The List

10 Pointers
1. A cross (of any kind)
2. A sound board of any size
3. A painting, or picture, or mural of Jesus
4. An adult leader making a funny face
5. The lost and found box/area
6. Youth Pastor’s office
7. A toilet
20 Pointers
1. A choir robe
2. Church sign by the road
3. An offering plate or bucket or bag
4. The driver side of a church van or bus
5. A pew
6. The baptismal pool or fount or container
30 Pointers
1. A hymnal opened to “Amazing Grace”
2. A stained glass window
3. A janitor’s closet
4. An ice making machine
5. The pulpit or lectern in the sanctuary
40 Pointers
1. An “In Memory Of…” plaque
2. A King James Version Bible
3. A filing cabinet (not in Youth Pastor’s office!!)
4. A baby crib
5. A “visitor’s only” parking sign
50 Pointers
1. An overhead projector (kickin’ it old school, baby!)
2. A set of drums or a set of congas or a set of bongos
3. Any outdoor or indoor recreational equipment (volleyball net, basketball goal, soccer field, etc)
4. A box of animal crackers or goldfish snacks