The Good The Bad The Ugly Squirt Gun Duel Game

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Here are 3 version of this game

1. Blindfold a guy and girl and have a squirt gun fight. Before you start, remove the girl’s blindfold.

2. Another version of this is having each person holding a candle and a clear cup of water.

You need a lighter



Water gun – not a good one, just a crappy one […]

Human Video Game

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Everyone gets a partner. One partner is blindfolded on all fours. Their partner rides on their back holding a cup of ice (ammo). The rider guides the horse by pulling on the ears to turn. The only command they can give is “fire,” after which they must reload by putting another piece of ice in […]

Football Night

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Instead of having a regular club, have a football game where the guys play the girls. Guys play on their knees, and girls play standing up. Sell ahead of time. Have the National Anthem and Olympic music. Have lights for the back yard and a sound system for the play-by-play. After the game, have refreshments […]

Cowboy King Game

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Get five or more guys to be blindfolded horses, and five girls to be riders. Riders will try to guide their horse to another horse and rider to “blast them!” Here’s how it works. After blindfolding the “horse,” the rider puts a cup of ice (ammo), in the horse’s mouth. The rider guides the horse by […]

Theme Young Life Club Youth Group Theme Birthday Party

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Why theme clubs?
- invite tool
- gets attention & can add to mtg. anticipation
- makes that meeting unique
- sets tone for mtg.
- next day it is talked about
- speaks excellence (planning and thought went into it)
- can add to talk examples
Possible drawbacks to theme events
- kids don’t dress up
- specific theme not being culturally relevant
- theme […]