Icebreaker games Sometimes called Mixer or Group Game that

Criss Cross

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Divide into 4 teams. Send each team into a corner. The object of the game is to see which team can get to the opposite (diagonal) corner the fastest using the designated method that the leader calls out (eg. if the leader calls out “hopping,” the teams must hop to the opposite corner). This will […]

Clumps (Pull Apart)

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This is the heinous game where all the guys link up (get in a big pile and hug, grab each other, whatever necessary to try to stay linked together) and when you say “go,” the girls try to pull them apart. Once a guy is pulled to where he isn’t touching any other guys, he’s […]


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Have the group wander around, call out a number. People have 30 seconds to be found in a group of that number. If you called out 3 then groups of 2 or 4 will be eliminated. Groups can steal a person from another group, or defend itself against an interloper who would attach and disqualify all […]

Catch the Dragon’s Tail

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(Good game for picnics or big gatherings. There is no winner or loser.) Number of players: 10-30 kids
Playing Site: Large open area

Items needed: A large scarf or handkerchief Time: 15-45 minutes

Object of the game: The first person in the line tries to catch the last person in line.

All the players line up and put their […]

Cat Tails

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You will need some strips of cloth (approx. 2- 3 ft of fabric, cloth, plastic, cord etc…) for everyone who plays. If you use glow in the dark material you can play with the lights out. The game is simple. Have everyone tuck the strips into the back of their pants or shorts so that […]


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Divide group into equally numbered teams. You can play this with two teams or two hundred teams, it makes no difference. For each team you will need to assign them a color that you can find balloons to match. Beforehand you will need to blow up an equal number of balloons for each team, the […]

British Bulldog

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This is a good game to release a lot of energy. Divide into two teams and have them each get to one side of the room, divided by a line down the middle. The object of this game is for teams to try to convert members of the opposite team to their own team. How? […]

Bill Exchange

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For this game you need to make your own money on your computer (careful- it might be a federal offense). Give each person 10 of the bills. They are to try to win as many as possible from their peers by challenging them one on one doing one of three things: thumb wrestling, rock, paper, […]

Barnyard Animals

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Have everyone given a slip of paper, which identifies them as a certain animal. Turn out the lights (maybe), then have everyone mill around on their hands and knees making their appropriate animal sounds to forms groups of that animal. At time the group with the most assembled wins.

Ankle Balloon Pop

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Give everyone a balloon and a piece of string or yarn. Have them blow up the balloon and tie it to their ankle. Then announce that they are to try to stomp out other people’s balloons while keeping their own safe. Last person with a blown up balloon wins.