I do it all the time and I know you do it to, but try to not do it anymore. What is “it?” It= is seeing a genealogy in scripture and FFWD past it. We see it and we say “here we go again” some dude had relations and had a kid named Vuvuzela or some weird name you can’t pronounce and so you skip over it to get to the “good stuff.” Try not to do it; there is good stuff in the history of God’s story unfolding in the lives of people.

For example, if you saw this genealogy and skipped over to chapter 6, you would have missed a really cool story of Enoch in verse 22 Enoch lived in close fellowship with God for another 300 years and then God took him! Why? Where did he go?

Looking at this long list of begetters, I find it intriguing that God didn’t just cast humans aside and move on to one of the other billions of planets out there and make a new creature race that wasn’t so disobedient and always wanted to worship him. Or maybe He did! Do de do do, do de do do!?? I’m just kidding, or am I? But seriously, instead of God giving up on us, we see His love for us and in return, we have the desire to worship God by name. By the time we get to Gen 6 we can see God’s patience had been tested by his bratty and now increasingly wicked creation—humans.

Check your footnotes in you bible if you have them and look for any place in scripture Enoch is mentioned. I’ll help you with this one; check out Hebrews 11:5. He went to be with God because he was known as a person that pleased God. Wow! How awesome is that!

DBL07When people talk about you, is that what they say?

When they look at your life, do they say __________ lives their life to please God?

I hope you would live your faith out loud in a way that people notice and it touches the lives of those God has placed around you. Take a minute and ask God to use you today so that people will see God evident in your life.