Valentines Day Games

Best pick-up lines

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Have five guys leave the room. Set up two card table chairs with a sheet draped over them. Set chairs apart so a third chair could fit in the middle. Then have the girls sit on sheet and pull it tight. Bring guys in one at a time, explaining to them before they see the […]

Musical Boys Game

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This is a fun game if you get the right kids involved. You could call it Mat Wars as the girls wrestle over a boy named Matt’s knee 😉 Pick a 5 girls and make sure a few of them are competitive. Then get 4 guys, pick […]

M&M Training Game

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Ask for two volunteer couples. Send the guys upstairs, and instruct the girls that they will “train” their guy to do a certain action using only M&M’s as rewards and nothing else. Bring guys down and explain that they will be trained and rewarded as they move toward correct action. Give each girl a different […]