Silent Animal Circle

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This game gets difficult with more than twenty people; it is better for groups of 15 or so. Everyone gets in a circle and is given an animal in which they are assigned a hand motion that represents that animal.

Hand Motions (a few examples):

Elephant- hang one arm down with your other arm wrapped around it, […]

Mafia (also called “Killers”)

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The object of the game is to not get killed off. Unfortunately, it takes a lot of explaining, but once you get it, it will quickly become a group favorite. You need at least 8 players to make the game interesting. You need a deck of cards, or slips of paper with the identities on […]

Your Number Is Up

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Instruct your whole group to walk randomly around the room. About every ten seconds or so, call out a number. Everyone in the game must immediately form a group hug, made up of the number of people that you called. This sometimes leaves some people unable to form a group because they don’t have enough […]

Trash Ball

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Divide into two teams. Use a trashcan that is about the same size as your ball. Have each team choose a trash can holder (rotate regularly, its a fun place to be). Have each one stand up on a chair. Make a boundary of about 10 feet around each holder with tape. Anyone caught inside […]


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Define a playing area. Throw a ball in the air calling out someone’s name. Everyone else runs from the ball. “IT” gets the ball, calls “freeze”, and then rolls it at someone. If a person is hit then they have a letter. If no one is hit then the roller has a letter. The person […]

Sock Ball

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NEED: circle of chairs, of no less than 15 people 2-4 people standing in the middle 3-4 long socks with tennis balls in the end. Those sitting in the circle toss the sock balls to each other (usually very hard throws) and try to keep those in the middle from catching them (more fun if […]

Shuffle your Buns

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This game requires at least a good handful of people and a chair for everyone. Have everyone sit in a circle. Then select a person to go into the middle. When you say, “go” they are to try to go back to their seat. Everyone slides their tush (shuffles their buns) over to block the […]

Run the Gauntlet

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Girls are given rolled up newspapers, and they are lined up in two single file lines. The two lines are parallel, facing each other with approximately three to four feet between them. The boys tie balloons to their seats (on their pant belt loops) and must “run the gauntlet”, that is , they must run […]

Plunger Head

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In most hardware stores you can buy the pink plunger part separate from the stick. So get two plunger ends for every stick. Put one plunger end at each end of the stick. Tie a tennis ball by about 2 feet of string to the middle of the stick. Put your group into equal teams. […]

Musical Wardrobe

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Items needed: 15-20+ articles of clothing (hats, scarves, blouses, pants, shoes, etc.)

The bigger the group, the more items you will need.

It is a lot more fun if the items are “thrift store” type clothes (goofy, ugly, lashing, out of style, etc.) Make sure items are in good taste.

The game is played like “Hot Potato” (notice […]