Recruit 3 teams of 2 people. Each team is given a bag of fruit, a clear drinking cup that has a line drawn across it to indicate a minimum amount of juice to be squeezed into the cup, and a chair. The object of the game is to squeeze enough juice from the fruit into the cup to reach the line and for one team member to drink it. The gross out factor is that the only way that fruit can be squeezed is either in the armpit, the back of the knee or with the feet. One team member sits in the chair and does the squeezing (with the help of the drinker) while the other team member catches the juice. Once predetermined level is reached, the drinker has to run up front and drink it. Cut the fruit in half before the teams get it so it juices easier. Grapefruits are good because they have tons of juice, so are tomatoes because they are gross and have a ton of juice. Plastic cups are safest to use. We used tape on the cup to indicate the level of juice. Be sure and keep the level low enough and use tons of fruit because each piece yields very little juice.
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