This game is best done when it is warm outside so that when it is over, kids can hose down outside. Obviously, it will be messy, you may need to do it outside and will need to think of other clothes for them when it is over, have towels, etc. If you try to replace circles on a twister mat with pie tins of Jell-O, the tins will merely slide off. I recommend using a square of cheap black plastic, and attaching the pie tins to a 4×4 grid by pushing a bull clip through the bottom of the pans and plastic, and then spreading out the tips under the plastic to hold them down. You then may fill them in with Jell-O (already made) night before club. Have a good spinner, kids who will go for it and play in bare feet. This trophy may be a plaque that looks like a twister board with a past winner in each circle. “The Twist” by Chubby Checker maybe background music and the sell possibly with a kid who can come in with their legs behind their head (those sick twisted individuals!).