Dueling Candles

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Draw up 4 youngsters and also have 2 semi last rounds and also a last round where children are concerning 10 feet apart with squirt weapons attempting to knock out the others fire. Songs Billy Joel ‘we really did not begin the fire”, ‘come on child light my fire’, and so on or perhaps also […]

Take Off Something You Don’t Need

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This one is a prank on everyone in the room, you can even prank your leaders and don’t tell them about the secret ending. Picking the right crazy guy is key for this game. You pick three guys out of the room. Prep one of them prior to club and have him place crazy boxers […]

The Good The Bad The Ugly Squirt Gun Duel Game

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Here are 3 version of this game

1. Blindfold a guy and girl and have a squirt gun fight. Before you start, remove the girl’s blindfold.

2. Another version of this is having each person holding a candle and a clear cup of water.

You need a lighter



Water gun – not a good one, just a crappy one […]

Musical Boys Game

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This is a fun game if you get the right kids involved. You could call it Mat Wars as the girls wrestle over a boy named Matt’s knee 😉 Pick a 5 girls and make sure a few of them are competitive. Then get 4 guys, pick […]

Cricket Spitting Contest

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Buy some medium crickets at a pet store. Get a bulls eye or draw one on poster board. Have kids spit them for distance. Whoever spits the cricket the farthest wins!

Fun Game Ideas

Egg Russian Roulette Game

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We’ve been doing this game before @jimmyfalon was in short pants so here is how you can play this fun game with your group

Dozen eggs: (4 raw – 8 hard-boiled). Two people alternate picking an egg and smashing it on the other person’s head. You may want to choose 4 people. Have 2 rounds […]

Gorilla Man Gun Game

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This is the same as rock, paper, and scissors. The gorilla takes man, man takes gun, and gun takes gorilla. Winners take losers to their side.

Easter Bunny Hunting

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easter bunny huntingEaster Bunny Hunting – It’s no secret I hate the Easter Bunny.  I wasn’t Traumatized as a child or anything like that, I just hate the way it takes so much away from Christ Death and Resurrection. So here […]

Shaving Cream Hairdos

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Shaving-Cream-HairdooSupply one can of shaving cream per couple. Guys spray shaving cream into girl’s hair and sculpt a hairdo (or vice versa). Crowd votes on winners. You may want to give a hint to a few kids ahead of time in secret – create an Abe […]

Frog-a-pult Game

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This is a frogger live gameCrazy fun game that is different than most. We have a middle school program called Wild Life so we did a night with as many live animals as we could. Here is what you will need:
½ inch metal pipe from […]