Go to local bowling alleys and ask for 12 old pins, they should be able to give you some as they get beat up fairly often. Get a creeper(sled on wheels used to slide under a car to due maintenance), or some other sled on wheels(skateboard). Get a motorcycle helmet. Put girls on the sled with the helmet on and have them put their hands behind their back and let a guy (or vice versa the guy and girl thing) bowl them down into the set of 10 pins (they must be spread out well1 you will need to practice to see how far). Usually bowl 3 competitors and let them do a frame a piece. You will need 2 folks to set the pins up again quickly and one to catch them so they don’t go through the pins and head first into the wall. Most good sleds can really move up to 20-30 feet or so, so have a good runway. There are great sound effect CD’s with bowling sounds for the background. Also, you have the two extra pins – paint them gold and do them up right into trophies, give one to keep and put the names of the winners on the other as your running trophy. For a sell, have a “human cannonball’ fly in on the sled and smack the pins (helmet, chest protector, goggles, shin guards, elbow pads, etc.).