Selfie Photo Scavenger Hunt

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Divide into teams. Pick one person on team to use smartphone to take pictures a list of possible photos for points. Everyone has to be in the selfie with object (pictures at local landmarks, with someone over 60, in a McDonald’s hat, kissing a KMart employee, on a fire truck, in a police car, etc.). Give […]

Penny on the Chin

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Give each kid a penny and have him or her pair up. They must hold the penny between their lip and chin no hands. They face each other on the count of three. First one to drop the penny is out and sits down. Anything goes. Then find new partners. keep going till you have […]

Gun Gorilla Karate

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Played like Paper, Rock, Scissors except that you play using the entire body. Pair everybody up and have each couple stand back to back. On the count of three, they turn around and act out either gun, karate or gorilla. Gun kills gorilla, gorilla kills karate, karate kills gun. Eliminate everyone until you have one […]

Pumpkin Bowling

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In the street or sidewalk, set up empty 2 Liter pop bottles as pins with some rocks in the bottom. Use a pumpkin for the ball.

Fun Game Ideas

Jigsaw Jack-o’-Lanterns

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This is a great competitive team mixer for the fall. Cut up pumpkins into 8-10 pieces. Break your group into teams of 5 or 6. Have a supply of round wooden toothpicks. Give each group two minutes to put its “jig-saw puzzle” pumpkin back together, using the toothpicks to hold the pieces in place. The […]

Pass the Brains

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Here’s a Halloween variation of the ‘pass the parcel’ game we typically play at kid’s parties in Australia. Scoop out a pumpkin as you would to make a jack-o-lantern. Carve out a face, but don’t make the holes too big otherwise the ‘brains’ will fall out too quickly. (Alternatively, you could just draw a face […]

Turkey Bowling

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For a great thanksgiving tradition.

Go to local bowling alleys and ask for 12 old pins, they should be able to give you some as they get beat up fairly often.

Also get a 1 16 pound frozen turkey and drill 3 holes in it where they would be placed in a ball. Same game as human bowling. […]

Pumpkin Dig Contest

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pumpkin dig contestPumpkin Dig Contest
Cut the top off a pumpkin and hide a prize in the bottom of the goo.


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RichardsTurkey-300x225For a great thanksgiving tradition. See pin directions above. Also get a 1 16 pound frozen turkey and drill 3 holes in it where they would be placed in a ball. Same game as above game. Have 3 contestants bowl a frame. You may […]