Here it is again, another genealogy I hope you resisted the temptation to FFWD. These are not unimportant nobodies who we don’t know. I know they aren’t taught in Vacation Bible School and they don’t have their own felt board action figures, but they are important. As you read through chapter 10 and on through to 11:14 we find some guy named Shelah. And here in the beginning of scripture we see the pattern again of God knowing us personally. God knew that when Shelah was 30 he was going to become a daddy for the 1st time. God rejoiced in the birth of little Eder and God cared for that family and he took care of their needs. I know when my first child was born I was worried and excited and I take great comfort in this little detail of a verse that God will do the same for me and my family. He was there at my birth, pulled all-nighters to watch over and protect me from myself in middle and high school all the way to my wedding day and on to my funeral party. He will be there for my family as they grieve and rejoice through life and the same promise is true for you and your life.

I bought a bottle of Old Spice body wash recently and for some reason I was in the shower and looked at the back of the bottle. What I read made me laugh really loud which made my wife question my sanity . . . even further, but I think it applies here as we ebb towards father Abraham. The bottle read, and I quote “Old Spice, if your grandfather hadn’t worn it, you wouldn’t exist.” The same thing is true for ’ol Abraham. If his great-great-great-great-great-grand pappy hadn’t used Old Spice Ur Breeze edition we wouldn’t have known father Abraham or his many sons or that I am one of them and we never would have learned the Abraham hooky Poky in VBS! Thank you Lord for Old Spice Ur Breeze!

DBL07What is something you can do to celebrate/ acknowledge your family heritage?

What is one way you can demonstrate respect for your parents this week?