250px-Family_Feud_Video_Game_Title_ScreenTake a survey with kids at school. This game is an excuse to meet new kids on campus and tell them that you are playing this game next week and invite them to come. Kids love to share their opinion. I ask them the questions and write down the answers for them. To be effective, complete as many surveys as possible. Then compile all the data and narrow it down to the top five answers. Keep records of how many surveys gave each answer. When playing the game, divide the room in half. Each team picks one person to come up front. Ask them the fast food question. I print the question on the overhead projector. They can get input from their team. Have one team give their top answer. The other team must give another answer. The most popular answer wins a point. If it’s not the top answer you can have the next two contestants take another guess at it. Continue with new contestants for each question. Survey Name & grade Favorite fast food place? How you get to school? Favorite TV sitcom? Favorite teacher? Age you were first kissed? Favorite comedy movie? Favorite ice cream flavor? Favorite radio station? Vehicle most students drive?

Here are some Power Point Templates

Family Feud Power Point

family feud rules


family feud skelton

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