This is a frogger live gameCrazy fun game that is different than most. We have a middle school program called Wild Life so we did a night with as many live animals as we could. Here is what you will need:
½ inch metal pipe from Lowes or Home Depot.


  • 1 -8″ pipe
  • 2 – 6″ pipes
  • 2 – 90 angle pieces
  • 2 – base plates
  • 3/8″ NOT ½” anchor so the pipe can move freely.
  • Tape
  • 1 fence board
  • Some small wood screws
  • 1 rubber mallet
  • Green spray paint
  • 2 angled door wedges
  • 3 fake frogs or live ones if you want

Frog Catapult Game

frog catapult Some lily pads (we made ours out of green paper and wrote points on them)
I know that may seem like a lot, buy you can get all that in about 10 minutes at Lowes and it takes about as long to built this gem.
So, tread all the pieces together Put 2 90 angles on the end of the 8″ then attach the 6″ on either side, then base plates.
Next cut your board in half or judo chop it if you’re feeling tough (but make sure you video tape it if you judo chop, cause I’m guessing it will be pretty funny)
Take your Frog-A-Pult and place it in the middle of your board. Use 2 anchors to secure it to your board.
Take other half of board and place the Frog-A-Pult on the board and screw it to the board so it’s perpendicular to the 1st board.
Now spray paint it Kermit the Frog Green, wait 15 minutes and resume building.
Now take the rubber mallet and cut off one about ½” piece nothing big, it’s just to absorb the shock so they don’t smash your board. Take this little nub and you can use double sided tape or I just put 1 longer screw in the middle and attached it to the board.
On the other end I had a small box to hold the frog in that had a slight angle so the frogs will go the direction you want. I used some double sided 3m tape and some red duct tape for looks.
You can use 2 door wedges here or a piece of cardboard, whatever you have.
One last thing we decided to screw the Frog-a-pult to the table for added security.
Playing the game:
Get some volunteers they each have 3 frogs and they have to get them to land on a lily pad. If any part of their frog is touching they get the points. Whoever has the most points wins.
Place frog in launch pad, use rubber mallet to smash rubber mallet nub which will launch the frog forward from the launch pad side not over their heads toward the person hitting onto the field of lily pads that are out in front of the launch pad side of Frog-a-pult.
Pretty simple, crazy fun.  I know it sounds like a lot of work, but shop and built all this in 1 hour before youth group tonight. ’cause I know you’re here for ideas for tonight’s youth group ! 🙂 Ha Have fun.