Great Race

Divide the group into teams, with at least 40 kids on each one. Direct each team to select different kids to participate in each of the team events so that everyone gets an opportunity to play. Begin by dispersing kids to the specific event areas where they’ll participate. As the race begins, the first person should run from a starting line to the first event with the open bag of jellybeans. The person is to hand the bag of jellybeans to the kids doing that event. After the first activity is complete, one person should run to the next event with the bag of jellybeans. The kids there should complete their activity and run the jellybeans to the next activity area. Teams should continue in this manner until the bag of jellybeans has been raced around the field. At the end of the race, count the jellybeans left in the bag and add one second to a team’s time for each jellybean that’s missing. The object of the race is to finish with as few jellybeans lost as possible.
The following events will help you get started:

  • Human Obstacle Course (using people as obstacles)
  • Water Drink (a person drinks 10 cups of water)
  • Human Pyramid (10 people form a pyramid)
  • Sink a Putt (a person makes a 10-foot putt into a hole)
  • Circle Sit-Down (kids form a circle and sit on each other’s knees for 15 seconds)
  • Folding Chair Race (the first person in line unfolds, sits in and refolds a chair, then passes it down the line)
  • Paper Plane Flight (a person makes and throws a paper plane 10 feet)
  • Over and Under with a Bag of Beans (kids in a line pass the bag over and under using their hands)
  • Two Carry One (two people carry a third, who is holding the bag of jellybeans)
  • Sprint to the Finish (kids run a 50-yard dash back to the starting line)