This works well on theme nights, for example, come up with a western song.

Spoons Card Game
Use a normal deck of cards (no joker card). Divide into groups of 2 to 8 people that sit in a circle. Place spoons in the middle (one less spoon than the number of players). Deal 5 cards to each player. Dealer takes one card off the deck. If the dealer wants it they add it to their set of 5 cards and discard another card to the person on their left. You can only hold 5 cards in your hand. If they don’t want the card drawn they can discard that one to the person on their left. The person on the left sees if they want the card and discard one card to the person on their left. This continues at as fast a pace as possible, until one person gets 4 of a kind (four 3’s or four Kings etc.). The person who gets 4 of a kind… slyly steals a spoon and continues to play (keeping their 4 of a kind) when others notice a spoon is missing they grab a spoon also. One person will be left without a spoon. That person is given a “S”. Next time a “P”, until they spell spoon and are eliminated.

Steal the bacon
Place two teams in parallel lines facing each other. For larger groups a square can be formed. Number the players from one to however many players are on each team, so each person has a counterpart. Put an object in the middle. When a number is called, 12 for example, the number 12 from each team is to try to run out and grab the “bacon” and get it back to their side.

Steal the bacon - Tubal Injury
Stack 10 inflated inner tubes in the middle. Call out numbers. The players with those numbers run to the center and start dragging the inner tubes to their lines. There may be several players tugging on the same tube. Each tube successfully pulled across a team's line is a point for that team. Once the kids get the hang of it, add a soccer ball to the game. Each team gets a point deducted from their score if the ball is kicked over their line. Team members along the team line act as goalies. Once the ball touches the ground in their territory a point is scored against them. To further complicate the game, add a cage ball, or earth ball (four to eight feet in diameter). The team that gets this ball across their own line gets three additional points.

Steal the bacon - Hockey style
A ball is in the middle with several hockey sticks. A hockey goal of some sort is on each end of the play area. When numbers are called (single numbers or multiple numbers) those people are to run out, pick up a hockey stick and try to hit the ball in the appropriate goal.

Steal the bacon - Water balloon style
One water balloon is in the middle- the number called runs out and tries to get the Water balloon first and try to hit the other person with it.

Steal the bacon - Bucket of water
Same as Water balloon but with bucket of water

Steal the bacon - Chalk Sock
Same as the Water balloon style but they have to try to grab the chalk sock (a long sock with a pile of chalk powder in the end- leaves a chalk mark on clothes- and sometimes starts really cool fights!) and hit the other person with it.

Steal the bacon - Steal the Freshman
Take a wild guess what you put in the middle!

Steal the bacon - Steal the Fish
Gross, but fun

Steal the bacon - Piggyback Style
With this method you always call two numbers and one must get on the other's back before running to get the object in the middle. You can use an object hanging from a string that they must grab with their teeth.

Steal the Treasure
Players sit in a circle. One blindfolded person (the guard) sits in the middle, with their treasure (keys, rattle) in front of them and a rolled up newspaper in hand. A thief is chosen from the circle to attempt to snatch the treasure, without making any noise to alert the guard in the middle. If the thief is swatted by the newspaper, they must return to the circle. If the thief succeeds in stealing the treasure, they become the new guard.

Strobe Light Volleyball
Put a volleyball net across the middle of the room. Throw out balloons, surgical gloves, and a few large inflatable animals (pool toys) look hysterical. Turn off the lights and turn on the strobe lights with music playing. If you have a large club, consider putting all the guys up at the net and letting them play each other first. Then put the girls up front to play each other. This will help keep aggressive guys from dominating the game.

Suck and Blow
Line the kids up, and have them pass an index card down the line as fast as they can using only their mouths. You need to suck in to keep the card on your lips in order to pass it (by blowing out) to the next person in line. The first group to pass the card all the way down (and back if you wish) wins. Another variation of the game could be to pass a small stack of cards (one at a time) from the start of the line to a basket at the end of the line.

Super Sundae
Divide group into teams of 4 to 6 kids. In a bowl, see which team can construct the most original ice cream concoction using equal amounts of ice cream products. Afterwards, award a prize to the team with the coolest sundae. THEN spring it on them that they have 5 minutes to see which team can eat the most of their sundae without using their hands or utensils. The team with most ice cream gone wins a prize.

Swamp Crossing
Divide the group into two teams. Give each team 3 "rocks" (cardboard about 18” x 18”). Make a start and finish line (maybe 30 feet apart). Tell them that they must get their whole team across without touching the water, using only these “rocks” to get across. They may move the rocks as they go. Only one foot can be on a rock at a time. A cool puzzle to try and figure out! Great for building cooperation skills!

Taboo on Easel
This is like the board game Taboo, but on an Easel. Divide into teams. Teams elect someone to be the contestant. Bring that person up front and write four words behind them on the easel for all to see except the contestant (Example: bulldog, stapler, Spain, paper airplane). They get 10 points for each word guessed correctly. Give the team one and a half minutes to try to get the contestant to guess the words. The team can do the words in any order. If they break any of the rules or cheat, they not only don't get the points for that particular word, they have 10 points taken away. Do several rounds for each team, one at a time, bringing up a new contestant each time. Rules: no hand motions, no "sounds like" or rhyming with other words. The idea is to say other words that lead them to guess the word.

Take the Coin
Two people stand facing each other. Person #1 has a coin in the palm of their hand with their hand open and facing up. Person #2 has their hand below the hand of person #1. Person # 2 must try to take the penny before person #1 closes their hand.

The Story
Stand or sit in a circle. Go around the room assigning the name of a person, place or thing to each person. The first person in the group begins to tell a story that they make up. Within 10 seconds (longer or shorter is okay) that person must mention the person, place or thing assigned to them. When the timer goes off (you can use a kitchen timer or just a stop watch) the story is picked up by the next person and they must mention their assigned person, place or thing within 10 seconds. This continues around the circle until everyone has had a turn. The stories can get pretty strange but that's the fun of it.

This Side or That
Have kids move to the left or to the right side of the room, depending on their likes.
Coke / Pepsi
pro football / pro baseball
tacos / burritos
chocolate ice cream / vanilla ice cream
Winter Blast / taking out the garbage
morning person / night person
Captain Crunch / Froot Loops
had breakfast today / no breakfast today
prefer showers / prefer baths
spray deodorant / stick or roll on deodorant
dogs / cats
walk to school / ride or drive to school
you like winter / you like summer
new VW Bug / old VW Bug
tv sports / tv sitcom
indoors person / outdoors person
messy room / clean room
born in CA / not born in CA
kiss on first date / don't kiss on first date
on stage / in audience
rock-n-roll / country
rap & hip hop / rock-n-roll
Ford / Chevy
American cars / foreign cars
pick – up / car

Thousand Dollar Bill Exchange
For this game you need fake money. Give each person 10 bills. They are to try to win as many as possible from their peers by challenging them one on one doing one of three things: thumb wrestling, rock, paper, scissors, flipping a coin. You must accept any challenge, no two out of three. Challenger has to have a coin and is "heads" on the coin toss.

Tickle Me
On slips of paper write “Tickle”, “Pinch”, “Mess Hair” or “Tap on Shoulder”. Pass out one paper per person and tell them not to share what they have. Then start and have everyone do their action to others to find their group (all the tickles together etc.).

Toe Fencing
If set to swing music this game looks like a dance. Two players stand facing each other and grab the other person’s hands. They now try to tap the top of their partner's feet with their own feet. Players try to avoid being stomped on. After being tapped 3 times, that player is out and the winning partner challenges another winner. The game continues until only one player is left.

Trust Circle - Bronco Ride
Object of the Game: To hold up the person in the middle and keep them safe from falling.
One player is chosen to be "it" first. Players sit in a tight circle. Alternate physically strong and weak people. A person is chosen to go into the middle of the circle. Everyone that is sitting puts their feet against the feet of the middle person. The person in the middle crosses their arms across their chest. They then stiffen and fall backwards, keeping their heels on the ground. The players in the circle work together to catch the person and pass him back and forth around the circle. Players in the circle generally grab the person in the middle around the arms and shoulders. Each player is encouraged to have a turn.

Trust Fall
Have people get into groups of 3. Two of the players face each other and lock hands. The third person stiffens and falls backwards into their arms. This should be done several times, with the person falling farther backwards each time (the players locking their hands should lower them each time). Other players can then try. This can also be played with only one person catching. The person who is falling wears a blindfold. Care should be taken that the two players who are acting as "catchers" are strong enough to hold the person who is falling.

Trust Lift
One player is chosen to be "it" first. They lie on their back and stiffen themselves while everyone else assembles around them. Together everyone lifts them slowly toward the ceiling as they maintain their reclining position. Once they have reached maximum height, the others hold them there for about 30 seconds before slowly lowering them.

Tube Jump Through
This is a simple relay where you give each team one inflated inner-tube and they race to see who can get their entire team through their tube first.

Two Truths and a Lie
This is a good game for small group interaction. The object is to reveal unknown things about yourself to the group in a fun atmosphere. A person states three things about himself. Two must be true and one a lie. For example: "I was born in South Africa. I have a green card. I have a dog named Bubba." The others in the group try to guess which statement is the lie. If a player guesses correctly, they earn a point. If no one guesses correctly, the individual earns five points. Each person should get a chance to share.

Volleyball Water Balloon
Use large helium balloons and fill them with water so they are volleyball size or larger. Play outside using volleyball nets and tarps. Everyone grabs the edge of the tarp and pulls it tight. A water balloon is placed in the middle of one of the tarps. The team launchs the balloon to the tarp held by the team on the other side of the net. Make sure you have plenty of balloons made up because they pop often.

Volley Points Volleyball
Here is a great new way to play the old game of volleyball. New Volleyball can be played on a regular volleyball court with the normal number of players on each team. A regular volleyball is used as well. The main difference is the scoring.
Playing: The object of the game is for a team to volley the ball as many times as possible without missing or fouling (up to 50 times) before hitting it back over the net to the opposing team, which will make every attempt to return it without missing. If they do miss, the opposite team receives as many points as they volleyed before returning it. All volleys must be counted audibly by the entire team (or by scorers on the sidelines), which aids in the scoring process and also helps build tension. So the idea is to volley the ball as many times as possible each time the ball comes over the net, then to safely return it and hope that the other team blows it.
Other rules are as follows:
No person may hit the ball two consecutive times.
No two people may hit the ball back and forth to each other more than once in a succession to increase the number of volleys. In other words, Player A may hit it to player B, but Player B may not hit it back to Player A. Player A may hit it again once someone else has hit it besides Player B.
Five points are awarded to the serving team if the opposing team fails to return a serve.
Five points are awarded to the receiving team if a serve is missed (out of bounds, in the net, etc.).
Players rotate on each serve, even if the serving team scores on successive serves.
A game is 15 minutes. The highest score wins.
All other volleyball rules are in effect.

Water Balloon Stuff
Get two sets of long johns and a bunch of water balloons. Get two volunteers and assign them a team whose job is to stuff water balloons in the long johns. When the designated time is up, count the balloons and the one with the most balloons wins. The winner and his stuffers get to throw all the balloons at the loser and his team.

Water Balloon Toss
This is an outside game. Have everyone pair off and stand 10 feet apart facing each other (2 lines facing each other). Give everyone in one line a water balloon. They must toss it to their partner. Each side takes a step back after each toss. Toss all at once. The last pair to have their balloon intact wins.

What's Your Name
You go to Mike & yell in his face "what's your name?" Mike yells back "Mike". Place your hands on Mike’s sholders and dance while chanting "Mike, Mike, Mike,Mike,Mike”. Spin Mike around and grab his shoulders from behind him. Mike goes to next person and yells "what's your name?" then you & Mike do the chant and dance with the new person’s name. Mike spins you around and puts his hands on your shoulders. The new person puts their hands on Mike’s shoulders. You find the next person. After the chant and dance the entire line turns to face the opposite direction. The new person becomes the end of the line. The former last person becomes the leader. Keep going till everyone is in line. Start more lines for big groups.

Who's on my Back
Have everyone secretly write down the name of a person on a small piece of paper. It has to be a person that everyone in the room would know about (eg. Jesus, George Washington, Madonna, Leonardo DiCaprio, etc.) Then have them tape the name on the back of the person on their left. Everyone must now go around and ask people yes or no questions about who is on their back. They can only ask each person one question. The person who can do it in the least number of asks wins.

Who’s Fact is it?
The object of this game is to get people to share unknown things about themselves in a safe environment. Each person writes down a little known truth about themselves. The paper slips are handed in and read aloud one at a time. The slips are then read a second time, and everyone writes whom they think wrote that slip. After everyone has guessed, the truth is revealed. Each player gets a point for every correct guess. If no one guesses correctly, that person gets five points.

Zip Zap Bop
This game is played like Knee Slapin’ Names with a few changes. Everyone sits in a circle and learns the names of the people on their left and right. Zip means left and Zap means right. The person in the middle of the circle says a person’s name and either Zip or Zap. The person called must say the name of the person to their right or left, depending on what the person in the middle said, Zip or Zap. The person in the middle tries to bop them on the knee with the newspaper before they can say it.

Up Front Games

What are Up Front Games?
Up Front Games are games intended for High School Young Life Clubs. Up front Games involve a few kids, in front of the rest of the club, drawing the attention to the front helping set up the club talk. Often it is a competition, sometimes it has a punchline.

It is important that the focus is relational instead of sensational. In this age of gross out games we need maintain a high standard. The focus of our games should be on encouraging a stronger relationship with the students that participate.

Careful thought should be put into which students are chosen to participate. Asking for volunteers will always get you the outgoing kids (who always have the spotlight anyways). Picking someone who is new to club may drive them away. Pick kids who would be drawn in, by being up front.

Baby Bottle Burp
For this game recruit 3 girls and 3 guys. Girls feed guys a jar of baby food with the guys wearing bibs. The girls put a diaper (towel) around the guys, then sit them on their lap and feed them a baby bottle of soda, then make them burp. The first guy to finish the bottle and burp is the winner. Before the game, enlarge the hole in the bottle so it is easier to suck the soda out.

Back Break
Have a kid come to the front and lie down across the seats of three chairs, supported at his head, rear end and his feet. He then must remove the middle chair (under his rear end) and lift it over his stomach, then replace it under his rear end from the other side while remaining supported only by his head and feet. If any part of his body touches the floor, he loses and gets a penalty. Have three kids compete for the fastest time.

Balloon Announcements
Put the announcements in balloons and then blow them up. Have different people pop their balloons and read the announcement.

Balloon Burst
Without hands, using only bodies (or butts), break as many balloons as possible in a given time.

Balloon Face To Face Relay
Buy about 5-6 rolls of thick (foam mounted) double sided sticky tape. Make 2 teams of 4, can be battle of classes, sexes, whatever. Cover each person’s face with the double-sided tape (1 strip down nose, across forehead, on cheeks, down chin, etc.) and place a large, yet not completely filled balloon on the first person in each line. The object of the game is to jam your face into the persons next to you and pass the balloon down without using your hands. If it falls to the floor, have that next person go on the floor and jam their face in the balloon to pick it back up. Try this once on your own, you may want the relay to go down and back.

Balloon Biting
Two couples race to see how many balloons they can pop by biting them as they are placed between them. Have some with whipped cream in them. Go fast and have each 1/2 of room count out loud for their couple.

Balloon Pop Hug
Recruit 2 teams of 3 guys and 3 girls. Race to see which team can run up as a couple and pop a balloon that a leader places between them by hugging. Go through lines a couple of times fast and end with a water balloon.

Balloon Shaving
Spread shaving cream all over a well inflated balloon and have kids try to shave them with disposable razors. If the balloon pops shaving cream goes everywhere. Variation: Use a really full water balloon and hold it over another head while shaving it.

Balloon Speed Dressing
Recruit 2-3 contestants, a pile of clothes, hats, etc for each of them (equal # of items); on GO they have to keep a balloon in the air while putting on these items of clothing. They can keep the balloon aloft by hitting it with their hand. If balloon touches the ground they're out. First person with all the clothes on is the winner.

Balloon Sweats
Bring up 2, 3, or 4 smaller kids. Have them each put on an XL Sweatshirt (and XL sweat pants if you want) Divide the room so that each contestant has people that will blow up balloons for them (water balloon style balloons). Have a leader of the same gender stuff the sweats with the balloons for each contestant. When they are filled well with balloons have them flex & show their newly aquired muscles. It will be too close for the judges to tell so each leader that helped stuff balloons will carefully pop each balloon through the sweats using a pin.

Balloon Triathlon
3 kids 3 events, each kid participates in all three events: 1. Have them blow up balloon until it breaks. 2. Have them blow up balloon not using their hands, only their mouths. 3. Have them blow up balloon with their nostril.

Balloon T-shirt Stuff
Bring up 2, 3, or 4 guys that are wearing t-shirts and have them each choose 2 or 3 friends to help them. Hand each group 10-20 balloons and instruct them to blow them up and stuff them in their designated team member's T-shirt. As each group stuffs balloons in their team member's shirt, he will begin to look like the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man. At a given point (when you see that their shirts are almost maxed out), count down from 10, stop the stuffing and have the "stuffers" go sit down. Have the audience vote by applauding who looks the most stuffed. Now inform each fat boy that it's time to pop the balloons. Offer a prize to the person that can pop all their balloons first, (there's a catch!) without taking them out and without using their hands. They have to throw themselves on the floor, body slamming their torso on the ground to pop all the balloons. This is hilarious to watch and the audience will love it.

Banana Stuff
Bring three people to the front to see who can eat the most bananas in five minutes while blindfolded. As soon as one banana is peeled and eaten, the contestant will be handed another. Blindfold all three. Instruct the crowd to cheer for their favorites. Then silently remove two of the blindfolds and let the people rejoin the crowd. Start the "contest" and keep the one person stuffing down bananas as long as possible. When their blindfold is removed, they realize they were the only one.

Blind Rope Jump
Select two guys, and tell them they are in a contest to see who jumps rope best. Have two girls twirl while the first guy jumps normally, then you blindfold him and tell him the crowd will clap when he should jump. After a couple of successful practice tries, tell him you’ll see how many he can jump in 60 seconds. The crowd claps in rhythm to give the pace, only the girls put the rope down. The pace is increased until frantic.

Blindfolded Obstacle Course
Sell the game as a depth perception test. Make a large open space and place obstacles that must be walked around, crawled over or under, etc. Have them practice going through the course, then have them try blindfolded. Before they start, remove all but the first obstacle.

Blindfolded Water Fight
Pick two guys and two girls for this game. Let one guy and one girl stay in the club room, and take the other guy and girl away someplace and blindfold them. While they are being blindfolded, put two water pistols in the room somewhere. When the blindfolded kids come in, have the girl from the first group direct the girl from the second group to one of the pistols, and do the same with the guys. Once they each find their pistol, have the non-blindfolded kids instruct them so they can have a water fight with each other. Allow the crowd to give directions for a direct hit. Make it more difficult by instructing them to hit a leader, or another variation.

Bobbing for Bananas
Fill tub with milk and add bananas (they will sink). Have contestants bob for the bananas using only their mouth.

Bobbing For Things
Pull up 3 guys and have a large fish tank (wider is better than deeper), explain that it is time to play that age-old game Bobbing for Apples “Young Life” style. Instead of just apples, put in ping-pong balls, small apples, and golf balls. Explain that the ping-pong balls are worth one point, the apples 2 points, and the golf balls 3 points. They will be blindfolded and have 30 seconds to 1 minute each to get as many points as possible. (They may go for it more if you put a $25 camp scholarship on the line). They all watch each other play and when the last kid gets blindfolded, dump in about 30 goldfish (maybe even a live carp), and let him play! The visual on this one is hysterical. If your tank is big enough you may even try 2 at a time. Also, a key is music and cheering in the background, so that they don’t hear the fish being poured in.

Bobbing for Worms
Similar to Bobbing for apples, but you use gummy worms and an infant's swimming pool. Take the infant's swimming pool and fill with water. Add one bag of gummy worms to the water. They will sink to the bottom. Have the volunteers take a turn at bobbing for the worms. The person who can get and keep the most worms in their mouth during their one-minute try time wins.

Bugga Bugga Boo
Teach a cheer. A leader gets kids to do EXACTLY what he does. Repeat Bugga Bugga Boo each time, getting more excited until you stand up ... then sit down after an assistant puts a wet sponge under the kids. Last time you can have the assistant double-cross the teacher and put to sponge under him.

Butt Charades
Cut up slips of paper with words on them and put them into a bag. Break up into two teams. Get a volunteer from each team to spell the word he/she took out of the bag by moving their hips (spelling the words with their butts!). (Make sure they do not say a word to give away clues.) If their team does not figure out the word after two spellings, the other team gets to guess. Make it interesting by the words you choose, try to keep it clean.

Candle Soda Race
Two people sitting very close (knee to knee) in chairs facing each other compete to drink a soda. They have a candle (which they can never let go of) in their left hand resting on their left knee, and a lighter and a soda in front of them. They may only drink the soda when the candle is lit. They may blow out the other person's candle but they cannot touch any of the other person's supplies. The winner is the person who can finish their soda first when their candle is lit.
1.if you move your candle off your left knee, you lose!
2.if you touch the other person's candle, you lose!
3.if you touch the other person's soda, you lose!
4.if you touch the other person's lighter, you lose! must find the balance between drinking and blowing the other candle.

Candy String Race
Have two contestants face each other. Have a long piece of string with one piece of candy tied to the exact middle. Put each end of the string in a contestant’s mouth. Say “go” and the contestants will eat their way toward the center of the string to get the candy. Person who gets the candy in their mouth the first is the winner.

Celebration / Marshmallow / Soda
Recruit 4 pairs of volunteers. One person of each pair will kneel facing their partner who is standing, facing the crowd. Play the disco song “Celebration”. Every time the song says celebrate or celebration the kneeling person feeds the standing person a marshmallow and then the standing person must take a swig of soda.

Cell Phone Pizza Challenge
Find two local pizza places that deliver. During the beginning of the evening, divide the crowd in two and bring up a representative from each side. Hand each representative a cell phone and phone # of one of the two competing pizza places. Have them each order a large pizza, tell the delivery person the situation, and that there's a $20 tip for the one that arrives first. Clearly announce to the crowd which pizza place is coming for each team. As you are continuing your program, one side of the room will erupt into applause when a pizza driver comes in representing their side of the room. Interview the deliverer and give him the $20 tip in front of the crowd. (You can then have up front games lined up where winners get a piece of pizza.)

Checker Push-Up
Choose two players who think that they are the athletic type. They will compete to see who can stack three checker chips on the floor with their mouths while doing a push-up. Their bodies shouldn’t touch the floor at all. Let them practice once before you time them one at a time. After a winner is declared, offer the loser another chance to win, only this time, blindfold both players. Time the loser while he does the push-up. After you blindfold the original winner so that he or she can try for another win, place a whipped cream pie on top of the chips; then stand back and enjoy the fun. Here are some tips: do not use shaving cream; the player will smell it; use a different set of checkers for each player; build this up as an athletic contest. -don’t let it appear to be a trick or it may bomb.

Cheeky Cheeky
This skit is dedicated and sometimes sold by grandma. The truth is that we all will be grandmas and grandpas soon so we need to practice. Bring up 6-7 kids guy girl alternating with a girl at the end (all are in on it before club except for the last guy before the last girl). Standing in line always facing the audience they quickly relay down the line a cheeky, cheeky (they say it as they squeeze some part of the other person’s face between their forefinger and thumb). When receiving the cheeky cheeky you must close your eyes like you would if grandma was doing it and then you must relay it quickie to the next person. Do it over and over, faster and faster, but the last girl each time has lipstick on her fingers and is decorating the face of the guy next to her without him knowing it! He looks goofier and goofier each time. This must be a kid that can handle it. The girl may need to practice, if it doesn’t work it is usually because the guy sees stuff on her hand or she leaves a big glob. Have a towel for him to clean up.

Cheetos Face
Arrange several groups of two in the front of your room or on stage. One partner gets whipped cream spread (or sprayed) all over his or her face. The other partner stands back about 5 feet and throws Cheetos on the whipped creamed partner's face (they stick!) in a given amount of time. Whoever ends up with the most Cheetos on his or her face wins.

Churro Eating Contest
See who can eat the most churros in the shortest amount of time.

Circle Dodge
Have two volunteers face each other with one hand at their side. Tape a piece of paper cut into a circle (about 4-6 inches in diameter) on their back. Say go, and each person will try to grab the other person's circle without getting theirs grabbed. You may only use one hand to grab, the other hand must remain always at your side. You may not block with your hand, you can only turn your body. You can only grab for the circle, you cannot hit, push, bite, scratch, kick, maim, injure, head-butt, etc.

Clothespins On Face
Get four students up front with a large amount of clothespins. They have one minute to put clothespins all over their own face. The one with the most clothespins at the end of the designated time is the winner.

Commit is a simple game where I explain that I will be asking some questions to the audience. I instruct that if someone knows the answer to the question, they simply raise their hand . . . IF they are willing to COMMIT to the consequences of answering that question. I then display the prizes that I will offer that evening. I usually choose a Walkman, a bucket of Red Vines (licorice for those of you who are deprived of these because you're not from the West), a popular basketball jersey . . . whatever prizes kids actually want! I then let them know that if they do not answer the question correct they get held by one of my staff members while I stick a pie in their face. I immediately start the game by asking a simple question: "Question number one. Remember, if you want a chance at the prize just raise your hand- but if you raise your hand, you commit to the consequences of that answer. Question number one . . . a white liquid that we drink and put on our breakfast cereal that comes from cows is called . . .?” Hands will shoot up all over the room. Bring a kid up and have one of your staff members hold them (with their arms behind their back)- ask his or her name, what school they go to, etc., etc. Then repeat the simple question. The student will most likely get it right. Give him or her the prize and let them on their way. NOW every kid in the place can taste the next prize. "Question two. In the movie Titanic, the lead male role, Jack Dawson, went to a popular young actor named . . ." Pause here and hands will shoot up everywhere if they aren't already up. At this point bring up the person and ask their name, school, etc. Remind them that they are committed to answer the question correctly or they get a pie in their face. Then say, "Now let me finish the question. In the movie Titanic, the lead male role, Jack Dawson, went to a popular young actor named Leonardo DiCaprio. Name at least 8 theatrical release films that he was in prior to this movie."
As you can see, this kid will get a pie.

Condiment Twister
This game is like twister, but you load each of the colors up with a condiment so each circle is smothered with a particular condiment: Grape Jelly for blue, mustard for yellow, ketchup for red, and relish on the green circles. Make sure that you have plastic bags and masking tape to cover the volunteers with, so their clothes are not ruined. Have their faces, hands, and feet (shoes and socks off) exposed. Then change the places on the spinning board to right/left cheek, right/left ear, nose, right/left hand, right/left foot. When you spin, you call out which body part goes where. An example would be… right cheek to blue, left leg to green, right hand to yellow. It is a mess and a riot. It does get slippery, so make sure you have staff there to help when people start flying around. Be sure to have a place for the students to clean up after.

Cookie Tower
Get teams of 3 or 4 people up front. Each team member is armed with cookies. (Gingersnaps are usually the best; however, Nilla Wafers will do in a pinch.) Within one minute, the team members must stack their cookies, one on top of the other, on one person’s forehead. The team with the most cookies stacked wins.

Corn Shuck
Guys race to see who can shuck an ear of corn the fastest using their bare feet.

Cowboy King
Get 5 or more guys to be blindfolded horses, and girls are to be the riders. The rider has a cup of ice (ammo). The rider guides the horse by pulling on ears to turn. The only command the rider can yell is “FIRE”. When this command is yelled, the horse spits the ice in its mouth in an attempt to hit an opponent. Rider reloads horse with her supply of ice. If you get hit twice, you are out. If it is a hard floor have kneepads for guys. You can also do a cowboy sell and use western music.

Cow Rodeo
Make 2 cow costumes out of disposable white painter coveralls by spray painting large black spots all over them. Put 2 guys in the cow costumes. Four girls are chasing each cow. Each girl has a 3 ft. section of rope. They must tackle their cow to the ground and wrap ropes around both feet and both hands. It helps to section off the event area so they don’t run away trying to escape capture.

Cupid Hunt
Choose two or three couples that are dating. Each guy has a target on his back. She tries to shoot him with ether a dart gun or cheap bow and arrow. Every time she misses, he gets a pie in the face.

Dance or Dare
Bring contestants up front to a game show host and his assistant. Give them the choice to Dance or Dare. They then draw a card from the appropriate pile. If they choose dance, they are given a dance and uniform (disco outfit, hand jive, twist). The dares are similar (sing Elvis style, etc).

Dancing Musical Chairs
Get six volunteers and have five chairs up front. Tell the volunteers that they are going to play musical chairs, but it's not just musical chairs but dancing musical chairs. Tell them that they will have to dance, dance, dance when the music starts. Before you start the music, inform them that since this is Young Life they will have to do all of this blindfolded. Blindfold all volunteers and start the music. Encourage other kids to cheer them on. After a couple of rounds, pull blindfolds off all kids but one. Cheer like mad and let them dance and scramble for a seat. Keep it up til they figure it out.

You will need a speakerphone. Pick a guy and tell him you are going to see how cool he can be getting a date. He will be given a date paid in full if he can get a random girl from another high school to go out with him. Have him pick the girl. When he reads the number, you dial the number to an informed girl. She is to string him along but keep on saying "no." Obviously, this can also be done with the girl calling a guy.

Diving For Dollars
Take a tub, or a large plastic tote, and fill it with ice. Then add water until you have a tub full of ice and water. Then stuff ten ones, two fives and one ten dollar bill in the water beneath the ice. The contestant’s names are drawn from a hat. This is a great way to get visitor names and addresses. Draw out two or three names. Each contestant gets 30 seconds to dunk their head (no hands) in the ice and water and fish out with their teeth any cash they can find. They get ONE try each, and they get to keep whatever they can catch. I have also used Jell-O or Mt. Dew.

Do You Know Your Date
Recruit four dating couples. Send guys out of room; ask girls embarrassing questions like, “Where did you go on your first date, or how would you rate your first kiss 1-10?” Write down girl’s answers. Bring in the guys and ask them to answer the way that they think their girlfriend would have answered. Your game show host and cheesy game show music may make or break this one. Take the time to prep and do it right.

Dollar Jump
Hold up a dollar and offer it to anyone who can perform a simple task. Bring a volunteer up front and tell them that the dollar is theirs if they can simply jump over it the way you designate. Lay the dollar on the ground. Have the person stand with their toes to the dollar. They must bend over and grab their toes. Now, tell them that they can't let go of their toes and they must jump over the dollar. Only a few are able to do this successfully.

Donuts and Licorice
Place a donut in the middle of a licorice string. The team must eat the licorice and donut using only their mouths.

Donut Dip
Have 2 or 3 guys lay on the floor face up with garbage bags on. Have a girl over each guy holding a plain donut over the guy with a string. The girl dips the donut into a bowl of chocolate syrup then swings the donut over for the guy to take a bite. They must dip the donut for every bite. The first one to eat the entire donut is the winner!

Donut Eating
Eating small doughnuts for speed

Donut Nose Roll
donut roll with the nose to the finish line.

Draw A Duck
Blindfold students and spin them around a few times and have them draw a duck on a dry erase board that 2 leaders are holding. They may not touch the dry erase board with anything but the tip of the pen. For the last person, the leaders move the dry erase board without the person knowing… so that their drawing goes all over the place.

Duct Taped to Wall
Divide into even teams and have each team select a volunteer- preferably a small, light one. Give each team two rolls of duct tape. The object is to tape a team member up on to the wall, using no more than the provided roles of tape. The one who stays up the longest is the winner. Make sure you use the tape that doesn't leave sticky stuff on the wall or tear off paint. Provide a soft landing for kids as they drop off the wall! Disposable painter coveralls will prevent messing up the kids clothes.

Egg Beat
Put an egg in a nylon and put it over someone's head. Have others try to break it by beating it with a package of hamburger buns, standing on one foot while holding the other. Variation: Have the people with the buns chicken fight others.

Egg Blow
Put the inside of an egg inside a large surgical tubing. Have two students on opposite ends blow into the tubing until the egg blows onto someone's face. (Prep the last student that competes to turn the tubing towards the other person just as they start to blow.)

Egg Drop Or Toothpaste Drop
Guys lay on floor with Dixie cup in mouth. Girls on another guy’s shoulder crack eggs on the guy’s forehead who is holding them and then drop eggs into cup. Three each, team with most in the cup wins, you may want a measuring cup to pour it in to measure for the win. You will need a drop cloth underneath the guys, plus towels etc. to protect their clothing, plus different towels for them to clean up. I also suggest breaking down and buying the huge jumbo eggs, and you will need a container to collect their shells quickly. Obviously a sell involving basketball will be a natural. Also similar games can be done with toothpaste and coke bottles on the chest, or bottle to be filled up with water and girls use sponge.

Egg Obstacle Course
Recruit two kids and give them flip flops to wear. Place eggs on plastic and have them walk through the course (simple). Have them walk through it backwards (still easy). Then the last time blindfold them and while they are blindfolded, remove the eggs. The audience can coach them. They must pick their feet straight up and straight down. (In order not to find the “eggs” by shuffling their feet.) Use Fritos, Doritos, peanut shells, etc. to throw them off.

Egg Roulette
Dozen eggs: (4 raw - 8 hard-boiled). Two people alternate picking an egg and smashing it on the other person’s head. You may want to choose 4 people. Have 2 rounds and a final round. Also, in the final round, have 6 eggs (5 hard-boiled and 1 raw) and hold them in a bowl above their heads to pick. Put your finger on the raw egg and before club explain the skit to all 4 contestants (because you don’t know who will be in the finals!). Play the first rounds for real (possibly girl vs. girl, guy vs. guy, and battle of sexes for final round) and in final round they pick the hard boiled eggs 5 in a row (because you told them not to pick the one with your finger on it till last). Each time you are really in their faces to nail one another, when the final egg is up in the final round you are going crazy only to have the finalist smash it on your head! Make a kid a hero!

Endless Word
Have a small group of kids form a line up front. One person says a word and then counts to five at a moderate speed. Before this person says five, the person to their right has to say another word that begins with the last letter of the word just said. This continues on down the line until someone is unable to come up with a word before the count of five. Two misses and the person is out of the game. (Or one miss if you have a very large group.) If it’s the person’s first miss, she starts it again with any word. No one is allowed to repeat a word that has already been spoken. If no one is being eliminated, have them count to five more rapidly. Or if everyone is getting out, have them count to 10 or 15 instead of five. This minutes can be quite lively, and you’ll soon find out who is out to get the person next to them.

Face Cake Decorating
Have guys on their backs and have girls decorate their faces with icing, candy sprinkles, candles, etc. Have the crowd judge.

Find Your Man
Blind fold 3 girls and have them feel the legs of four guys (or maybe even sneak in a girl for a reaction) to see if they can identify their guys.

Flour Swing
You will need two pair of knee high nylons and flour. Pour flour in each nylon till there is flour the size of a softball in the end of each nylon. Select two volunteers. Each volunteer places their nylon over their head. The players face off in the marked area for a specific time period. Players then swing their heads to make the flour come into contact with their opponent. The winner is the player with the least amount of flour on their clothes. It doesn't matter whether the flour is from their own nylon or their opponent's. This is a fast paced game and one minute is almost too long. Play the 70’s song “Kung Fu Fighting”.

Follow The Moon
Four people hold up a sheet with one person behind it that has a flashlight. Three people step up one at a time. They are to follow the light (on the sheet) with their nose to the beat of music, light moves faster till they can’t keep up. Time each contestant to see how long they can do this successfully. The last contestant has light bring them down and then up to the upper edge of sheet, when he/she gets there, drop the sheet and pie them. Can be done in pairs and make them cross, etc. ALSO, if you think you have done this one and some seniors, etc. may remember it, you may consider taking the kids out of the room, letting a senior pie the first two kids one at a time. And then when the third kid steps up and is going, have both the two kids pied and the third ALL have pies and double cross the senior behind the sheet!

Funnel Penny Gag
Get 4 kids up front. Have a leader for the 5th volunteer. Take a funnel and shove the small end down the front of your pants so the wide end is facing up. Put your head back, place a penny on your forehead and close your eyes. Tilt your head forward, dropping the penny off of your forehead and into the funnel. Challenge the kids that no one can do that three times in a row. Set it up for the kid and emphasize how much you must close your eyes for at least three seconds before dropping the penny in. When it is time for the leaders attempt, pour a huge glass of ice water down the funnel (make sure that the funnel has a big enough opening to allow good water flow!)

Furniture Store
This is a one act play where a leader acts as a furniture salesman and students act as a couple of customers, a chair, a lamp, and a couch. A second leader who is not in on this skit, acts as the table. Ham it up, but the real purpose is to leave a full glass of water on the back of the leader who is playing the table. Then everyone walks away, leaving the leader to try and figure out how to get up without getting soaked. It works best if the water is placed high on the back between the shoulder blades and the glass is extremely full.

Gag a Napkin
This game will really liven up even the most boring banquet. Each person opens up a paper napkin and places a corner of it on his or her tongue. Then have a race to see who gets the complete napkin in their mouth first without using their hands.

Getting To Know You
(You need a wide blanket or canvas to play this game) Divide the kids into two teams. Put two chairs (one for each team) about 2 meters apart facing each other. Assign two people who will hold one corner of the blanket such that the blanket is in a vertical position. This will prevent whoever sits in each chair from seeing the one sitting on the other. Each team will assign somebody per turn to sit on each chair. At the count of three the 2 people holding the blanket will release it causing it to fall down and reveal who is sitting on the chairs. The two people sitting on the chairs will immediately say the name of the one opposite them. The first between the two who names the person opposite him/her scores a point.

Girls Put On Football Uniforms
Two small girls race to put on biggest guys Uni. Take all pads out of pockets and include chewed mouth guard. Maybe to add even more action to the skit, whoever is in uniform the fastest could run to grab a ball and get it over the finish line. They may end up tackling one another to get to the finish. Marching band fight song music will add to atmosphere w/ kids cheering.

Glove Head
Several kids pull surgical gloves over head down over nose but not mouth. They then try to inflate it by inhaling through their mouth, exhaling through their nose. They hold onto the sides with their hands. Pull on by getting on forehead first, then pulling back, over and down. A doctor may be involved in this sell, music in background.

Gold Fish - Cup Head
Attach a cup to kids forehead so that it is right side up. That person is standing. Have people who are sitting try to throw goldfish crackers into the cup. The person with the cup my move their head to try and catch the incoming fish.

Grab Bag Scarf
This can be played as a relay, or as an up front game. If you play it as an up front game it involves 6-8 people. Obtain 2 bags of miscellaneous food items. They must have the same amount of items in each bag. Some items could be: package of unsweetened Kool Aid, a candy bar, soda, a can of sardines, a dill pickle, an onion slice, a clove of garlic, etc. Each bag should have 12-15 items in it. The object of the game is that the first team to eat the entire contents of the bag wins!

Gargle Guess
All it requires is a glass of water. Secretly show a volunteer the name of a well know song or tune, it can be anything, chart song, nursery rhyme, etc. Get them to take a sip of water and they must gargle the tune and the others try to guess what it is.

Gargle for Time
See who can gargle water the longest without pause.

Gum Race
Each person puts a piece of gum in his or her mouth, wrapper and all. The first to blow a bubble wins. To complicate this game, give each participant a piece of frozen bubble gum.

Gummy Worms / Chocolate Pudding
Get three or four volunteers. Each student has a pan with chocolate pudding and 15 gummy worms mixed in. They have to go face first into the chocolate pudding and pick up the gummy worms with their teeth, pull them out and drop them on a plate. First one to get all 15 or the person who gets the most in a designated amount of time is the winner.

Gummy Worm Fishing
Recruit 4 guys & 4 girls. Girls sit in chairs and guys lie down with their head near the chair. Girls fish worms out of the ice water with their toes & feed to the guys. One point if guy spits worm to side. Two points if he eats it.

Guys Make Wine
three pounds of grapes in each ice cooler. Two guys crush the grapes with bare feet for two minutes. See who gets most juice out of spout. Drink grape juice as a tiebreaker. Have a measuring cup and big glasses!

Hammer Nail Race
Bring a few kids up front and have them race to see who can drive nails the fastest into a board. Have the nails already started and the same number for each person’s board.

Hawaiian Punch
Recruit 3 teams of 2 people. Each team is given a bag of fruit, a clear drinking cup that has a line drawn across it to indicate a minimum amount of juice to be squeezed into the cup, and a chair. The object of the game is to squeeze enough juice from the fruit into the cup to reach the line and for one team member to drink it. The gross out factor is that the only way that fruit can be squeezed is either in the armpit, the back of the knee or with the feet. One team member sits in the chair and does the squeezing (with the help of the drinker) while the other team member catches the juice. Once predetermined level is reached, the drinker has to run up front and drink it. Cut the fruit in half before the teams get it so it juices easier. Grapefruits are good because they have tons of juice, so are tomatoes because they are gross and have a ton of juice. Plastic cups are safest to use. We used tape on the cup to indicate the level of juice. Be sure and keep the level low enough and use tons of fruit because each piece yields very little juice.

Hot Dog Basketball
3 guys in front of club with 32 oz tumblers around their necks 3 girls in back of room blindfolded with 1 dozen hot dogs each. The girls throw the dogs to the guys who catch them in their cup w/o using their hands.

Human Bowling
Go to local bowling alleys and ask for 12 old pins, they should be able to give you some as they get beat up fairly often. Get a creeper (sled on wheels used to slide under a car to do maintenance), or some other sled on wheels. Get a motorcycle helmet. Put girls on the sled with the helmet on and have them put their hands behind their back. Have a guy bowl them down into the set of 10 pins (they must be spread out well, you will need to practice to see how far). Bowl 3 competitors and let them do a frame a piece. You will need 2 folks to set the pins up again quickly and one to catch them so they don’t go through the pins and head first into the wall. Most good sleds can really move up to 20-30 feet or so, so have a good runway. Also, you have the two extra pins - paint them gold and do them up right into trophies, give one to keep and put the names of the winners on the other as your running trophy.

Human Pinata
Dress someone in coveralls that have duct tape (sticky side out) all over with candy attached. Put a climbing harness on them and hang them in the air. Take turns hitting candy off them using foam pipe insulation or swimming noodles.

Human Sundae
You will end up building an ice cream sundae on bare chest of a guy lying on a table. Throw spoons out into the audience to eat. Build up with Olympic theme music. Guy carried in by six others on stretcher. Or make it a cooking show.

Ice Cream Feed
Pairs lay down with the top of their head to top of the others head and feed ice cream to person behind them. First team done with bowl wins.

Ice Cream Stuff
Get an even number of students and have them pair up in twos. Have the kids decide who wants to sit and who wants to stand. Place a blindfold on the student standing and give the one who sits a trash can bag to cover his/her clothes. Hand the blindfolded student a big helping of ice cream in a plastic bowl with a spoon. When you say "go," the blindfolded student must feed the sitting student. Whoever eats it all first with the least amount on the floor wins.

Irate Neighbor
Have an adult that kids don’t know interrupt club acting as a mad neighbor. The neighbor complains about kids parked all over. Leader is already in the middle of explaining a skit but tries to calm the neighbor down, and the neighbor keeps getting louder. Ends with leader pieing the neighbor. Can also be done with a rented police Uni. or real policeman if you have a connection. It would be great to connect a way so that kids would also eventually be let in on it that they were set up. You can also involve outside folks for other things as well. For example, if you have a police friend, he/she can come in and arrest a kid right in the middle of club and when asked why as he/she drags kid out, they didn’t turn in their camp deposit yet! Think of principals, police, etc., and develop your own surprise scenario!

IV Bag Suck
Get three large zip lock bags filled with Kool Aid and surgical tubing coming out of the top. Have three people suck until the Kool Aid is gone. First one done wins.

Jell-O or Food Twister
This skit is best done when it is warm outside so that when it is over, kids can hose down outside. Obviously, it will be messy, you may need to do it outside and will need to think of other clothes for them when it is over, have towels, etc. If you try to replace circles on a twister mat with pie tins of Jell-O, the tins will merely slide off. I recommend using a square of cheap black plastic, and attaching the pie tins in a 4x4 grid by pushing a bull clip through the bottom of the pans and plastic, and then spreading out the clips under the plastic to hold them down. You then may fill them in with Jell-O (already made) right before club. Have a good spinner, kids who will go for it and play in bare feet.

Jelly Beans In Ice Water
Girls fish out jelly beans with toes out of ice water and feed to guys who are laying down on their backs. Three couples race. First one done with the most beans wins.

Place buckets up-side down, about 3 feet apart. 2 players stand on buckets, each with a pillow. Each player tries to knock the other player off his bucket. Try to discourage "head shots" and other "cheap shots."

King Bo-Bo
You will need a blindfold and two rings, preferably large ones like a men's class ring or a women's w/large set. Need one person to be King and one helper. King is in the room alone sitting on a chair, have him take one shoe off and put one of the rings on the second toe. Have him put the other ring on regular ring finger. Helper blindfolds first person and
leads them into the room and up to the King. The King says, “you are in the presence of King Bo-Bo, in order to show your respect you must kiss my ring.” Then the King holds out the ring on his hand, and after the person kisses it, the King lifts his foot up in front of their face (not touching) and then have someone remove the blindfold. It appears they have just kissed the King’s foot! Do not give the punch away, have them stay in the room, it will be revealed to them soon enough.

King of the Circle
Mark off a circle (10 feet in diameter) and put 12 guys inside. At a signal, each tries to knock the others out of the circle while staying in himself. They must keep their hands at their sides.

Kissing in the Dark
Divide the kids into five teams. Put five targets on a wall with point values such as that on a dart board. Line up each of the teams so they are about ten feet away from one of the targets. Assign a leader to each team to help things run smoothly and not get out of hand. Explain that each team needs to choose five volunteers to "kiss in the dark." Make sure they are a mixture of guys and girls. Each team will have two blindfolds and a tube of lipstick. Have the team blindfold the first contestant and put lipstick on his/her lips. On your signal, each of the five contestants will walk toward their target and kiss it. There should be another volunteer at each target tallying the points. After the kiss, the kids can take off the blindfold and see how they did. While the first contestant is going, some of the members of the team should be blindfolding and putting lipstick on the next contestant so he/she is ready to go on your signal. After each of the five contestants have gone, announce the team with the best score and give them some Hershey’s Kisses.

Kleenex Party Horn
Divide participants into pairs. One person lies on the floor with a straw in his or her mouth and blows Kleenex up in the air. The other partner (standing) tries to catch the Kleenex in a roll-out party horn.

Read aloud each ingredient label, and award a point to the first person to guess the food item.

Leg Line Up
Have five guys line up for 3 girls to see. Then blindfold the three girls. Have the girls feel the five guys legs and guess which legs belong to which guy. The girl who gets the most correct is the winner.

Get 4 "volunteers" up front and have them sit down on stools, facing the rest of the kids. On a low table in front of each of the "volunteers," have the ingredients for lemonade: a 1/4 of a lemon each, a teaspoon of sugar, and a glass of water. Announce that it is a race to make lemonade. When you say "go" they must first eat the lemon, then the sugar, drink the water, then they have to jump up, twist, spin and sit down to mix up the ingredients. The first to do this is declared the winner.

Lick and Stick
Bring up several contestants. Have them choose a partner each. When you say go, the partner must put an entire pack of lifesavers in their mouth. Then they must one at a time stick them to their partner's face. Any that fall off during the game must be put back on. First couple to get all of the lifesavers sticking on their partner's face is the winner. Variation: stick to belly.

Licorice Race
Recruit 3 guy/ girl couples. Tie a lifesaver in the middle of a long piece of licorice. Guy and girl at each end race to eat licorice and lifesaver first without using hands. If it drops on floor they must go get it without using their hands.

Little Nemo
Need 2 sheets, a table, shorts, shoes, a big shirt, 2 people (1 with long arms). Front person is the face and legs placing hands into shoes. Back person is the arms by reaching around person and through slits in back of shirt then out sleeves. One sheet hides legs under table and other sheet hides back person. You may want a 3rd sheet to place in front of them and pull it over their heads so they can get in and out unnoticed. Nemo can be preparing for a date i.e. brush teeth, comb hair, shave (remove blade from razor). Also do exercises. Practice!

Loudest Moo
Take three people out of the room. One at a time they come in and they have three guesses to pick out loudest mooer (everyone screaming MOO! at the same time) in club - who you have designated. Before the 2nd person comes down, explain to club that everyone moos for the second person, but no one moos for the third person. Second kid hopefully moos his/her brains out. Designate the 2nd kid who guessed to be the loudest for the third kid. This may encourage him/her to yell even louder. Coach the crowd, before the 2nd kid comes in, to take a big breath like they are going to yell and then to be silent!

M&M Training
Recruit 2 couples. A leader takes the 2 guys out of the room. Instruct the girls that they will train their guy to do a certain action using only M&M’s as rewards, nothing else (they cannot speak, act out, etc.). Bring both of the guys in. Explain that they will be trained and rewarded as they move towards correct action. Give each girl a different action like getting guy to sit down and take off a shoe and smell it or stand on a chair and bark and scratch his head.

Maim That Tune
Before the game, arrange to have someone bring in a musical instrument such as a violin, guitar, etc. You can also use a piano or organ. Have the kids line up according to the number of years of music or voice lessons they've had (most to least). Count them off by twos to form two teams that have approximately the same musical experience. The object is to quickly guess songs your teammates play on the selected instrument. Teams will take turns having a volunteer play a song on the instrument for his/her team to guess. The volunteer chooses the song to play. Keep track of time for each team and the least time wins after several rounds have been played. If it isn't guessed in 30 sec., the other team gets one guess. If that team guess incorrectly, 5 sec. are added to their total time

Man-iac Words
Chooses a short word or letter combination, such as “man”. Explain that each person should think of a word that encompasses the smaller word. Add that each player’s larger word must be different from the other players’ words. For example, if you say “man”, players could say the following words: manager, maniac, manhole, policeman, mangy, mandolin, Samantha, emancipate, and so on. Start the game with a selected player and move it clockwise around the room. If a player draws a blank, he or she may pass. Continue until everyone has to pass.

Marshmallow Necklace
Tie marshmallow necklaces around 3 couples tightly. Then have them eat the marshmallow off each other’s necks except for the last one. That one you must eat off your own neck. First couple done wins

Mash the Mush
First you mix up a big pot of green mush. Ingredient: 3 boxes of vanilla instant pudding -- 3 big jars of applesauce -- and green food color. Recruit a friend that knows how to keep a secret and video one of you mixing up the mush. (Make it fun) After you are done mixing it, get a close up shot of the large bowl or pot being placed on the ground. Then get a close up shot of your partners clean feet. After at least 8 seconds of taping the feet still, step into the pot of mush and swoosh around. (The person in the pot need not identified, but if it was a Young Life leader, and you slowly panned up to their smiling face.... this would be great!) Rewind your tape and set up a TV ready to go for youth group. The game is presented to the youth without telling them about or showing them the video. You get your volunteers from the many as 12. Pair them off, and give one of them a bowl of your green mush and blindfold the other. The object of the game is for the blind folded person to shovel the green mush into the mouth of the other person and for them to eat it the fastest. This green stuff tastes GREAT. So you will get a lot of your students eating it up. In fact, encourage it. When all is done and every one is cleaned up, sit them down in front of the TV and show your video. You can guess the reaction you will get from the kids when they see their Young Life leader jumping in the green mush they just ate. Make a separate batch of green mush to give the kids, but you need to take that secret to your grave.

Match Leader with Story
Signs are made with a short title of a story that actually happened to one of the leaders. Each leader has a sign for their story. A host has the whole stack of signs. Kids are to vote by clapping for which sign belongs with which leader. First leader will start… if they have the wrong sign they will trade with the person who has their sign. Then briefly the leader will explain their story. Then the next leader will go, until each leader has shared.

Meet the King and Queen
Set up two chairs far enough apart that a third chair 'could' be inserted. Instead of a middle chair, though, put a soft, plush pillow between the two chairs on the floor. Then cover the two chairs with a blanket that completely covers the chairs and the floor so the pillow can't be seen. (Make sure the blanket doesn't sink in the center!) Then have your 'King' and 'Queen' seat themselves on the 'throne'. It's best if your King and Queen are leaders or adults who are already there before the youth get there, so you can get them all fit for the part. However you want to make the King and Queen look is up to you! It's fun to make them look really goofy, yet completely serious. Appoint yourself the royal assistant and have the kids approach the King and Queen as they arrive and introduce that youth to the King and Queen. Making sure you tell the youth not to do certain things in front of the King and Queen cause it's rude! Really ham it up. Once the introductions have been made have the King say something that will signify to the 'royal assistant' that the 'lucky' youth
may have the honor of joining the King and Queen on the throne. When the youth goes to take their seat, the King and Queen stand, causing the youth to fall on their tush! Fortunately if you remembered the pillow, the youth won't be hurt at all. Once the youth have fallen, they have the honor of becoming a part of the 'royal court' and watch the rest arrive and take their spills.

Mind Reader
This is a fun game where you and another staff person or student leader pretend that one of you has the ability to read minds. Important: pre-arrange with "It" (your assistant) a person that they will pick first. As everybody arrives, tell them that "It"is a mind reader. Send "It" out of the room and point to the person that you have pre-arranged. Have "It" come back in the room and ask him or her which person you just selected while "It" was out of the room. "It," of course, will know and the kids won't be that impressed. But "It" looks two spaces clockwise from the person you just pointed to and remembers that person. When "It" leaves the room again, shuffle everyone around (for their confusion) and then pick that person (that WAS two spaces clockwise from the previous person). "It" will come and pick this person to everyone's amazement. Continue playing this for a few rounds, quitting while they still want more.

Mock Spelling Bee
This is a skit designed to get you, the leader. It begins with whoever sells your skits, or even just a kid presenting a challenge to you of a spelling bee (they could have an old report card of yours, whatever would juice you into the challenge). 4 kids come up front to challenge you one at a time to a power Young Life spelling bee. The game goes as follows: 1 kid at a time steps up and is given an object (for example an egg) and your leader asks them to spell egg. If they do it correctly, they get to put the object on you. If incorrectly, they do not. (Obviously by now you would have egg on your head). Then it is your chance to spell and put something on them, only you are set up each time. For example, the game host may hold up a can of coke to which you excitedly blurt out coke...c o k e...coke. The game host tells you that is not the word; instead, they read the toughest ingredient on the can (i.e. phenylcarbonhydroginate acid, or whatever). You fail that question. The next kid steps up and spells another object (Oatmeal, Syrup, and Bananas all work). Each time you get drilled and each time you spell back you lose. Whoever is running the game may trick you in other ways, for example, silent ps, whatever. A good finish is for them to give you one that you can get right, you in disbelief, stare and take a minute to try to guess the catch...then you slowly spell the easy word. On the second to last letter the game host looks at their watch, interrupts saying, “whoops, your time has expired, but thanks for playing” and takes off. Your reactions, facial expressions, and acting ability will make or break this one!

Money Where Your Mouth Is
Two guys who have wallets each face the other and see who can "draw" his wallet the fastest and stick it in his mouth (gunfighter style). Another way to do this is to ask for two people who want to win two dollars. When they come up, give each a dollar bill, which they must put in their wallets and place back in their back pockets. On the signal, they go for their wallets, gunfighter style, and each must take the dollar out of his wallet, put it on the floor and then sit on it. The last guy to do so has to give the other guy his dollar, and he loses.

Mummy Wrap
Pick three groups of three people each. Give each a roll or two of toilet paper. Make sure you give each team the same amount. Two people wrap up (like a mummy) the third person in the group. The object of the game is to: See who can wrap up their "mummy" more completely.

Musical Burrito Hat Dance
While music is played the contestants will dance around a Mexican sombrero. When the music stops they will dive towards the side of the room where a frozen burrito is sitting on the ground. Person to grab it wins.

Musical Guys
Musical Chairs with a fun twist. The guys are the chairs and the girls play. Remove a guy (just like a chair) each round until finally two girls fight over one guy!

Musical Hats
The object is to have a hat on your head when the music stops. You can only take the hat of the person in front of you. Walk in a circle while the music is going.

Music Videos
Have a leader get together with groups of kids during the week and make their own music videos. Edit them and add music. During club show each video that was entered.

Musical Wardrobe
Items needed: 15-20+ articles of clothing (hats, scarves, blouses, pants, shoes, etc.)
The bigger the group, the more items you will need. It is a lot more fun if the items are "thrift store" type clothes (goofy, ugly, out of style, etc.) Make sure items are in good taste. The game is played like "Hot Potato" in that you turn the music on, and pass the bag(s) of clothes around. When the music stops, the person left "holding the bag" must pick something out of the bag to put on. They must put it on as it would normally be worn, no cheating by setting it in their lap, throwing it over their shoulder, etc. Continue starting and stopping music until all the items are on people's bodies. To end vote on the best dressed, most clothes wins, and least amount of clothes wins.

Name That Tune (Variation)
Four guys vs. four girls. Use TV tunes CD’s. One person from each team steps up with a big pot on their head and a big spoon. When they think they know the answer they beat on their heads for a bell. Also, may be done with kazoo or with current music.

No Pie Please
Have a guy sit on a girl’s lap and try to talk her out of putting pie in his face. Clue girl in to let him go for a while. Works well with dating couples.

No Thumb Banana Peal
Have them race to peal and eat a banana with their thumbs taped down to the rest of their hand.

Nylon Ninjas
Recruit 4 people. Two people face off by putting knee high pantyhose over head, but not over nose, with a tennis ball inside. The ball will hang in the slack of the hose, both bow to each other and then move head to get the ball flying in a circle trying to wrap the hose of the opponent with their ball. When they think they have them wrapped together, they yank back their head and try to pull the hose off the other persons head.

Oil Ball
Get a plastic tarp, about 20' x 25', and lay it down. Pour and smear about 5 to 6 bottles of baby oil all over the tarp. Make the outline of an oval track with about 6 cans of shaving cream. Now the goal is to "wheelbarrow" (this is when one kid stands while holding another kids feet in the air) with the kid on the ground pushing a tennis ball with his/her head around the track twice. The first one done wins!

Oreo Plexiglass
Buy 5 pieces of plexiglass that are 1 foot square (at least). Separate the two halves of oreo cookies. Place them on a cookie sheet in the oven (cream side up) until the cream is warm enough to stick to the plexiglass. Do not heat the actual plexiglass. Stick 6 cookies on one side of the plexiglass. On the 5th sheet of plexiglass, stick 6 cookies on each side of the plexiglass. Bring up 4 volunteers, 2 guys and 2 girls and have them face the crowd. On go, have them hold their plexiglass in front of their face and lick off all the cookies. Goal is to have the cleanest plexiglass. Pick the girl who did the best and the guy who did the best. Have them face each other with their side to the crowd. Hold up the plexiglass, that has the cookies on each side, between them. On go they try to lick off the cookies on their side of the plexiglass. It will appear they are making out but they never actually touch. Declare a winner.

Pager Hunt (or cell phone)
Have someone hidden in the crowd with a pager on. You have a phone up front with the number of the pager programmed into it. Bring up a kid from the audience, dial the pager, and tell him to find the pager as fast as he can. Have a prize ready if he finds the pager.

Pantomine Copy
This game is played like "Elephant Pantomine" but since you don’t restrict the act to any one theme, it played as often as you like with the same group. Divide into teams of five to seven people. Have the members of one team leave the room while the others think of a situation which can be acted out without words. Then bring in one person from the team that was sent out of the room. Explain the situation he or she will be acting out.
Now bring in the second person from that team. Without saying a word, Person #1 must act out he assigned plot for Person #2. Person #2 may or may not understand the charade, but he or she must subsequently act out the same situation for a third member of the team. Person#3 performs the charade for Person#4, and so on. The last person must guess the original story line.
Remember, all this is done in complete silence. Even the simplest charade can undergo a thorough metamorphosis after being passed down several times. If the lost person cannot guess the charade, person #1 should perform it again and let the last person guess once more.
Here are some classic French charade situations to spur your creativity.
Pantomine 1:
The original pantomime that you do could include the following: pull the elephant into the room on a rope; tie the rope at a stake; dip a rag in a pail and wash the side of the elephant jumping high to get all the way to the top; crawl underneath, wash his belly and legs; go to the front and wash the trunk inside and out and wash the elephant’s ears as well; and then, wash under his tail (hold your nose).
Pantomine 2:
You are a high school beauty pageant contestant, anxiously awaiting the announcement of the winner. Suddenly you hear your name! You now step forward to receive your crown and roses. Then comes you victory walk down the aisle, waving to the crowd, you encounter many misfortunes. First, you are allergic to the roses, so you begin to sneeze, but you keep on going waving and sneezing to the crowd. Then, on the way back up the aisle, your high heel breaks and you finish the walk with one heel missing!
Pantomine 3:
Your are a pregnant mama bird about to give birth. You must fly around the room gathering materials for your nest. Once you make your nest, you lay your egg. Then finish the charade by hatching the egg and finding a worm to feed your new baby.

Three girls who are barefoot make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with their feet. Feed to 3 guys with their feet. First guy to eat the entire sandwich wins. Put the ingredients in bowls.

Peanut Butter Lifesaver Hop
To begin, volunteers must dip their foot in peanut-butter, then hop around an area where three different stations of different colored lifesavers are set up. The first to return to the front with 3 colors of lifesavers stuck to the peanut butter on the bottom of their feet wins. Play this game only on a hard floor to ease peanut butter cleanup.

Pie Eating Contest
Four people race eating pies. On your marks, get set... then stop and take away fork. Repeat and add whipped cream. Last time, hands behind back. These must be kids that will go for it, have a drop cloth and towels to clean up.

Pie Roulette
Six kids in circle pass a pie around. When music stops, kid with pie has choice to pie person on right or self. If kid pies others, he’s out. If he pies self, stays in. Winner gets some prize like $25 camp scholarship. Use marshmallow fluff for pies.

Ping-Pong Ball Flick
Put a ping-pong ball on top of a two-liter bottle. People walk past quickly with their arm straight out and try to flick the ball off without touching the bottle. It is very hard.

Ping Pong Ball Party Blower
Give several guys a party blower and a ping-pong ball each. Have the guys get down on all fours and race their ping-pong ball to a given destination and back. The only way they can move the ball is by bopping it with the party blower.

Saran Inchworm
Wrap up two or more people in Saran Wrap so they can't move their limbs at all. Lie them down on the floor. When you say "go," they must "inch" down to a designated point and have a banana fed to them by a friend (no hands of course, because they are wrapped to their side).

Sell What’s In The Bag
Take 3 people out of the room. Tell crowd to ask questions to figure out what’s in the bag. Kid comes in and is told to really sell what’s in the bag without giving away what it is. Crowd knows it’s toilet paper (or underwear). Kid is told while out of the room that they are selling something like gum. Fire him up for the hard sell, you may even consider giving him a salesman Uni. (sports coat, hat, etc.). Announce them as a 60-second infomercial.

Shaving Cream and Cheese Balls
Pull two guys up front and cover their face except eyes and mouth with shaving cream. Have them stand on chairs. Each guy has a girl that attempts to stick cheese balls to the guys face by throwing them from a few feet away. Instead of kid, leaders may want to wear the shaving cream. The winner is the one with the most cheese balls that stayed stuck to their face.

Shaving Cream Hairdos
Supply one can of shaving cream per couple. Guys spray shaving cream into girl’s hair and sculpt a hairdo (or vice versa). Crowd votes on winners. You may want to give a hint to a few kids ahead of time in secret - create an Abe Lincoln look, punk rocker spiked doo, Mickey Mouse ears, roman headgear, etc. A hairdresser or fashion consultant character could sell this event.

Shoe Shucking
Recruit 2 teams of 4. Lie on back in circle with feet raised to meet in the middle balancing a bucket of water. Each team member must remove shoes without spilling water. Try this one yourself first, it’s not easy to do.

Ski Lessons
Kids with ski poles jump back and forth over a pillow in front of them. When the crowd yells bump on cue from leader, they must sit down on chair and burst a balloon. Say it’s a 5-bump course to be done for time. Do 2 or 3 kids with last balloon for last kid being a water balloon.

Siamese Twins Tasks
Grab a few pairs of kids. Have an XXL T-shirt for every pair. Have them both get into the T-shirt and do specific tasks that you ask them to do. You can do this in a drama-like format. You can read a story and have them act it out. (E.g. Once upon a time the Stuck Sisters got up from a good night's sleep. They immediately decided to do their morning exercises. They started with toe touches. Then push ups . . . now they need to brush their teeth with their one toothbrush . . .)

Spaghetti Hairdos
Have 3 girls give 3 guys (or vice versa) a haircut by dumping sticky spaghetti on their heads and then give them scissors and comb and let them create a hairdo.

Spam Carving
" I need two artistic volunteers!" Give each a can of Spam and have them make a creative carving. Have the group applause to judge which one is the winner.

Speed Kissing
Recruit seven kids, guy then girl then guy, etc. line up with sharp girl (your heroin) at the end. Kids face sideways and turn to next kid passing a kiss on the cheek to the next person after they have received their kiss on the cheek. The third time the leader behind the last girl gives her a pie behind her back. She pies the guy in front of her when he wheels around to plant one on her cheek.

Spell my Feet
Take five people and have them take off their shoes and socks. Take a marker and write a large letter on the bottom of each of their feet so if they sit facing you and hold their feet in the air, you can read the letters. On the first person put an A and a N (one letter on each foot), on the next an E and a T, then GR, OM, and SP. You will call out different words for them to spell and they have to cross legs, stretch, and situate themselves in a position so that the bottoms of their feet spell the word you called. You can do this with two teams of five if you want and see who spells the word first. Use these words: master, roast, smear, togas, snore, ten proms, get Spam, great son

Get some ALKA-SELTZER tablets and some Sprite, 7up, or Squirt. Place a single ALKA-SELTZER underneath each of your participants tongue. Now pour some of the Sprite into their mouth (needs to be quite a bit) and have them try to keep their mouth closed. They are not allowed to swallow the ALKA-SELTZER or the drink. Their mouths WILL explode- it's just a matter of when. (Test it on yourself to get the idea)

Spoon Cotton
It is a race to see who can move cotton balls from one bowl to another using a wooden spoon and the contestants are blindfolded. After they are blindfolded, remove all the cotton. Have everyone cheer so they really think they are accomplishing something.

Squirt Gun Duel
Blindfold a guy and girl and have a squirt gun fight. Before you start, remove the girl's blindfold.

Super Soaker vs. the Sphere
Get one of those little toddler games that looks like a ball with shapes cut into the side of it. Have one student sit opposite another. One gets the ball the other gets a super soaker. The object is for the one with the ball to get all of the shapes into the ball before the time is up. If they can't do it within time, the other person gets to blast them with the super soaker. But oh, it gets better. Then tell them to switch. Have adults with much bigger super soakers to keep the kid from using the super soaker at the wrong time or on the wrong people.

String Tie Mystery
Here’s a simple little game that you can use to test your group’s creativity. Hang two strings from the ceiling in such a way that they dangle approximately one foot from the floor (both strings should be about the same length). The strings should be far enough apart that, while holding the dangling end of one string, the other string hanging down is a foot or so out of reach. Challenge anyone in your group to tie the dangling ends of the strings together with no help from the audience. The only thing that can be used in this task is an ordinary pair of pliers. How is it done? It’s simple. Tie the pliers to the end of one of the strings and then swing the string ask and forth. Then hold the end of the other string, and when the pliers swing close enough grab them. Untie the pliers and tie the two strings together.

Stupid Human Tricks
Find weird talents kids can perform, i.e. roll tongue three times, dislocate body parts, burp National Anthem. Screen before hand and help them be great at what they do.

Surfing Lessons
Two guys (that you have filled in on this skit before club) hold a 2x6x4 board. Send 2 girls out of the room with a leader and keep the 3rd to go first. Blind folded girl gets on board and guys lift it two inches off ground. Let her hold onto the sholders of 2 leaders who are standing on each side of her. The leaders continue kneeling lower, giving illusion to girl that she’s really lifted high. Guys shake board as if straining. Have surfing music in background and kids cheering to add to confusion. Move the board around faster until she falls off. She will think she is 3 feet up when in reality she was 2 inches. Extra touches… spray water from squirt bottle, hold a book above her head and yell “not too high” and then gently bump her head with the book. Then you have 2 more to take turns learning to surf.

Surgical Glove Blow Up
Get some surgical gloves- rubber- the kind that blows up. Have several contestants come up and pull the gloves over their own heads, all the way down to just above their mouth. Have them blow with their noses, inflating the gloves on their head. After 90 seconds see whose glove is blown the biggest.

Swinging Marshmallow
Pair up the kids (player A and player B) and give each pair a four-foot long piece of string and two marshmallows. At a signal the pairs tie one marshmallow on each end of the string. Player A in each pair holds one marshmallow in her mouth while standing facing the front of the room. Player B stands to the side of player A at an arm's length, looking toward player A. Moving only her head, player A begins to swing the string back and forth like a pendulum while player B attempts to catch the swinging marshmallow in his mouth. Both players may move only their head, no bending over. The winner is the first pair in which player B catches the marshmallow.

Tape Head
Have 2 or 3 kids compete. Put a bandana on their head so that no hair is exposed. Now put duct tape sticky side out on their head. The object is to see how much stuff they can stick to their head without using their hands. Different versions include: jelly beans in popcorn and you only count the jelly beans that stick, glow in the dark items, or random goofy items.

Tomato Test
Three pairs of kids place a tomato between their foreheads. While holding it there without using their hands, one player tries to put a shoe on her partner’s foot.

To Tell the Truth
This game is played like the old 70's TV game show. Pre-arrange four contestants for this game. Have them share a funny/interesting story that happened to them when they were young that they can say in one sentence. (E.g. My name is Billy and when I was 5, I was walking with my mom and a big guy ran by and grabbed my mom's purse!) If that is the story that sounds the best have all 4 contestants use their real name and say the same story. (E.g. My name is Teresa and when I was 5, I was walking with my mom and a big guy ran by and grabbed my mom's purse!) All contestants will tell the audience the exact same thing as if it is their story- but only one of them is telling the truth. Open up the audience to question individual contestants. Three of the contestants will have to lie through their teeth. Then have the audience vote who this really happened to. Then have the real person step forward.

Tower of Flour
Take a 12 oz cup and put a penny on the bottom, then pack it tight with flour. Place a piece of paper on top of the full cup of flour and flip it upside down on a table. Carefully remove the cup with out disturbing the flour. What you should have is a tower of flour with a penny on top. You give each person a butter knife. The object of the game is to take turns cutting away at the flour without disturbing the penny. The person that causes the penny to fall has to pick up the penny with their lips. Then you start all over.

Tubal Tug
Get 5 small inner-tubes. One of them serves as the middle ring. Tie Four 10 ft. ropes to this middle tube. Tie the other ends of the ropes to the other 4 tubes - one rope to each tube. Next you will need 4 cones. Lay out the inner tube contraption, putting the center ring at the center and the other 4 stretched out to the 12, 3, 6 and 9 o'clock positions. Then place the cones about 10 feet out from the inner tubes. Kids then get in the inner tubes. On "Go" they attempt to be the 1st person to grab their respective cone.

Tube Tug-a-War
Using a truck inner-tube have four people grab on with their elbow wrapped through the tube. They must pull towards their corner to grab their cone.

Twinkie Stuff
Eat as many Twinkies as possible in two minutes or less.

Walkman Sing
Select a good song and have a kid come up, put on the walkman and do his best to sing along. Have the volume on the walkman loud so the kid can't her his or her self for best results. Have others guess what song he or she is singing.

Water gun/Shaving Cream Squirt
Have several contestants come up and select a friend from the crowd to be their partner. Put a dollop of Shaving Cream on each of the original contestants and give their partner a squirt gun. Spread the gunner from cream nose at least 10 feet. First one to clean their partner's nose is the winner.

Water Balloon Motivator
Contestants kneel in front of room. Leader gives topic (ice cream flavors / foods beginning with the letter "r"). Leader stands behind first person with water balloon timer over head. With the correct answer, the leader moves the water balloon timer to next person. A person is eliminated if the balloon pops on their head.

Weight Gain
Three people weigh themselves, then drink as much as possible in 5 minutes. The winner is the person who gained the most weight.

Weight Machine
Have people find out the weight of the volunteer prior to the game. (They need to find out as naturally as possible). During your meeting have one of the helpers come up and explain how this person has the uncanny gift of guessing the weight of anyone they meet. Then ask for three volunteers. Choose the other two helpers and the volunteer you are going to get. Have the three 'volunteers' stand off to one side of the room. Have the weight machine person sit on the floor and then bring over the first helper/volunteer. They sit down facing the weight machine and put the bottoms of their feet against the bottom of the weight machine's feet. They both reach across and grab wrists. The weight machine leans back and lifts the other person off their butt and then lowers them back down. They think about how heavy the helper was and then announces their weight. (Of course, you already gave him this information beforehand) This is repeated for the other helper and then the true volunteer. But after the weight machine lifts the true volunteer up you slide a monster sized, plastic bowl or pan of water under where their butt will be lowered. (Be considerate of overweight people.)

Wheelbarrow Eating Race
Recruit 3 couples. Set out a line of food items beginning with small stuff. (I.e. M&M pile and getting larger up to Jell-O or plate w/ Spam). Girls wheelbarrow guys down row as guys eat items. Use music in the background and towels to clean up with.

Wheel Of Misfortune
Run like game show with a wheel that has things like pie in face and some possible good things like $25 off camp price. Contestants get whatever wheel lands on. Use music from TV tunes game shows. Have the prizes planned out well.

Wood Chipper
The object is to see who can get the messiest. Bring the contestants in front of the chipper, a few at a time, and begin throwing items in the chipper which, in turn, spray all over the contestants. Use eggs, watermelon, lettuce and other messy items. The more stuff you have to shred- the better the show.

Club Events

What is a club event?
A club event is an activity that can stand on it’s own. It typically will take the bulk of the club time to complete. Sometimes it will involve leaving the club meeting place (but not always). Often this activity, a few songs, announcements and a talk would make a complete meeting. Event clubs are effective in breaking up the predictability of normal club meetings.

Battle of the Sexes
Buy the board game that is based on the TV show. Questions for girls are based on info most guys should know. Questions for guys are based on info most girls should know. Have guys sit on one side of the room and girls on the other. First bring a girl up front and for her question. She can get help from all the girls but needs to make the final answer decision. Next it’s the guys’ turn. Preview the questions to make sure they are appropriate.

Christmas Carol Contest
Divide into teams and give each team a set of instructions. Send each team in different directions. The group completing the most items wins. Go to various houses and sing a different carol (only one) at each house. Get someone to put his or her initials on the list below next to the appropriate item. Do as many as possible in the 30-minute time limit.
1. Sing all the verses of a carol in reverse order.
2. Sing a carol while sitting cross-legged (Indian style) on the front porch.
3. Sing a carol opera-style.
4. Sing a carol to someone who is 5-years-old or younger.
5. Form a human pyramid and then sing a carol.
6. Sing a carol in someone's kitchen.
7. Sing a carol to someone who is 60 years old or older.
8. Sing a carol around someone's Christmas tree.
9. Act out a carol while singing all the verses.

Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt
Teams go out with video camera to capture on video a list of Christmas decorations. The list includes the more difficult items like house with all white lights, a baby doll in a manger, camels, three wise-men, Mr and Mrs. Claus or Snowman, wooden nativity, luminaries, group of live Christmas Carolers, extra points if you get a homeowner in the video with said object, person dressed as Santa, etc. This works at night, we just have the kids bring flashlight. The group must add a dramatic flair to the video, like a mini movie. Each group must create a documentary movie while getting the items on the list. Everyone on team must be captured on the video (in front of the item) to get credit. We have everyone with the cameras bring the necessary equipment so we can watch it when we get back. Judge each video and give extra points for creativity.

Family Feud
Take a survey with kids at school. This game is an excuse to meet new kids on campus and tell them that you are playing this game next week and invite them to come. Kids love to share their opinion. I ask them the questions and write down the answers for them. To be effective, complete as many surveys as possible. Then compile all the data and narrow it down to the top five answers. Keep records of how many surveys gave each answer. When playing the game, divide the room in half. Each team picks one person to come up front. Ask them the fast food question. I print the question on the overhead projector. They can get input from their team. Have one team give their top answer. The other team must give another answer. The most popular answer wins a point. If it’s not the top answer you can have the next two contestants take another guess at it. Continue with new contestants for each question.
Name & grade
Favorite fast food place?
How you get to school?
Favorite TV sitcom?
Favorite teacher?
Age you were first kissed?
Favorite comedy movie?
Favorite ice cream flavor?
Favorite radio station?
Vehicle most students drive?

Football Night
Instead of having a regular club, have a football game where the guys play the girls. Guys play on their knees, and girls play standing up. Sell ahead of time. Have the National Anthem and Olympic music. Have lights for the back yard and a sound system for the play-by-play. After the game, have refreshments inside, a few songs and short talk.

Fugitive Hunt
Transport all the kids 5 or 6 blocks away. They are fugitives. They are trying to make it back to the meeting place. If at any time they are hit by the beam of a flashlight they must get in that vehicle and are taken back to the start to try again. After a set time, everyone picked up is brought back to the meeting place. Talk can be about how we run from God, but if we really knew how He loves us we wouldn’t run from Him.

Great Mattress Race
Teams must carry a mattress a mile or two across town without getting caught. Arrange teams and drop each team off at separate designated points, each the exact same distance from the final meeting place. Each group has one mattress each. Their job is to be the first team to get from their start point to the final meeting place while the adult leaders travel around in their vehicles "hunting" them. The teams are only safe when the entire team is jumping up and down on the mattress. They need to keep their eyes open for adult leaders and immediately throw their mattress down and start jumping on it if they see them. Teams are only vulnerable to being caught within one hundred yards- and the adult leader. If an adult leader catches the team within one hundred yards NOT jumping on their mattress, they can TRANQUELIZE the team by saying "gotcha!" Then the entire group MUST lie down on their mattress for 2 minutes, or until the adult releases them. The first team to the final meeting place wins. Provide every adult with a person in their passenger seat with a video camera. This footage makes a great video, edited and put to music the next week.

Great Race
Divide the group into teams, with at least 40 kids on each one. Direct each team to select different kids to participate in each of the team events so that everyone gets an opportunity to play. Begin by dispersing kids to the specific event areas where they’ll participate. As the race begins, the first person should run from a starting line to the first event with the open bag of jellybeans. The person is to hand the bag of jellybeans to the kids doing that event. After the first activity is complete, one person should run to the next event with the bag of jellybeans. The kids there should complete their activity and run the jellybeans to the next activity area. Teams should continue in this manner until the bag of jellybeans has been raced around the field. At the end of the race, count the jellybeans left in the bag and add one second to a team’s time for each jellybean that’s missing. The object of the race is to finish with as few jellybeans lost as possible.
The following events will help you get started:
Human Obstacle Course (using people as obstacles)
Water Drink (a person drinks 10 cups of water)
Human Pyramid (10 people form a pyramid)
Sink a Putt (a person makes a 10-foot putt into a hole)
Circle Sit-Down (kids form a circle and sit on each other’s knees for 15 seconds)
Folding Chair Race (the first person in line unfolds, sits in and refolds a chair, then passes it down the line)
Paper Plane Flight (a person makes and throws a paper plane 10 feet)
Over and Under with a Bag of Beans (kids in a line pass the bag over and under using their hands)
Two Carry One (two people carry a third, who is holding the bag of jellybeans)
Sprint to the Finish (kids run a 50-yard dash back to the starting line)

Homecoming Yams
Supply craft materials to make a yam into a homecoming queen. Each group should have yarn, scissors, ribbon, lace, small pieces of fabric, pens, glue stick, colored paper, shoe box (for car) etc. Divide into groups of 6 to 10 people so every one can be busy making something for this project. Give them 10 min. or less to complete their project. Have a homecoming parade at the end with one person serving as the driver (holding the car with the homecoming yam inside). Have them describe the dress and car. Have a person from each group perform a “talent” on behalf of the yam. Have a person from each group answer the following question: “If elected homecoming yam, what will you do to improve the public impression of vegetables everywhere?” Have a panel of judges elect the homecoming yam. Homecoming Spuds (potatoes) can work if yams aren’t available.

Hot Dog Lengths
Give each team 2 hot dogs and have them go out and measure things in hot dog lengths. Here is an example of what to measure:
Height from the ground, of the softball back stop at the high school (closest to the pool).
Length of a picnic bench at Casa Blanca.
Length of Chamber of Commerce sign.
Length of center hand rail at front steps at Press. Church.
Length of entire glass entrance of the
Baptist Church.
Length of the word "administrative" on the front door of the high school office.
Measure the diameter of the park bell.
Length of red curb in front of “ ” house.
Width between pillars at the Ehlers Field entrance sign.
Height of the “ ” mail box, from sidewalk to top.
Length of the snack bar counter at the high school.
Height of the mail box at the corner of 3rd and Merced.

Borrow or rent a Karaoke machine. Have leaders set the pace by recruiting groups of kids to go up front with them. No booing, only encouragement.

At the very start of club, break into teams for each adult driver you have. Drive around town and have kids “kidnap” their high school friends and bring them along. The group that kidnaps the most people wins a prize. Recruit extra adult drivers with big cars so that more kids could be kidnapped. Never force someone to be kidnapped…just bring people that can be persuaded. Give extra points for kids that have never come to Young Life before. Extra points for specific kids you challenge them to kidnap. Give a deadline for them to be back (deduct one person a minute from their total for lateness) Then do a shortened club meeting when everyone is back.

Leader Hunt
Have the leaders go and hide. Kids are divided into groups of 10. Each person has a piece of paper with the color of their team. They must stay together. If they find a leader their whole team must be present in order to take the leader back. The whole team must carry the leader back. Played well on the high school campus with most of the outside lights off.

Mission Impossible
This is a night game that requires a dark field. Kids must carry a skittle candy from the starting point to their team bucket. The team buckets are located at the far end of the field near a large spotlight. Have leaders spread out in the dark with flashlights, supersoakers or water balloons. If at any time kids are hit with a beam of light or water, they must eat their skittle and return to the start for a new one. If kids are on one knee they are safe from light and water. If they complete their mission they may make more attempts until time is up. Station adults near obstacles that might be dangerous in the dark (picnic tables etc.)

Pay Phone Scavenger Hunt
Divide into groups, each with a vehicle, and a handful of quarters. Each group will be given the site of a place where they will find a pay phone. Each group will also be given one phone number. Throughout the night, that anonymous person will be their contact person. Once at the first phone, the kids will be given clues over the phone leading them to the next station. At each new station, they will call their same contact person for another clue. Once they have reached their final destination, they will find an envelope telling them they are finished, and to return to the facility, or place where they started. The first team to return to the start with the envelope in hand wins. Have prizes for all the teams, no matter what place they finish. If you're in a town without many pay phones, you may direct the students to homes belonging to people you know, where they can use the phone there. If you do that, it's always tell the homeowner ahead of time!

Photo Scavenger Hunt
Divide into teams. Give each team a camera and a list of possible photos for points (pictures at local landmarks, with someone over 60, in a McDonald's hat, kissing a KMart employee, on a fire truck, in a police car, everyones feet off the ground, someone in a dryer, etc.). Give a 30-minute time limit and send them out with adults as drivers. (use poloroid or digital so pictures can be shown that night)

Pool Hop
Find a neighborhood that has swimming pools at most of the houses. Get permission from home owners to swim through their pool with a bunch of teenagers. The more pools the better (12 – 15 pools worked great). Start at the house where you are meeting for club. Kids must jump in the deep end and swim to the shallow end. Then they run to the next pool. Have containers of water at each pool for them to walk through to wash their feet before diving in. End at the house that was started from with swimming & snacks. Have a short club meeting before starting the pool hop. Promote this well and even contact the local news to cover it.

Sandwich Scavenger
Divide group into teams. Send each group in a different direction in the neighborhood. They must go door to door and collect items to make a sandwich. They may only get one item per house (one slice of bread, one piece or slice of ham… etc). The best (biggest or most creative) sandwich, that is back on time, wins. Better yet the first team to eat their entire sandwich wins.

Pool Party / BBQ
Finish up the school year with a pool party or BBQ. Play Volleyball and other outside games. Close with a time of sharing what Young Life meant to people this last year (club & camps).

Young Life Olympics
Have the leader print clearly the first, middle and last name of everyone on the team.
Build a pyramid using your whole team.
Yell the “ABC’s” backwards as a team.
One point per student ID.
Whole team plays leap frog until first person jumps over last person.
One point per person who can jump over a $1 bill without letting go of their toes.
As a team sing the high school alma matter.
One point per person going to Winter Blast
As a team sing a nursery rhyme (don’t steal one you heard another group doing.)
One point for each new style quarter.
One point per summer salt or push up.

Theme Clubs

Why theme clubs?
- invite tool
- gets attention & can add to mtg. anticipation
- makes that meeting unique
- sets tone for mtg.
- next day it is talked about
- speaks excellence (planning and thought went into it)
- can add to talk examples
Possible drawbacks to theme events
- kids don't dress up
- specific theme not being culturally relevant
- theme is exclusive rather than inclusive
- specific theme does not set desired tone for proclamation.
What makes theme events work:
- Kids need to know the theme of the upcoming club
- Leaders need to be into it 110% (dressed for theme)
- Music sets the tone (either sung or played on cd)

Included below are theme names followed by possible activities for that club. Use your creativity to add more. Some of the themes have many activities listed, this makes it possible to do the same theme each year and not repeat the same activities. When Planning theme clubs you can make almost anything fit the theme if you are creative.

Mission Impossible Club
Mission Impossible (club event)

Fugative Club
Fugitive Hunt (club event)

Great Race Club
Great Race (club event)

Kidnap Club
Kidnap (club event)

Great Mattress Race Club
Great Mattress Race (club event)

Sandwich Club
Sandwich Scavenger (club event)

Photo Club
Photo Scavenger Hunt (club event)
Camera Cram (mixer)

Pay Phone Scavenger Hunt Club
Pay Phone Scavenger Hunt (club event)

Leader Hunt Club
Leader Hunt (club event)
Leader Trivia (mixer)

Pool Hop Club
Pool Hop (club event)

Hot Dog Club
Hot Dog Lengths (club event)
Pass the Hotdog (mixer)
Hot Dog Basketball (up front game)

Wild West Club
Cow Rodeo (up front game)
Dress Up Relay (mixer)
Quick Draw (mixer)
Trust Circle - Bronco Ride (mixer)
Cowboy King (up front game)
Loudest Moo (up front game)

Swing (40’s) Club
Toe Fencing (mixer)
Pull Up (mixer)

50’s Club
Hula Hoop Chain (mixer)

Peace & Love (60’s) Club
This theme is made by the clothes and the music.

Disco (70’s) Club
Balloon Speed Dressing (up front game)
Celebration / Marshmallow / Soda (up front game)
Flour Swing (up front game)

80’s Club
This theme is made by the clothes and the music.

Christmas Club
Christmas Carol Contest (club event)
Christmas Gift Exchange (mixer)
Santa Claus Is Coming To Town Mad Lib (mixer)
Snowless Snowball Fight (mixer)
Human Christmas Tree & Gift (mixer)
Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt (club event)
Christmas Carol Quiz (mixer)

Halloween Club
Jigsaw Jack-o’-Lanterns (mixer)
Pumpkin Bowling (mixer)
Mummy Wrap (up front game)

Easter Club or Egg Club
Armenian Egg Crush (mixer)
Egg Designs (mixer)
Plastic Egg Hunt (mixer)
Egg Beat (up front game)
Egg Blow (up front game)
Egg Drop Or Toothpaste Drop (up front game)
Egg Obstacle Course (up front game)
Egg Roulette (up front game)

Homecoming Yams Club
Homecoming Yams (club event)

Love Club
Boy Relay (mixer)
Cinderfella (mixer)
Honey, If You Love Me (mixer)
Balloon Pop Hug (up front game)
Cupid Hunt (up front game)

Battle of Sexes Club
Battle of the Sexes (club event)
Pull Apart (mixer)
Pull-Up (mixer)
Dateline (up front game)

Birthday Club
Face Cake Decorating (up front game)
Ping Pong Ball Party Blower (up front game)
Kleenex Party Horn (up front game)

Krispy Kreme Club
Donuts and Licorice (up front game)
Donut Dip (up front game)
Donut Nose Roll (up front game)
Donut Eating (up front game)
Donut Popsicle Stick (mixer)

Lifesaver Club
Lifesaver Toothpick (mixer)
Lick and Stick (up front game)
Peanut Butter Lifesaver Hop (up front game)

Cheese Club
Cheese Dishes (mixer)
Cheetos Face (up front game)

Gum Club
Gum Relay (mixer)
Gum Sculpture (mixer)
Gum Race (up front game)

Bannana Club
Banana Stuff (up front game)
Bobbing for Bananas (up front game)
No Thumb Banana Peal (up front game)
Neck Passing Relay (mixer)

Cookie Club
Oreo Plexiglass (up front game)
Cookie Hockey (mixer)
Cookie Tower (up front game)

Marshmellow Club
Marshmallow Necklace (up front game)
Swinging Marshmallow (up front game)

Chocolate Club
Chocolate Bar Scramble (mixer)
M&M Training (up front game)
Snicker Trivia (mixer)
Candy Teams (mixer)

Fish Club
Hootie & The Blowfish (mixer)
Bobbing for Worms (up front game)
Gold Fish - Cup Head (up front game)
Gummy Worm Fishing (up front game)

Family Fued Club
Family Feud (club event)

Karaoke Club
Karoake (club event)

Olympic Club
Young Life Olympics (club event)

Pool Party / BBQ
Pool Party / BBQ (club event)

Bingo Club
At the start of club each person gets a bingo card and a pencil. Have a leader call out #’s and letters throughout the night at random times. Have prizes of “bingo” & “blackout”.

Balloon Club
Balloon at your back (mixer)
Balloon Contest (mixer)
Balloon Gauntlet (mixer)
Balloon Golf (mixer)
Balloon Pop Relay (mixer)
Balloon Announcements (up front game)
Balloon Burst (up front game)
Balloon Face To Face Relay (up front game)
Balloon Biting (up front game)
Balloon Shaving (up front game)
Balloon Sweats (up front game)
Balloon Triathlon (up front game)

Last Straw Club
Q-tip & Straw War (mixer)
Q-tip and Food Coloring Wars (mixer)
Kleenex & Straws (mixer)

Clothespin Club
Clothespin bite relay (mixer)
Clothespin Tag (mixer)
Clothespins On Face (up front game)

Spoon Club
Have kids bring a spoon to club
Spoons Card Game (mixer)
Finish with ice cream served in a 12 foot clean rain gutter.

Money Club
Money Elbows (mixer)
Pays to Make Friends (mixer)
Take the Coin (mixer)
Thousand Dollar Bill Exchange (mixer)
Steal the Treasure (mixer)
Diving For Dollars (up front game)
Dollar Jump (up front game)
Funnel Penny Gag (up front game)
Money Where Your Mouth Is (up front game)

Wild Hat Club
Musical Hats (up front game)

Paper Club
Newspaper Gossip (mixer)
Newspaper Hunt (mixer)
Newspaper Towers (mixer)
Paper Glen (mixer)

Space Club
Balloon Rockets (mixer)

Caveman Club
Bugga Bugga Boo (up front game)
Draw A Duck (up front game)

Surfer Club or Beach Club
Islands (mixer)
Limbo (mixer)
Poor Man's Beach Ball Volleyball (mixer)
Volley Points Volleyball (mixer)
Hawaiian Punch (up front game)
Surfing Lessons (up front game)

Ski Club
Ski Lessons (up front game)

Sports Club
Blind Rope Jump (up front game)

Race Car Club
Tube Jump Through (mixer)
Steal the bacon - Tubal Injury (mixer)
Tubal Tug (up front game)
Tube Tug-a-War (up front game)

X-Games Club
Trust Fall (mixer)
Trust Lift (mixer)
Back Break (up front game)
Balloon T-shirt Stuff (up front game)
Checker Push-Up (up front game)
Human Bowling (up front game)

Baby Club
Baby Bottle Burp (up front game)

Movie Club
Movie Trivia (mixer)

Camp Promo Club
Focus of this club is to promote camp.

Mexico Club or Burrito Club
Burrito Races (mixer)
Chubby Chihuahuas (up front game)
Churro Eating Contest (up front game)
Human Pinata (up front game)
Musical Burrito Hat Dance (up front game)

Music Video Club
Music Video (up front game)

Other Themes That Might Work…
Game Show Club
Cartoon Club
Circus Club
Stuffed Animal Club
Baseball Club

WyldLife Games

The following activities should specifically work well for the early teen age group. They are not repeats of what these kids may do when they reach High School Young Life. These activities focus on high activity and are sensitive to early adolescent issues (coordination, guy-girl issues, body image, full group participation w/ few games that eliminate)

Animal, Bird, Fish
One person (A) in the middle goes to any person (B) in the group and says either “animal," "bird"or "fish." B must name a specific one of these that has not yet been said during the game, before A counts to 10. If B succeeds, A stays in the middle and quickly approaches a new victim. If B gets stumped, he or she goes to the middle, and A sits down in his or her place.

Bad Bowling
This is a great game for all those who whine that they are no good at bowling. You break your group into a few teams, no more than 4 kids per group. The object of the game is to get the worst score possible. (That is the lowest score.) You think it's easy, don't you. There's a catch… gutter balls count as strikes. You would be surprised that once the pressures off that all of your kids suddenly go pro.

Balloon Defense
Two bags of balloons, each a different color. Form two teams of 25 to 50 each. Each team must defend its treasure (a pile of balloons) while attempting to steal or destroy the other team's treasure. Use one color of balloons for one team, and another color for the other team. Designate a time period (5 to 10 minutes) to play the game. When the time ends, each team's unpopped balloons count 100 points each. Stolen, unpopped balloons count 200 points each.

Balloon Feet Smash
Have 2 large balloons per person (two different colors) and two already cut strings per person (about 18 inches long each). Split the room in two, one side one color, the other side the other color. Have each person tie one balloon to each ankle. Make the strings long enough to prevent ankles from being stepped on. Turn off the lights and turn on the strobe lights and music (“1812 Overture” works well since the balloons popping sound like fireworks). See which side of the room has more balloons left of their color. Have music to play as they put the balloons on their ankles. Think through the best way to distribute the string and balloons.

Banana Toes
Get 2 Bananas, and ask for 6 volunteers (3 girls/3 guys). Have 2 Bananas ready (1 for each group). They must take off their shoes and socks. This is a relay race so have the bananas at the opposite end of the room as the contestants. When you say "Go", have 1 member from each team run to the banana and try to peel it in a certain amount of time (give each person 30 - 45 seconds). Then, have them run back and tag the next person in line. Whichever team has peeled most of the bananas after all 3 participants have gone, wins!

Baseball, Rio Linda Wiffle Ball
This is the same as Rio Linda Kickball but with a wiffle ball and bat. One added rule for this game: runners must carry the bat with them to 3rd (the first) base. If they drop the bat they are out!

Baseball, Tasmanian
This game can be played outside or in a gym. You need a home plate, a pitcher’s mound, and a nurf basketball (or soft rubber ball). The team that is at bat must line up, single file, closely behind home plate. A neutral pitcher tosses the ball. The person at bat swings their arm to hit the ball. After the ball is hit, they must run 3 laps around their team (that is lined up single file behind them) and tag home plate. Meanwhile the person in the outfield who retrieves the ball must run the ball to the pitcher mound where everyone in the field must line up between the pitchers mound and center field. The ball must be rolled through everyone’s legs and the person at the end runs the ball and tags the pitchers mound. If they beat the runner the runner is out. There are 3 outs per inning. Caught fly balls are out. No foul balls. Everything is fair.

Baseball, Wiffle Water
This is a fun version of Wiffle ball. Home plate can be anything, but first base (the only base) is a kiddie pool filled with water. The player steps up to bat and after they get a hit, they run and jump in the pool. The defense can throw the Wiffle ball at the runner to get them out, but after they jump in the pool, they're safe. The next player bats and does the same thing. Only the player that is already in the pool doesn't have to run, but once they leave the pool to try and make it back home, they cannot return to base (the pool.) This gets fun when there are several people in the pool at the same time! Use a fat Wiffle ball bat and a ball that doesn't hurt when "pegged."

Basketball Roller Skate
Using an outdoor basketball court, two teams on skates (roller or blades) score points by hitting the other teams backboard with a beach ball. Players may carry the ball but they must give up the ball if the other team touches them.

Basketball Variations
1) Only girls can shoot or score. No limit to how many people can play.
2) Kids vs. Leaders
3) 2 teams, each shoots at their own basket. See how many baskets can be made in 5 min.
4) No dribble.

Bibbidy Bop Bop
Start with everyone sitting in chairs in a large circle. Pick one individual to stand in center of group. The standing individual points at anyone sitting, and says "Bibbidy Bop Bop". The individual he points at must say, "Bop" before he finishes or he loses and becomes the center person. If the center man says anything other than Bibbidy Bop Bop, and the person he points at says Bop, he loses, and moves to center. It keeps people thinking.

This is a good game to get your kids to know each other’s names. Have everyone get in a circle with someone in the middle. Have everyone learn the name of the person on his or her right and left. The person in the middle points to someone and says "Right" or "Left" and the person that was pointed to must say the name of the person on the side indicated before the person in the middle says "Biddleybump" If the person in the middle says "Biddleybump" first, then the person that they pointed to becomes the person in the middle and the former person in the middle takes their place in the circle. If not, the person in the middle picks someone else and continues until he/she wins and is replaced. This game will last as long as you allow it to.

Big Red Challenge
Give everyone in club a stick of Big Red chewing gum. They can eat the gum but they need to thoroughly lick the wrapper and smack it on their foreheads and leave it there. The cinnamon oil starts to burn after a couple of minutes. And then it starts to burn A LOT!!! See who can leave it on the longest. Everyone will have a big, red rectangle in the middle of their forehead. I passed out wet ones to folks to wipe off their foreheads because it will keep burning if you don't remove the oil. There will always be a few die hards who leave it on all through club. Hand out big packs of Big Red gum for prizes.

Blob Tag
Tag with an added twist. When "it" tags someone, that person becomes part of it. Then the two of them must run hand-in-hand and catch their next victim who will also join them. Last one caught by the "Blob" is the winner!

Boundary Breaka'
The leader asks a series of questions. (Actually, there are over 100 questions that come with the little packet, but I didn't use the packet.) I just made up some questions. Anyway, the questions range from shallow to deep. For instance, 'What is your favorite color?' would obviously be a shallow question, but, 'What do you like least about your parents?' would be a deeper one. The purpose is to get the kids talking. Go around the group and ask the same question to every person in the group. Start with something shallow, and then move towards deeper questions, and back towards shallow. Finally, ask questions about the questions: 'Which answer surprised you the most?' Give everyone an opportunity to answer. A person may skip, but always come back to them and have them answer the question as the last person. This works best with groups from 7-12 members. If you have a big group, then split it up into smaller groups.

Bug Collecting
Buy a bag or more of little plastic insects and scatter them around the room, have all the young people bring a flash light, (or team up with those who have one). Turn out the lights and have them try to find the bugs. This game could be called "Animal Safari" if you used little plastic wild animals.

Capture the Flag
Team 1 is on one side of the field, and team 2 is on the other side. The goal of the game is to capture the flag, located in the other team's territory, without getting tagged. Once you cross the middle line in the field, you can be tagged and sent to the jail, which is located near that teams flag. If you are in jail, one of your teammates can free you by getting to the jail without getting tagged and then tagging you. You both get a free walk back to safety. Each team has one goalie who guards the flag from a distance of ten feet and a jailer who guards the jail. A team wins when they can capture the flag and get it across the middle line.

Capture the flag - Balloon Quad
Divide your group into four equal groups. Give these groups a color that corresponds with the Balloons. Blow up the balloons (About the size of a basketball) and tie them off with the rubber bands. Attach the balloons to the right ankle of your players. Each team starts by their base, when the game begins, each team attacks the opposite teams by trying to stomp their balloons. If they stomp on a balloon, the player is captured and is escorted back to that teams jail. During this time, a player escorting someone to jail cannot be stomped upon. If a player from that from the same team reaches a jail where his/her teammate is, they can rescue them by tagging them, But during this time, the player trying to rescue them can be captured also. If he/she rescues a teammate, they place their hands on their heads and walk back to their base. Once there, they can rejoin the battle. The captured player gets a new balloon. If one team captured all of the players of another team, then they control that teams area, and all the players now join that color. Last team standing or with the most captives, wins.

Chariot Races
Divide participants into groups of three. Give each group gets a large blanket or bed sheet. Each team lines up behind the starting line. Two people on each team are holding the front corners of the sheet / blanket. One person is sitting on the other end of the blanket, soon to be hanging on for dear life. At the signal, the teams race around a designated course (a large oval works well). The two people in front act as horses and the sheet / blanket is a chariot. The race consists of three laps. At the end of each lap, the racers rotate, so one of the people riding now pulls, and one of the pullers now rides. Three laps allows each person to ride once and pull twice. If a rider is thrown from his chariot, the team must stop until the rider is firmly reseated. The team finishing first, wins.

Chinese Fire Drill Basketball
Several basketball hoops are needed for this game. Divide the group into a number of teams that is one more than the number of baskets you have. The extra team gets a basketball. Each of the other teams is assigned a basket to defend. When the game starts, following basic basketball rules, the team with the ball attacks one of the defended baskets. If the attacking team scores a basket they take the ball with them and attack the next basket located counterclockwise in the gym. If the defending team gains possession of the ball before the attacking team scores, the defending team becomes the attacking team and moves to the next defended basket. The team that just lost the ball stays at that basket and defends it from the next attack. Repeat this pattern until time expires. For extra mayhem, pick teams so there are initially two extra teams so that there are always two baskets being attacked. Be sure your good basketball players are spread among the teams.

Criss Cross
Simple game! Divide into 4 teams. Send each team into a corner. The object of the game is to see which team can get to the opposite (diagonal) corner the fastest using the method the leader calls out (eg. if the leader calls out "hopping," the teams must hop to the opposite corner). This will create quite a "bottleneck" or "traffic jam" in the middle each time. Keep score of which team wins each crossing. First team to 5 wins. Good crossing methods: hopping, wheelbarrow, crab walk, sprint, backwards walk, skipping, crawling, twirling

Cold Toes
Get about 7-10 kids in each line. They are told to take off their right shoe & sock. A bucket of marbles is placed at the front of each line (along with a leader...for assistance). They are told they have to use their toes to pluck out as many marbles as they can (we gave them 10-15 seconds each) and drop the marbles in a smaller Dixie cup. When the contestants are ready, the game leader announces they've forgotten something and fills each bucket with ice (and freezing cold water).

Cotton Ball Drag Race
Line three or more kids up on a starting line made of masking tape. Have them get down on all fours. Give them each a flexible straw and a cotton ball. The goal is to race to see who can blow their cotton ball and crawl down the 30 feet or so to the other masking tape finish line. The actual race is pretty quick, so plan on having a couple of rounds and a final "blow off" to get your champion.

Dodge Ball
Have kids stand and form a large circle. Select a small group to be in the middle. The people in the middle cannot leave the circle or be touched by the ball. The people who form the circle cannot enter the circle and must try to throw the ball and hit someone that is in the middle. No head shots. If someone in the middle is hit... they join the circle and try to eliminate others in the middle. It is suggested to use a Nurf soccer ball so it will not hurt to be hit with it.

Dodge Ball Doctor
This is a modified dodge-ball game. Divide into 2 teams, each choosing a doctor, or 2 for larger groups (their identity being secret). Just like regular dodge ball, use a bunch of balls that are soft and throw them at each other. When someone is hit, they must sit. Here's where the doctor (just one of the players to the other team) may touch the injured and bring them back into play. Hint: the players shouldn't just pop up when touched- this will give away the doctor. Also, we recommend a decoy touching kids as well. When the doctor is hit, the team's only hope is their skill. The object: Eliminating the opposing team, including their doctor.

Dodge Ball Dragon
Have the entire group make a circle. Pick four to five people for each team. The first team goes into the center of the circle and forms a line by attaching their hands to the waist of the person in front of them. The people who make up the circle throw the ball at the "dragon", trying to hit the last person below the waist. Once hit, the last person returns to the outside circle. Players continue to hit the new person at the end of the dragon until there is only one person left and they too are hit. A new team then goes into the middle. Time each team to see which one can last the longest.

Dodge Ball Free for All
Every one for them-self dodge ball. A group of students,10-30, is asked to stand in a large open circle. Game balls are placed randomly throughout the circle. You can decide on the number of balls. I use about 5 or 6. When the leader says "Go" students run to the nearest ball and start trying to hit anyone around them. If you are holding a ball you can't run and if you get hit you must sit down. If you catch a thrown ball, the thrower is out, if you get hit and the ball hits the ground, you are out and you must sit down. In order for a person to move with the ball, he must pass it to a trustworthy person who is sitting on the ground by rolling it. Remember if caught in the air you're out. Be careful, they could hit you with the ball or give it to another standing thrower. The last person standing wins.

Dodge Ball Marco Polo
Blindfold half of your staff and give them a dodge ball. Have them stand in the middle of the play area. Assign a second staff member to each blindfolded staff to be a ball fetcher. The blindfolded staff call out "Marco" in which every kid has to respond "Polo!" The blindfolded staff try to throw the ball at the kids. If they hit one, the assistant staff removes them to a designated area and then fetch the ball. Last kid remaining is the winner. If a kid doesn't respond "Polo" he or she is automatically out. If a kid ever touches or is hit by a ball he or she is out.

Dragon's Tail
Object of the game: The first person in the line tries to catch the last person in line. All the players line up and put their hands on the waist of the person in front of them. The last person in line tucks one end of a scarf in his back pocket, belt, or waistband. The first person in lines tries to grab the scarf. When the "head" gets the "tail", he dons the scarf and becomes the new tail. The person second in line becomes the head. Variation:
Form two or more teams, each being a "dragon" trying to catch the other’s tail.

Drip, Drip, Drop
Just like Duck, Duck, Goose except with a cup of water that the person drips, drips, drips then drops on the person they want to chase them around the circle!

Dueling Drama
Divide the group into two, three or four teams depending on the size of your group. Point to the first group and tell them to give you their best impression of teenagers at a rock concert – one, two, three GO! After about 15 seconds the leader yells, STOP, and points to the next group. Their task is to act out the scariest scene of a horror movie. The next group is given “you’ve gotten food poisoning and you’re dying.” Follow this with, “The room has been filled with laughing gas and you can’t stop laughing.” Keep it going as long as you like.

Everybody's 'IT'
This game is like regular tag only everyone is 'it'. Everyone runs around trying to tag everyone else. When you're tagged, you sit down. The object is to be the last person left standing.

Famous Name Game
Divide the club into to four teams. Everyone writes the names of famous people on pieces of paper for two minutes. You will need a lot of slips of paper and a pencil for each person. The teams nominate someone to go first. All slips of paper are then thrown into a hat the leader holds up front. The nominee then has 30 seconds to see how many names he or she can get his team to guess by giving clues. The only rule is they cannot say the name of the person or a word that rhymes with it. When they get it right, they pull out another name. Then it's the other team's turn. Keep track of how many each team guesses to select your winner.

Feetball Pass
Have the youth lay on the floor on their backs, side-by-side, squeezed to each other an in front of each other meeting at the feet. They are to form a single file line, side-by-side and in front of each other with their feet in the air meeting at the bottoms. At the beginning of the line, give them a big ball to pass down the line by using only their feet. (Have the feet work similar to that of a "gutter" allowing the ball to move down the line.) Have them practice moving the ball to the end of the line back to the beginning of the line. Try it in teams to see who can pass the ball the quickest from the beginning to the end of the line.

Four-Legged Race
Use groups of three. Outside people tie legs together, with person in the middle. Race around room.

Four Square
First you will need several balls (light ones that are easy to hit around, I have found that punch balls that you blow up work the best). Next split you group up into four groups. Then divide you room that you are playing in into four areas. Then tell each group to sit in their assigned area and to try to cover as much space as possible. Tell them that they can hit the balls with only their hands and head. They must also sit down during the game and not get up. This is why they must cover as much ground as possible. Then start throwing the balls into each area (10 of 15 balls work great). Play for 2 to 3 minutes long and the group with the least amount of balls in their area wins.

Frisbee Basketball
Instead of a basketball, use a Frisbee and as many players as you wish on a regular basketball court. Of course you can’t dribble a Frisbee, so you must advance it by passing. 1 point for hitting the backboard. 2 points for hitting the square on the backboard. 3 points for in the hoop. Double points for midcourt shots.

Frisbee Golf
Each player will need a Frisbee. One player will name the first “hole”. The “hole” can be any object, tree, fire hydrant, telephone pole etc. Then all the players keep track of how many throws it takes them to hit the “hole”. The Frisbee must be thrown from where it lands each time. The person with the lowest amount of throws gets to pick out the next “hole”. If it is impossible to throw a Frisbee from where it lands that person must add a throw to their score.

Frisbee Tag
The person who is “it” must hit the others with a Frisbee. If hit they must freeze and stay frozen until they are able to catch the Frisbee. If someone who is being chased catches the Frisbee they may throw it to frozen people who must catch the Frisbee to be freed. The only one who can run around with the Frisbee in hand is the person who is “it”, everyone else must remain in one spot till they release the Frisbee. The people being chased can attempt to keep the intercepted Frisbee away from the person who is “it”.

Glow-in-the-Dark Game night
Buy about 100 glow sticks (the kind you get from the Kipp catalog or Oriental Trading Co.). Divided kids into equal groups using the colors of the glow sticks. Turn out the lights and have most of club in the dark. All the "old" games that our kids are tired of, suddenly take on a whole new dimension.

Golf, Wiffle
Each player must have one golf club (no putters or drivers). Then play golf with the Wiffle golf balls. Cones can be placed around the field to use as the 'holes.

Grab It
Divide into two teams. Put them side by side in two parallel lines about 3 feet apart. Have them sit down and hold hands with their team mates. At the back of the lines put a bucket of water with a bar of soap in it (If this is on carpet put a layer of towels down- the water tends to splash, then drip . . . let's face it . . . this is a messy game!) Stand at the head of the lines with a quarter in your hand. Instruct them that you are going to flip the quarter so only the first person in line can see the results. They are not to yell out how the quarter landed or even look back at their team. If the quarter lands on heads the persons in front are to squeeze the hand of the next person in line. The rest of the line passes the “squeeze” down so that they can communicate to the last person in the line that the quarter is indeed heads not tails. If the last person in line has their hand squeezed they are to try to grab the soap out of the bucket before the last person on the other team does. The person successful in retrieving the soap gets to go to the front of the line. The problem arises however when the message is wrongly communicated to the person in back and they grab the soap only to find out that the quarter was actually tails. At that point the person in front must go to the back of the line. The first team to get their entire team forward in line (back person to front- not front to back), wins. (can be played with marble or orange in ice also)

This is a great youth group game especially on a dark night in a house with all lights turned out (the darker the better). In order to prepare for this game, the different pieces of a flashlight are hidden on surfaces throughout a house (i.e. not inside drawers etc.) One person is chosen to be the 'Grog'. During the course of the game, if the Grog touches another player, they scream at the top of their lungs and 'die'. This lets everyone else know where they are and where the Grog is. A 'dead' player can be brought back to life if another player touches them. The Grog wins if all of the other players are 'dead' simultaneously. The others win if they can find all of the pieces of the flashlight, assemble it, and shine the light in the eyes of the Grog. The grog is not allowed to touch any of the pieces of the flashlight during the game.

Group Charades
One person from each team comes up front. Leader has signs with one word written on each they hold up behind them as they face their teams. People up front can't look at the sign, and team members can't speak. Team acts out the word for the person to guess. Keep score.

Gym Ball
This is a great idea for an open gym night. You divide kids into two teams and throw a huge rubber ball into the middle. The goal is to either kick or throw the ball down the court and get it to hit the opposing teams backboard. 1 point if you throw it, 5 if you kick it. This is a great option because even not-so-athletic kids can participate and feel like a hero.

Hip To Be Square
Leader in the middle, 4 lines/teams lined up facing the leader at North, South, East, and there's a square with a leader in the middle. The team to the leader's right will ALWAYS have to be on the leader's right and so on. The leader spins...and when he stops the lines/teams must scramble to re-orient themselves correctly. The first to team to be COMPLETELY in line (no stragglers) and yell "It’s Hip to be Square", wins. You can keep score...and the line that wins 3 times ends the game. Play the Huey Lewis song “ Hip to be square” while playing the game.

Hockey Variations
This is a hockey game played with thick foam pipe insulation that is cut in two foot lengths. For a puck you can use a hard bagel. Better yet you can use a bunch of plastic balls from Toys-R-Us (like the ones in little kids play areas at McDonalds). Use cones for goals. Kids can hit each other with the sticks without pain (no head shots). To make it seasonal, use plastic eggs (tape so they don’t split when hit), or Christmas ornaments.

Human Foosball
You play just like table game only with real people linked in rows. Split the kids into two teams. Have a captain decide who goes in which rows and how many in each row. Each entire team faces one direction and has to stay that way. They link arms by holding the person's elbows next to them. The whole row has to stay within their boundaries like in the game, but they can slide back and forth left and right. When you play inside you can mark the boundaries with masking tape. If you play outside you can used paint if acceptable or tape or flour. If you play in a building you need to remove pretty much everything from the room. If you play outside, it is best if you play between two buildings so that the ball stays in the game. If you play in a field have lots of folks around to toss the ball back into play. Make sure everyone is wearing shoes, it can get a little fierce with the kicking. Also, USE A BALL that is SOFT - we use a stuffed soccer ball, or you could use a really soft nerf ball. Variation of the game, use more than one ball at a time.

Kazoo Name That Tune
Have a kazoo band play popular songs and have the kids try and guess the song. Even have kids take turns doing the kazoo’s.

Everybody sits in a chair but one person. The chairs are scattered all over the room. The person standing has a set of keys in his hand. With his other hand he grabs someone's hand. This person gets up and follows the leader who weaves in and out of the chairs in the room. The person who has gotten out of their chair then grabs someone else's hand who grabs another persons hand. This keeps going until the leader drops the keys on the floor then everyone standing runs and sits in a chair. The person left standing is the new leader.

Kickball, Rio Linda
This is a lot like normal kickball with a bunch of backwards twists. Here are the rules:
all the bases are backwards. Run to 3rd first, 2nd second, and 1st third. All players on a team get one time up and they get one pitch from their own pitcher. Endless # of outs, just keep going until all players have been up once. No foul balls, everything is fair no limit to how many people on bases, no force outs get someone out by touching ANY base at any time. Any runners between any bases are out if a ball is caught. If a runner is tagged they are out.

Kick the Can
Position a large can in the middle of a 20 ft. circle. One person is chosen to be “it” and counts near the can while all the others hide. The person who is “it” then attempts to find and tag the hiders. If tagged they must stay in the circle. Everyone may be freed from the circle if one of the uncaught hiders can kick over the can without being tagged. Then they may go hide again. The person who is “it” may not enter the circle except to return a kicked over can. The game ends when the person who is “it” finds everyone without the can being kicked over. To add excitement, have 2 or 3 people be “it”.

Lemon Eating
Kids eat lemons without using their hands. Middle schoolers really got a kick out of watching their friends try to peel and eat as many lemons as they can in a two minute time period. The two kids go at it head to head, and their sour faces were sure a sight to see!

Licorice Eating Contest
Blindfold a couple of kids and have them eat licorice whips without using their hands. As they are eating, squeeze new pieces onto the end of the piece they are eating. They will keep eating and eating.

Mass Movement
Gather players at one end of the game area. Form even-numbered teams of six to eight kids. Ask players in each team to line up shoulder-to-shoulder, facing alternately in opposite directions. Give a full roll of one-inch masking tape to a person at the end of each line (either end, doesn’t matter). Ask that person to stick the tape end firmly to his or her body at about waist level, wrap the tape around a full turn, and pass the roll to the next person in line, who will repeat the full-turn process and pass it on, and so forth down the line. Have players keep wrapping themselves in this manner until the tape is used up.
Then say: “Your team’s goal is to walk across the playing are and back, keeping your line intact. If someone tears off and separates from the line, do a quick patch job and continue on.” Don’t bother with penalties for “tearing away.” Taping each other and attempting to move as a team is more important than quality of performance. If you inadvertently substitute a roll of fiberglass tape for this team experience, the group bonding might be a bit more permanent than you bargained for. But if there’s some duct tape around...

Miss Mumbley
Have the kids sit in a circle and tell them the object of the game is to talk like you have no teeth and you cannot show teeth if they do they are out. One person starts the game and they ask if anyone has seen Miss Mumbley as she is missing...the kids can sometimes come up with good conversations and is hilarious.... The game goes on until only one is left.

Move The Wall
Stand the mat on its side so that it's standing like a wall, hence the name. Divide your group up into teams of three or four(depending on the length of the mat). We made our teams 2male/2female. Get the teams to stand 1 meter from where the mat is standing. The idea is for the team to run to the mat, and push it over the opposing teams line, which is a set distance away. Team members are not allowed to put their hands on the ground, etc. Some considerations may be needed for it to best work for your group.

Mummy Twins
Have kids stand back to back. Give them a roll of toilet paper and see who can do the best job wrapping themselves together into twin a mummy.

Music Video Night
Break the group up into equal groups (2-3 groups). Give each group a leader, video camera, tape, a CD and a CD player. Give them 20-25 min. to plan and create a music video (the songs will be pre-approved by the club leader). Each person in the group has to be in the video. At the end of the time, come back together and show the videos. Judges declare the winners.

Musical Chairs “Bop-It”
Divide into two groups. One group plays the Bop-It game, while the other team circles the chairs like in musical chairs. Set the Bop-It to the “Pass it” option. When one of the players makes the Bop-It scream (when they don’t do what it tells them to), the chair circlers scramble to sit in a chair. Of course, there is one less chair than players. The person who made the Bop-It scream switches with the one who could not find a chair.

Divide the room in half and have them face each other. One side is given the topic. They must yell out answers and the other side must listen. Then stop everyone. Then you read off the list of ten answers. Only the team who was the listener answers you if they heard the other team say the word. It does not matter if the team said it, it only matters if someone on the other team heard it. Topics are like “pizza toppings”, then they have to list the top ten items that are written on your card. Make up your own topics or buy the game. Then switch to another topic and it is the other team’s turn to listen.
Sports that require special shoes.
wrestling, football, baseball, basketball, soccer, golf, bowling, roller skating, ice hockey, track
Things in a Desert
cactus, sand, camels, snakes, scorpions, lizards, oasis, heat, buzzards, tumble weeds
Things you can order at McDonalds (items, not meals)
Big Mac, Hamburger, Cheeseburger, Fries, Milk Shake, McFlurry, Quarter Pounder, McNuggets, Sausage McMuffin w/ Egg, Soda
Jungle Animals
monkeys, lions, tigers, giraffe, elephant, zebra, leopard, crocodile, gorilla, snake
States that border an ocean
California, Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Hawaii, Florida, Maine, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Virginia
Pizza Toppings
pepperoni, Canadian bacon, anchovies, cheese, olives, mushrooms, sausage, onions, peppers, pineapple.
Yellow Foods (and condiments)
lemon, banana, corn, squash, pineapple, cheese, eggs, yellow peppers, mustard, butter
Fast Food Chains
McDonald’s, Taco Bell, Carl’s Jr., KFC, Burger King, Wendy’s, Jack in the Box, Arby’s, Long John Silvers, Subway
Buttons to press on a VCR
play, stop, rewind, fast forward, pause, record, program, eject, power, channel
Full Length Disney Cartoons
Cinderella, Dumbo, Little Mermaid, Snow White, Tarzan, 101 Dalmations, Bambi, Fantasia, Beauty & the Beast, Dinosaur
Winnie The Pooh Characters
Pooh, Tigger, Kanga, Roo, Rabbit, Owl, Piglet, Gopher, Christopher Robin, Efalumps & Woozels
Types of sports balls
ping pong, football, soccer, baseball, tennis, golf, volleyball, basket ball, softball, mushball
Types of Candy Bars
Twix, Baby Ruth, Snickers, Hershey’s Chocolate, 3 Musketeers, Butterfinger, Crunch, Almond Joy, Mounds, Payday
California Cities that start with the letter “S”
Selma, Sanger, Sacramento, Salinas, San Simeon, San Fransico, Stockton, San Diego, Santa Cruz, Santa Barbara

Paper Airplane Relay
Each kid gets a piece of paper to make a paper airplane. See which airplane can fly the furthest.

Paper Plate Musical Chairs
Have paper plates scattered throughout the room. When the music stops everyone must be touching the plate. If they are not, then they are out. Take out more plates every time.

Paper Shoot
Divide into teams of 4-8 kids each. Set up a garbage can in the middle of the room (about three feet high). Prepare ahead of time, several paper batons and a lot of wadded up paper balls. One team lies down around the garbage can with their heads toward the can (on their backs). Each of these players has a paper baton and the opposing team stands around the trash can behind a line, about 10 feet or so, away from the can. The line can be a large circle drawn around the can. The opposing team tries to throw the balls into the can while the defending team tries to hit the balls away with their batons. 2 min. are allowed to try to get as many in as possible. Each team gets a chance in both positions. Winner is the team who gets the most in.

Pile Up
Players sit in a tight circle on benches or chairs. Seats should be clearly distinguishable. "It" determines the actions of the group by stating a detail: Everybody wearing jeans, move two spaces left. Everybody with blonde hair, move three spaces right. Those with matching descriptions move as directed, and sit down, be it on an empty seat, or a person's lap. (To preserve people's health, limit the pile to about four people maximum.)

Pinball Soccer
New way to play soccer indoors! Just like regular soccer except that each person, including the goalie must stand on a piece of paper. They must keep one foot on the paper at all times and cannot slide or move the paper. The players need to be scattered evenly across the playing area. The effect is like a giant pinball machine.

Ping Pong Baseball
Indoors, play baseball using a Ping-Pong ball for a baseball and a paddle as the bat. Ceiling is fair but walls are foul balls. All other baseball rules apply.

Ping-Pong Basketball
Indoors, have players bounce Ping-Pong balls into different size containers. Ping-Pong ball must bounce at least once before landing in the container.

Play Doh Pictionary
Divide into teams. Have a representative come up front from each group. Whisper a Pictionary word (like "dog") to the group and they must run back to their group and, without talking, mold that word with Play-doh. Put a leader on each team because kids will cheat.

Popsicle Taste Test
Get small Dixie cups and Popsicle sticks and a bunch of random things to freeze in them to make Popsicles. Just peel away the cup after they are frozen and they make a nice Popsicle. Get two (or more) participants up front and blindfold them and make them lick the Popsicle and the first to guess the taste gets a point. After you are done the one with the most points wins. Some good Popsicles are cream soda, prune juice, pickle juice, and just anything you can think of. It's funny to have a person stand behind the blindfolded taste testers with a sign saying what they are licking to get a good crowd response.

Pumpkin Dig Contest
Cut the top off a pumpkin and hide a prize in the bottom of the goo.

Red Light Green Light
The player serving as the “traffic light” stands at one end of the room. All the others stand at the other end. Play begins when the light turns his/her back to the others and says, “Green Light.” This is the signal for the others to advance toward the light. At any moment, however, the light may turn around and say, “Red Light!” Everyone freezes as quickly as possible, because anyone the light sees in motion must return to his starting place. The light alternates red and green until someone succeeds in touching him/her without being seen, thus becoming the new light.

Run and Scream
Everyone lines up at one end of the field and then runs forward screaming at the same must stop running when you stop screaming...furthest out wins and must return to the start screaming to prove they didn't cheat.

Screaming Contest
Compete for loudest, longest, highest pitch.

Shaving Cream Whiffle Ball
Play a game of baseball with whiffle ball and bat, but before each pitch you fill the ball up with shaving cream. So as the bat hits, it splatters everywhere - as you catch the ball you get covered in shaving cream. Usually it turns into a shaving cream fight.

Shoe Box Relay
Teams of about 10. Each team gets 2 shoe boxes. They must race to a cone and back while wearing shoe boxes on their feet. When they return the next person on their team races. They will have to shuffle their feet or they will step out of the boxes. Also if a box is broken that team loses.

Simon Says
Yes it’s true, we play this one just like you think; however, the key rules are that you must be honest, and you may not talk! You must be good at this one to pull it off, quickness and creativity go far.

Snap Crackle Pop
Cut off the front panel of several cereal boxes — one for each group you want to form then cut up each panel into puzzle shapes- one for each person in the group. Mix together all the pieces and give one to each person and have them compete to find their cereal.

Soccer, Crab Walk
Play soccer indoors with a Nurf ball and all players must crab walk the entire game

Soccer, Inner Tube
Play soccer using a smaller inflated inner tube instead of a soccer ball.

Soccer, Monkey
Play soccer indoors with a Nurf ball and all players must squat to walk (waddle). They hit the ball with their knuckles and have to make monkey screams every time the ball is hit.

Soccer, Three Leg
Play soccer indoors with a Nurf ball. Players are paired up and one of their ankles is tied to one of their partner’s ankles. Rope or tape can be used to connect the ankles.

Sponge Bombing
First begin by marking out a starting line and a finishing line approximately 50 feet apart. Find 5 or 6 obstacles that are large enough to be hidden behind, for example a table or a wheelbarrow. Place the obstacles approx. 10 feet apart in a zigzag pattern between the start and finish. Assign two people to be the "Bombers " and give them each a bucket full of water and about 10 small sponges. (It works good to cut those big sloppy car sponges into three and use those. It is also possible to use water balloons but I find that they create more garbage and hurt more which is sometimes a consideration). Place one of the "bombers' 10 feet past the finish line and one halfway between the lines. The object of the game is to get from the start to the finish without getting hit by a wet sponge by going from obstacle to obstacle. Obviously the job of the "bombers" is to try and hit the runners. The "halfway bomber" is only allowed to try and hit the runner until the runner has passed them and then they must cease-fire. For every obstacle that the runner gets to they receive an assigned point value. Their total points equals their score. Everyone's wet, everyone's happy.

Sponge Water Brigade
Have kids move water from one bucket to another using a sponge to transport it. A new kid has to run for each trip. Measure the water level to find the winning team.

Station Rotation Games
Assign as many stations as games and leaders available. Put one game at each station and "tweak it" as to create an aggressive 4 minute point earning encounter. Ex. Guesstures: everyone takes a turn acting an item from a card. You get 1 point for a correct answer and minus 2 for a pass. Jenga: as soon as a team arrives at the station they must erect the tower. Then each person takes a turn at pulling a piece out. 1 point for each piece taken out, minus 5 for knocking the tower over. (You have to figure out how to score each station w/ each game. Make it your own) Break group into even numbered teams. Each team starts at one station, and then has 4 minutes to accumulate as many points as possible. At 4 minutes a timekeeper yells, "Switch!!!" then they must move to next station. When all the teams have done each station, you add up all the points from each station and then you have your winner. It involves some set-up work, but once the game is going everyone has a great time. KEYS: "Don't lose time in between stations, your next 4 minutes starts at "Switch" / "Get to the next station quick and quiet so that the station can be explained to you as quick as possible" "Don't be to loud or another team may eavesdrop some answers from you". This was a game I started doing on retreats, but have found that you can do it anywhere and add or subtract different stations, as you want. For example, once I had a stillness & silence station where for 4 minutes the group had to sit completely still and silent while the station leader yelled screamed, picked his nose to try and get them to move. The team started with 20 points in the beginning and then lost a point each time someone moved or laughed. You can put in a bigger station like a free throw station if you have the equipment. OTHER GAMES USED: Scrabble: Take a handful of scrabble letters, each group gets point for words formed of 3 letters or more with bonus for bigger words. Bunko: Get a handful of dice, each person takes a turn rolling until 4 minutes is up, I point for each 5 rolled, bonus for four 5's rolled etc. the list goes on and on, that's the great thing about it, there all the room you could want to make it how you want it to look.

Steal Stuff From Hula Hoops
You’ll need one Hula Hoop and two soft rubber balls for every four or five players. Place the hoops on the floor throughout a large area and place two rubber balls in each hoop. Have kids form teams of 4 or 5 and ask each team to choose two people to be guards. Tell the teams that the object is to get as many balls in their hoops as possible within a time limit (5 or 6 minutes). Players attempt to steal balls from other teams’ hoops without getting tagged by the other teams’ guards. Guards must keep one toe touching the floor inside their team’s hoop at all times. Tagged players must freeze and sit where they are tagged, first replacing any balls in the hoops. Tagged players can be “unfrozen” by other players on their team. A Player who successfully steals a ball takes it to the team’s hoop, where is can be stolen again by another team. Players are not allowed to steal balls from other players while they are bringing them to their hoops.
The team with the most balls in its hoop at the end of play wins.

Buy white T-shirts and using red electric tape, make large targets on the chests of the shirts. Pull two kids up front and have each wear a t-shirt and give each one a funoodle (the pool toy) with peanut butter smeared all over the end. They "joust" to see who can get peanut butter on their opponent's target first.

Switch if ...
Person in the middle of a circle says, "Anyone with braces," and all people fitting that description have to get up and change seats; person in the middle takes one of those seats, and the last person w/o a seat is in the middle.

Tag, Freeze (Stuck in the Mud)
One person is “it”. They must try to tag everyone else. When you are tagged you must freeze in that spot. To be freed someone being chased needs to tag you. For playing stuck in the mud, someone being chased must crawl through your legs to free you.

Tag, Hook Up
Everyone splits off into two and finds a space within the play area. They then link arms. The youth leader picks a twosome as volunteers! One member of the twosome is IT and the other runs from IT. This works like a normal game of chasing except that the person who is running can grab the free arm of any person in any other twosome at any point they like. When they do this they become a part of the twosome and the member of the original twosome who was not grabbed must now run from IT and try and link up with another twosome. If IT catches the victim, then the victim becomes IT and IT becomes the victim and must run and link up with another group.

Tag Team Two Liter
Have 3 teams of 2 up front, give each team a two liter of pop. The rules are that they can pass the 2 liter back and forth as they drink it. The first team done wins.

Tarp relay
Divide group in half on separate sides of a gym, field, large multi-purpose room. Place a cone in the center. Two teams must get their entire team around the cone by dragging them around on a tarp (8ft x 8ft works well). Two people pull, one rides. When they get around the cone and back, the next group of three goes. Chances of collisions are good as both teams go around same cone.

Team Keep-Away
Have kids form two teams. Explain that teammates will try to throw a ball back and forth to one another while the other team tries to intercept the throw. A team scores one point every time members complete three consecutive passes -- to three different teammates -- without an interception. The first team to score five points wins.

Tissue Relay
Divide kids into to to six teams (with no more then six in a group). Give each kid a straw and the first one in line a tissue. The kids them must suck the tissue in, run to a designated place without dropping by sucking the tissue into the straw. Then they run back to their team and blow the tissue to their teammate. The teammate must then suck the tissue into their straw. The first group to have all members complete the relay and be sitting quietly in their line is the winner.

Tongue Color Teams
As each kid enters club, give him a jawbreaker and tell them to begin sucking on it. Later on, have everybody split into groups by the color of their tongue. Make sure you have enough jawbreakers to go around.

Using a basketball court or marking your own, you need a large rectangle. Two kids are chosen as the "launchers" while the rest of the group (anywhere from 15 to 50 kids works fine) lines up outside one of the short sides of the rectangle. The launchers stand on either of the long sides of the rectangle, armed with dodgeballs or something similar. A leader is the caller. The caller shouts "TORPEDO!" and the kids start to run as fast as they can to get past the line on the other side, where they are safe. While they are running, the launchers try to hit as many people as possible with their dodgeballs, while staying behind their own lines. They usually can only get one good throw in, since they can't cross the line. Any runner who gets hit must sit down exactly where they are. They are now land mines. Each time the kids torpedo across the room, there are more and more land mines to hit them. The youth on the floor can try to touch the runners. Anyone touched must sit down too. Eventually you get down one winner. You can play again and again.

Train wreck
A new twist on Musical Chairs. Split up the room into 2 teams, sitting in chairs facing each other on opposite sides of the room. You will need a leader behind each team to remove one chair during each round. At GO the two teams run at each other in an attempt to find an open chair at the opposite side of the room, where the opposing team began. There is absolute chaos where the two teams meet in the middle of the room. As soon as the two teams leave their seats, leaders remove one chair from each side of the room. Make sure kids aren't being too rough when they cross in the middle. Have two winners, one for each team.

Trash Ball
Divide into two teams. Use a trash can that is about the same size as your ball. Have each team choose a trash can holder (rotate regularly, its a fun place to be). Have each trash can holder stand up on a chair. Make a boundary of about 10 feet around each holder with tape. Anyone caught inside the tape must sit there for 2 minutes (at your discretion). For large groups, add an extra ball or two. They can only take 3 steps when they have the ball, so more are involved. This is a fun game because anyone can make a full court shot. Tell them the ball must touch a certain number of girls before they can shoot.

Triangle Tag
Three of the four people hold hands. The loose person is 'IT'. One person of the three (who wears a hat) has to be tagged. The triangle of three runs and spins to keep that person from being tagged. 'It' tries to reach across or run around the other two in order to tag the third person.

Ultimate Frisbee
Form two teams. Players must move the Frisbee by tossing it from one player to another until the Frisbee can be passed and caught across the goal line. You cannot run with the Frisbee. If the Frisbee is intercepted or falls to the ground, the other team takes possession.

Ultimate Pookie: A Pookie is a Teddy bear named after Garfield's Teddy bear. You use the Pookie instead of the Frisbee. Make sure the Pookie is relatively new and won't break, and try to make it as big as possible.

Ultimate Sponge. This is a summer game played in hot weather. Instead of end zones, there are buckets full of water. You use a sponge instead of a Frisbee. The sponge must be dunked by hand into the bucket to score. If the sponge is intercepted near the bucket, it should be dunked anyway to be "refilled".

Have everyone stand in a circle. The person chosen to start as the Viking will start the round by giving out a trumpet call. The Viking will then place thumbs on each side of their forehead and wiggle their fingers while making a loud constant “la, la” noise. The persons on either side of the Viking must row the Viking ship vigorously. They must be sure to row on the outside of the Viking ship, the side opposite the Viking. Rowing on the inside only makes splinters on the deck. At any time the Viking may pass to another person on the circle. To pass they must clap their hands together in a fashion that points directly at the person they wish to be the next Viking. Immediately, they must start being the Viking and the people on either side must be rowing. If someone messes up or is too slow, they are ejected from the game and must spend the remainder of the game sitting in the middle of the circle. To eject someone the entire circle in unison must clap twice then stomp twice and pointing one elbow towards the person let out a loud, “hughhhhhhh”, grunt. At the end you will have three winning people.

Take 50 rolls of toilet paper divide it among two teams on opposite sides of a volleyball net. The object of the game is to throw the rolls over the net when the music starts and whichever team has the least amount of toilet paper on their side at the end of the time wins. It is crazy and cleanup is a breeze.

WyldLife 500
A night of wacky races. Break the kids up into teams as they arrive by marking hands with three different colors of markers. Set up a racetrack with cones and then race away. There are many fun races - be creative. Use chairs with wheels, scooters, big wheels, crutches, wagons... whatever you can find. Plain ol' wheelbarrow and sack races work fine too. Give trophies to each team at the end.

WyldLife Rescue
This is a great mixer along the lines of Human Bingo. It gets kids moving around, meeting other kids and leaders, and burning off some energy. Here are the things kids have to try to be the first to get "checked off" to win:
1. Kitten in the Tree
Get one other person. Stand on a chair and meow like a cat caught in a tree. Have a rescue worker lift you off the chair, then have that person initial here:___________
2. Illin' in the Woods
Get 3 other people. Pretend you're on a hike in the woods by walking all the way around the room in single file. Upon circling the room, the person with the shortest hair suddenly has falls ill to an unknown virus, and the other 3 have to carry him to safety (which happens to be the front of the room). Have 2 hikers initial here:__________
3. Castaways
You and another person stand on chars in the corner - that's your uncharted desert island. After your ship sank, you've been living there for 5 years. Get the attention of someone on the far side of the room by yelling, "Help! We're stranded!" When that person comes over to you, consider yourself rescued. Have one of the other people initial here:__________
4. Bad Fall
Get one other person. Lie down on the floor and start yelling, "I've fallen and I can't get up!" As soon as you find someone willing to help you, hug each other and pretend to cry tears of joy, have them initial here:___________
5. Fire!
Get 3 other people. 2 of you pretend you're in a burning house. Yell, "Fire!" 10 times! Once you've completed this, the other 2 people can be the firemen. They should pretend they're spraying the fire yelling, "We'll rescue you!" 5 times. Once this is all done, have 2 of those people initial here:_________________


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