Hermit Crab Fun

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hermit crabThis is one of my all time favorite games! We love to do this as a fun welcome to the younger crew coming in and it grows to a tradition. Hermit Crab Fun -Go to Petsmart get 5 or so Hermit crabs. Go to […]


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hamster gameThis is pretty simple and fun for everyone. Get 2 Critter Cruisers 2 “Robo Hamsters”Real live hamsters and make a safe race track  (this is a particular breed at Pets Mart that are crazy fast) Set up a start and finish line.  Take the […]

3 Amigos Game Chubby Bunnies

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3 Amigos Game


3 kids in line stuff one Banana pepper in mouth at a time and say ‘Hola Amigos’. Last one who can say it with all the peppers in mouth, wins. Need plastic for DROOL, and bags to spit them out at the end. . Possible trophy, pepper necklace. keep girl […]

Amazing Race Games – The Amazing Race Youth Group Game

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Amazing Race Games

Amazing Race GamesThese are all the raw files I have on our Amazing Race, feel free to copy and edit.  We did some with teens, some with families and some with the whole church. […]

Angry Birds Live

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So I decided to create a live action game of Angry Birds and it was a trip, so here you go:

  • 1st get 2 or 3 plush Angry Birds. I found mine at Toys R Us, but you can get them at […]