Someone dressed like Elmer Fudd  (15) 

Everyone in group with umbrella singing “Singing in the Rain”– there must be dancing– inside of a store. (10) 

Your group on the Sidewalk at a business that is open playing “Duck, Duck, goose” (10) 

Group member in grocery cart sucking on a baby bottle while pushing a cart (15) 

Group walking through Kentucky Fried Chicken flapping their wings clucking like a chicken 

Go Christmas caroling at a house. Sing LOUDLY! (15) If they sing with you (+10), if they dance with you (+15) 

Your group in costume “trick-or-treating” at a stranger’s house (15) 

A member of your group handcuffed to a police officer. (20) If you give him/her a doughnut (+15) 

Get two total strangers to sing and do the motions to YMCA with your entire group. (10) 

A member of your group sitting in the driver’s seat of a fire engine, making siren noises.(20) 

Your group buying $.10 of gas, receipt and pump must be show amount. (20) 

Ask a Police officer to show you 2 forms of I.D. (15)

A member leading another member on a leash through a pet store. (10) 

Two group members hanging upside down on monkey bars making “monkey sounds”.(10) if you eat a banana too (+10) 

Everyone roasting a marshmallow over a fire and eating it. (15) 

Get a stranger to sing “I’m a Little Teapot” with the motions. (10) 

Your group in store holding a pack of hotdogs singing “I wish I were an Oscar Meyer Weiner” (15) 

Group member sitting on the lap of a public statue. (10) 

A group member doing a lap in a pool. (15) 

Your entire group sitting together in a VW bug. (20) if it is an “old school” bug (+10). 

Sing Happy Birthday to Ruby Tuesdays hostess or waitress (75)

Group Picture with hats on (30)

Group Picture cheering for a stranger playing putt-putt (30)

Picture of Group member with Hermit Crab/Cricket in Mouth. (50)