From the beginning of God’s story in Genesis we see God create man & woman and He says in chapter 1:31 that now, everything is “Very good.” God delighted in us, He loved us and longed to be with us. After the account of God creating us in Gen 2, we come to the fall of man into sin. This is the part of the story where we blew it. We get a glimpse of what the relationship was like in Gen 3:8a. Can you feel the cool breeze across you face and hear the lush jungle leave gently dancing like wind before a cleansing rain?

Here we see God going for a walk in the garden and I have to believe that this was a regular and probably a daily event. God would come and hang out with his children that he is wildly in love with. I’m sure they spent time together laughing and God spent a lot of time answering questions. I’m sure Adam and Eve were always asking questions like “What is that? Oooh what is this shinny thing?” Whatever they talked about, the picture of intimacy untainted is sweet in the evening breeze.

But we get to 8b and the “Game is afoot” as Mr. Holmes used to say; the cosmic game of Hide-and-go-seek. We’ve all been there, hiding from God thinking He can’t see us. When my daughter Kaleigh was 3 she loved to play hide-n-go seek like every kid. But at 3 she wasn’t very good at coming up with new places to hide, so sometimes she would run from me while I was counting and when I came to find her I would call out “Where’s Kaleigh, where did she go?” And she would giggle uncontrollably but maintained her hiding spot, which was in the middle of the floor in plain view! 🙂 She was tucked up in a ball with her face to the floor and hands over her eyes giggling. As far as she was concerned, she couldn’t see me, so I couldn’t see her. Kids are so much fun, goofy, but fun!

When I read this account of God walking in the garden calling out “Where are you?” I’m reminded of the game my daughter and I played. God is Omni-everything so of course He knew where they



were and what they had done, but he still pursued them. I just have to say, I crack up every time I read verse 11. I’m not sure if it’s meant to be funny, but what a great question. “Who told you you were naked?” Busted! They were nakie before, but it didn’t matter; now they’ve told on themselves!

Adam begins the blame game and I can feel God’s heart rip as His beloved children begin to turn their backs on God in defiance and turn on Him and blame God. There are consequences for our actions and God is clear with Adam and Eve on the cost of their defiance. The crazy thing is immediately after God disciplines His children by casting them out of the garden, He does something amazing look at verse 21. God looked at the ridiculous outfit of twigs and leaves that had to be uncomfortable and God lovingly made them something more Comfortable from soft animal fur. We see the shedding of blood for us as a foreshadowing of Jesus blood shed for us to take away our sin. It’s all right here in the beginning! We blow it and God’s immediate response is to provide a loving way to redeem His beloved people. The same thing is true for you and me when we mess up. When we confess our mistakes, a.k.a. sin, God is faithful to lovingly restore us and we are forgiven because of who Jesus is and what He has done for us.

DBL07When have you been tempted to hide from God today?

Take a minute to tell God about the messed up stuff in your heart, a.k.a. sin, you may have been involved in and ask God to forgive you, cleanse you, and set you apart ready to start fresh.