What is a club event?
A club event is an activity that can stand on it’s own. It typically will take the bulk of the club time to complete. Sometimes it will involve leaving the club meeting place (but not always). Often this activity, a few songs, announcements and a talk would make a complete meeting. Event clubs are effective in breaking up the predictability of normal club meetings.

Pizza Races

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When I got started in youth ministry there were the 3 P’s that me and my fellow youth pastors knew were the foundation of our jobs. Pepsi, Petra and Pizza Ha I’m old!  But seriously some things never change, so have fun one night when you were going to order pizza anyway 🙂 At the […]

Halloween Club

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Bad Bowling

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This is a great game for all those who whine that they are no good at bowling. You break your group into a few teams, no more than 4 kids per group. The object of the game is to get the worst score possible. (That is the lowest score.) You think it’s easy, […]

Pool Party End of the Year BBQ

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Finish up the school year with a pool party or BBQ. Play Volleyball and other outside games. Close with a time of sharing what Young Life meant to people this last year (club & camps).

Sandwich Scavenger Hunt

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Divide group into teams. Send each group in a different direction in the neighborhood. They must go door to door and collect items to make a sandwich. They may only get one item per house (one slice of bread, one piece or slice of ham… etc). The best (biggest or most creative) sandwich, […]

Pool Hop

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Find a neighborhood that has swimming pools at most of the houses. Get permission from home owners to swim through their pool with a bunch of teenagers. The more pools the better (12 – 15 pools worked great). Start at the house where you are meeting for club. Kids must jump in the […]

Photo Scavenger Hunt

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Divide into teams. Give each team a camera or use your phone’s camera and a list of possible photos for points (pictures at local landmarks, with someone over 60, in a McDonald’s hat, kissing a KMart employee, on a fire truck, in a police car, everyones feet off the ground, someone in a […]

Beach Photo Video Scavenger Hunt

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Someone dressed like Elmer Fudd  (15) 

Everyone in group with umbrella singing “Singing in the Rain”– there must be dancing– inside of a store. (10) 

Your group on the Sidewalk at a business that is open playing “Duck, Duck, goose” (10) 

Group member in grocery cart sucking on […]

Operation Photo Scavenger Hunt

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Picture of everyone in the group wearing some sort of Football apparel – 10 points.  5 extra bonus points if everyone is wearing a hat.

Picture of someone (not on your team) holding a trophy – 5 points.  5 extra bonus points if the trophy is the largest.

Picture of a couple […]

Mission Impossible

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This is a night game that requires a dark field. Kids must carry a skittle candy from the starting point to their team bucket. The team buckets are located at the far end of the field near a large spotlight. Have leaders spread out in the dark with flashlights, super soakers or water […]