Pumpkin Bowling

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In the street or sidewalk, set up empty 2 Liter pop bottles as pins with some rocks in the bottom. Use a pumpkin for the ball.

Fun Game Ideas

Invention Convention

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All you need is a bunch of junk! Get a special trash bag and label ‘for game’. Have your staff and parents collect a bunch of their old junk (empty cans, broken appliances, boxes, empty toilet paper, tubes, etc.).

Then, when you are going to play, assemble the kids in groups. Give them each a little […]

Ibble Dibble

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This game sounds confusing, but read it through a couple times if you have to. Once you try it you’ll get it. Students love it because they get marked up. Everyone stands or sits in a circle. Number everyone off. You need a paintbrush and some red paint (poster paint).

No.1 starts off by saying, “Ibble […]

Human Snowball

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Shred a bunch of paper and spread it on the floor in an empty room or corner of your youth room. Split the youth in two teams and give each team a roll of duck tape. Have each team select one member to be the “snowball”. Give them 2 -3 minutes to wrap that person […]

Grab It

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Divide into two teams. Put them into two lines parallel and next to one another (about 3 feet apart) sitting down and holding hands. At the back of the line put a bucket of water with a bar of soap in it (if this is on carpet, put a layer of towels down- the water […]

Egg, Sausage, and Pantyhose Rodeo

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Guys put raw egg inside pantyhose and pull over head. Girls ride piggy back with half a Polish sausage (put the sausage in pantyhose also or it will break immediately and they will have nothing to swing with). Try to break other guy’s egg, make sure guys know they cannot hit each other. Four teams, […]

Jello Twister Game

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This game is best done when it is warm outside so that when it is over, kids can hose down outside. Obviously, it will be messy, you may need to do it outside and will need to think of other clothes for them when it is over, have towels, etc. If you try to replace […]

Shaving Cream Whiffle Ball Game

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Shaving Cream Whiffle Ball
Play a game of baseball with whiffle ball and bat, but before each pitch you fill the ball up with shaving cream. So as the bat hits, it splatters everywhere – as you catch the ball you get covered in shaving cream. Usually it turns into a shaving cream fight.

Mummy Twins

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mummyMummy Twins – A Toilet Paper Youth Group Game
Have kids stand back to back. Give them a roll of toilet paper and see who can do the best job wrapping themselves together into twin a mummy.