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So stay tuned as we continue to add EVERYTHING from my archives of 100's of youth messages, 100's of skits, 1000's of games for you to have fun.
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Onion Rings Studios was created back when the internet was invented (almost) way back in 1998. My last name is Rings and being in youth ministry students give you nicknames so some high school guys at my first church started calling me Onion, thus the Onion Rings Studios.  After 20 years in youth ministry and Young Life I have collected, & invented more games, skits and youth messages and I’m in the process of putting them all here…for you.

Matthew Rings

Matthew Rings
Matthew RingsRetired Youth Pastor & CEO of DBL07
I have an unquenchable desire to learn more. I love taking things apart and seeing how they work. Then before I put it back together I try to find a way to make it better. I have lots of creative ideas and sometimes my ideas are bigger than my clients budget. So I come up with crazy idea, then find a way to reverse engineer it into existence on my clients budget. I have worked with teens and adults for 20 years as a youth pastor and I bring the same level of genuine care and creativity to everything I do. I started DBL07 Consulting & Website Design to help businesses connect to their target audience by using innovative designs and functionality. I have been involved in photography, videography, editing, and computers all of my life. With DBL07 consulting I am able to melt those together in a way that helps business owners present the level of excellence they strive for in their work. Here are a few fun projects:
Monsters Inc
My 007 Dodge Challenger with several Spy gadgets and more still being built

Onion Rings Studios Celebrates Two Decades Of Youth Ministry

Tampa FL: Onion Rings Studios and CEO Matthew Rings, are pleased to announce that they have created a website featuring thousands of party games, fun group games, youth ideas,youth activities for youth group and youth programs. The site includes youth group icebreaker games, wide games, youth camp games, messy food games, indoor youth group games, outdoor youth group games, water fun games, junior youth games, icebreaker ideas, memory verse games, youth Bible games, church youth group games and team building games.

Because all of the resources are located in a single comprehensive website, youth leaders and social activity planners can find a rich library of suggestions for game nights, youth meetings and other activities. The suggestions are both indoor and outdoor ideas and are suitable for a range of ages in the teen years. The games can be used by young people in small group sessions or in larger gatherings.

Matthew Rings is a retired youth pastor who has collected activity ideas over the past two decades to help young people enjoy activities. The website contains fun youth group game ideas, party games and icebreakers. Hundreds of skits as well as many sermon ideas can be accessed at no cost on the website.

For many of the games, some supplies are required. They may be items which the game organizers would not typically have on hand. This type of equipment and supplies has been identified on the website with information about where to go to obtain the items. When there are sales from the website, ten percent of the proceeds are devoted to mission projects in the country of Haiti.

The website has made music, books, Bibles and similar products available. These are items which are focused on youth ministry, but adults may also enjoy access to the products. The entire website shows a light-hearted approach to working with young people.

Media Contact: Matthew Rings, CEO DBL07

Company: Onion Rings Studios

Address: 227 Hearthwood Circle, Suite O, Irmo, SC 29063

Telephone: (813) 479-7699


Onion Rings Studios offers a resource site with supplies and ideas focused on games for youth ministry and gatherings. Party and event games in many categories are available by browsing the site.

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