Indoor Games

Girls Wrestle Guys

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4 freshman/ sophomore guys sitting on chairs in a line facing out. 5 upper class girls. Play musical chairs. Girl must be in guys lap with arms around neck. Play up ‘fighting to the death for your man’. Make a world champion belt for them to wear the rest of the night, possibly put the […]

Angry Birds

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So I decided to create a live action game of Angry Birds and it was a trip, so here you go:

  • 1st get 2 or 3 plush Angry Birds. I found mine at Toys R Us, but you can get them at Amazon too.
  • You will need a 3 man water balloon launcher
  • A bunch of Free boxes […]

Station Rotation Games Jinga Scrabble Banna Grams Bunko

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Station Rotation Games
Assign as many stations as games and leaders available. Put one game at each station and “tweak it” as to create an aggressive 4 minute point earning encounter. Ex. Guesstures: everyone takes a turn acting an item from a card. You get 1 point for a correct answer and minus 2 […]

Soccer Games Nurf Ball

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Soccer, Crab Walk
Play soccer indoors with a Nurf ball and all players must crab walk the entire game

Soccer, Inner Tube
Play soccer using a smaller inflated inner tube instead of a soccer ball.

Soccer, Monkey
Play soccer indoors with a Nurf ball and all players must squat to walk (waddle). They hit the ball with their […]

Play Doh Pictionary

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play doh pictionaryPlay Doh Pictionary
Divide into teams. Have a representative come up front from each group. Whisper a Pictionary word (like “dog”) to the group and they must run back to their group and, without talking, mold that word with Play-doh. Put a leader on each team […]

Ping Pong Basketball – Indoor Basketball Alternative

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ping pong basketballPing-Pong Basketball – Play Basketball in a Small Space Indoors
Indoors, have players bounce Ping-Pong balls into different size containers. Ping-Pong ball must bounce at least once before landing in the container.

Ping Pong Baseball – Indoor Baseball!

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ping pong indoor baseballPing Pong Baseball – Indoor Baseball!
Indoors, play baseball using a Ping-Pong ball for a baseball and a paddle as the bat. Ceiling is fair but walls are foul balls. All other baseball rules apply.

Giant Human Pinball Soccer

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human pinball soccer foosballGiant Human Pinball Soccer
New way to play soccer indoors! Just like regular soccer except that each person, including the goalie must stand on a piece of paper. They must keep one foot on the paper at all times and cannot slide or move the […]

Pile Up Game

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Pile Up – Human Jenga
Players sit in a tight circle on benches or chairs. Seats should be clearly distinguishable. “It” determines the actions of the group by stating a detail: Everybody wearing jeans, move two spaces left. Everybody with blonde hair, move three spaces right. Those with matching descriptions move as directed, and sit down, […]

Paper Shoot Game for Teams

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paper shoot gamePaper Shoot Youth Group Game For Teams
Divide into teams of 4-8 kids each. Set up a garbage can in the middle of the room (about three feet high). Prepare ahead of time, several paper batons and a lot of wadded up paper balls. One team […]