It is fun to see Jacob here at the end of his life with much joy being able to bless his son Joseph and his grandsons. I also think even at the age of 147 he was still sharp. When it came time to give out the blessing, he waited for Joseph to get the boys all situated how Joseph wanted to receive the blessing. The oldest boy was on the right hand of Jacob and the younger boy on the left. But I don’t think Jacob was too old to remember the trick he played on his dad Isaac, so right before blessing them he crossed his arms! Ha, Joseph was outwitted by a 147-year-old man.

What a great testimony of a Godly family in this blessing that Jacob gives. Can you feel the intimacy between God and this family? Jacob remembers the lessons about God and His faithfulness to his grandfather Abraham and his dad Isaac. And the loving care and protection God gave to Jacob as a shepherd lovingly cares and provides for his sheep.

Joseph tried to correct Jacob and switch hands but Jacob knew what he was doing. The promises of God fulfilled through Jacob and Joseph are wonderful. Manasseh will become a great people and Ephraim’s descendants will become many great nations. And through it all “God will be with you.” A lesson no one needed to tell Joseph about as he knew it firsthand. God was with him through his life and he could be assured of God’s continual presence among his descendants.

What is your favorite memory of your grandparents?

Check out Hebrews 11:21 to see what it says about Jacob as a man of faith. Why do you think out of his life of 147 years this one event stands out?