easter bunny huntingEaster Bunny Hunting – It’s no secret I hate the Easter Bunny.  I wasn’t Traumatized as a child or anything like that, I just hate the way it takes so much away from Christ Death and Resurrection. So here is the Game:

Get 2 Bunny Suits from eBay. I liked the bugs bunny and the Easter bunny ones

2 baskets, some easter eggs

2 paintball masks 

1 paintball gun

You can pretty much see where this is going, but I’ll tell you anyway. 

Find 2 of your crazy students or young college guys to be the bunnys. Have them put on the paintball mask under the bunny mask for safety. They hop around collecting the eggs that have either candy in them or $ or nothing and put them in their baskets. All the while you have 3 different girls trying to shoot the bunny. So there is 2 sides to the game students can play and everyone has fun. Obviously do this outside with adult supervision to avoid any death or disfigurement 🙂