Place ski masks on two to three kids and wrap head with duct tape, sticky side out (this will take some time – think through what else can be going on as they do this – camp sell. club cards. whatever). Put a bunch of objects on the floor or a table (we want kids to see them going for it). Use small and larger objects such as yam, paper clips, ping pong balls. whiffle ball bats, fuzzy dice, etc. Kids roll around or head bang for 1 minute to collect items. Most on head wins. You may consider selling this skit as a young Life version of ‘head banging dancing. Have the heavy metal music in the background and the seIl folks can come in slam dancing etc.

Have 2 or 3 kids compete. Put a bandana on their head so that no hair is exposed. Now put duct tape sticky side out on their head. The object is to see how much stuff they can stick to their head without using their hands. Different versions include: jelly beans in popcorn and you only count the jelly beans that stick, glow in the dark items, or random goofy items.