This is kind of like a Mission Impossible/Freeze tag game except a lot more fun. This game is great for lock-ins or all- nighters because it must be pitch dark outside. This must be played in a facility with a lot of rooms. First you should have more than 10 or 12 people to play. The more people, the more fun. Next, you need a standard flashlight with 4 parts to it: 2 batteries, the handle, and the light head. You must turn off all the lights in the church or facility except one room. This room is the one that you explain the game in. It can also be for the staff members and students that aren’t playing to hang out in.

Assign 2 people to be the gargoyles. If you have 10 or less, assign 1. As you are explaining the rules and objectives, have a staff member hide the parts of the flashlight in obvious places that you would see in the light but not too easy in dark. Tell that staff member also to make sure all doors of rooms that kids may hide or go in are open. If they are shut, that is a sign that students may not go in there.

Let all the students, besides the gargoyles, loose to find the pieces to the flashlight. 3 minutes after you let the students go, let the gargoyles loose. When a gargoyle touches someone, they are frozen and must remain in the same spot they were tagged in. The only way a student can be unfrozen is if a person with a piece of the flashlight touches them. The objective for the gargoyles is to freeze everyone. The objective for the others is to find the flashlight pieces, put it together, and shine it on the gargoyles.

If the person with the “completed” flashlight gets tagged before he or she shines it on the gargoyles then the gargoyles win. If the gargoyles are spotted by the flashlight then the others win.

If a person with a part gets tagged, he or she can’t hand it off to another passerby- they have to wait until they are unfrozen. If someone with a part is getting chased and feels that they will be tagged they may roll the part to the side and tell other people by yelling, “There is a piece next to me, someone come get it!” Gargoyles may not touch the pieces. Frozen people may yell to everyone else about where the gargoyles are or to come and unfreeze them.

To avoid cheating, assign 2 staff members or 2 trusty students to be “watchmen”. They can take away watches with lights, laser lights, or any other source of light. They may warn people the first time, then kick people out of the game for running away after they are frozen.


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