hermit crabThis is one of my all time favorite games! We love to do this as a fun welcome to the younger crew coming in and it grows to a tradition. Hermit Crab Fun -Go to Petsmart get 5 or so Hermit crabs. Go to Walmart and get bag of peanuts in the shell. you will need 2 blindfolds and some cones or something to make a tiny obstacle course.  So you get 4 unsuspecting animal loving students to volunteer for this game. You set up the obstacle course with a few cones and then you put down the hermit crabs and tell them they have to make it through the course without killing any of the crabs, oh and they have to do it blindfolded. Take the students out of the room and have them blind folded and have them brought in one at a time. While they are out of the room, pick up the crabs and put down lots of peanut shells. When students begin you can lie to them and say things like “if you stomp your feet as you go through course they will feel the vibrations and run away. or just jump, or run through it. The crowd will help steer them toward the peanuts and when they crunch down, say “aww you kill one! It’s okay you can make it just run” and of course they run and crunch more poor hermit crabs and they freak out. Then un-blindfold them and show them the fun.