Divide your group into four equal groups. Give these groups a color that corresponds with the Balloons. Blow up the balloons (About the size of a basketball) and tie them off with the rubber bands. Attach the balloons to the right ankle of your players. Each team starts by their base, when the game begins, each team attacks the opposite teams by trying to stomp their balloons. If they stomp on a balloon, the player is captured and is escorted back to that teams jail. During this time, a player escorting someone to jail cannot be stomped upon. If a player from that from the same team reaches a jail where his/her teammate is, they can rescue them by tagging them, But during this time, the player trying to rescue them can be captured also. If he/she rescues a teammate, they place their hands on their heads and walk back to their base. Once there, they can rejoin the battle. The captured player gets a new balloon. If one team captured all of the players of another team, then they control that teams area, and all the players now join that color. Last team standing or with the most captives, wins.