The Good The Bad The Ugly Squirt Gun Duel Game

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Here are 3 version of this game

1. Blindfold a guy and girl and have a squirt gun fight. Before you start, remove the girl’s blindfold.

2. Another version of this is having each person holding a candle and a clear cup of water.

You need a lighter



Water gun – not a good one, just a crappy one […]

Pick Your Friend’s Nose

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You know what they say “You can Pick Your Friends, but you can’t pick your friend’s nose.” Use a huge piece of posterboard and draw three people on it. Cut out the space for their noses. Three people are chosen to stick their noses through the holes. The paper has to be big enough to hide […]

Kleenex Drop

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Divide participants into pairs. One person lies on the floor with a straw in his or her mouth and blows Kleenex up in the air. The other partner tries to catch the Kleenex in a roll-out party horn.

Fun Game Ideas

Giant Outdoor Jenga

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Build a Jenga set out of wood (use 2×4 cut into lengths). Play Jenga in an open space.

Run the Gauntlet

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Girls are given rolled up newspapers, and they are lined up in two single file lines. The two lines are parallel, facing each other with approximately three to four feet between them. The boys tie balloons to their seats (on their pant belt loops) and must “run the gauntlet”, that is , they must run […]

Newspaper Name Nail

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Have everyone sit in a circle or something as close as you can get. Then, have each person give their name and make sure each name is clearly said so that all others can hear it. After going through the names once or even twice, have someone start in the middle by asking someone to […]

Musical Wardrobe

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Items needed: 15-20+ articles of clothing (hats, scarves, blouses, pants, shoes, etc.)

The bigger the group, the more items you will need.

It is a lot more fun if the items are “thrift store” type clothes (goofy, ugly, lashing, out of style, etc.) Make sure items are in good taste.

The game is played like “Hot Potato” (notice […]

Musical Tape

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This is just like musical chairs, but with more versatility and you don’t need chairs! Begin by giving each player a 6-8″ strip of sticky tape. You can use duct tape, masking tape, etc., just make sure it doesn’t leave residue when removed. Ask them to fix it anywhere on the floor. While introducing and explaining […]

Drip, Drip, Drop

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Just like Duck, Duck, Goose except with a cup of water that the person drips, drips, drips then drops the whole cup of water on the person’s head they want to chase them around the circle!

Blind Man’s Bacon

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Like steal the bacon except have each team blindfold their person who crawls to a squirt gun or water bottle by directions shouted by their team and then tries to squirt their opponent again with directions from their team. Points are only given if the opponent has not crawled back into their “safe” zone. […]