This game is in addition to the rules of Silent Animal Game. We call it King Elephant because the object is to go around the circle until we get to be King Elephant. The game is the same that you have animal symbols and as you move a chair you become a new animal. We try to put animals in order of the food chain, ie. after elephant, we have lion, tiger, bear, crocodile etc. down to snake, bird and worm. Worm is just a single finger bent and wiggling. We also include a clapping beat to go with the game that King Elephant controls and can increase in speed. We clap twice palms down on our knees and I clap with hands together. On the last clap is when the participant does their symbol. For example: knee clap, knee clap, hand symbol (ie. worm wiggles finger), knee clap, knee clap, another symbol ( ie. two hands come out like claws for bear) then the bear person does the same not missing a beat, knee clap, knee clap, bear symbol, knee clap, knee clap, next symbol. Same as the other game, if the participant makes a mistake, they become the worm and everyone moves up. Object is to try to be king by knocking out anyone in front of you. Some examples of animals that we use: Bird – two hands together with thumbs locked, flying like a bird Chicken – hands under armpits and arms flapping Crocodile – arms extended with one hand facing down, other up, clapping together Bear – two hands out like claws Tiger – hands with fingers spread apart placed on cheeks to look like stripes Lion – hands above head and connected like a circle – just looks big I guess Raccoon – index finger and thumbs together like a circle and put in front of eyes Snake – make a snake movement with one out-stretched arm Giraffe – one hand up above head fully extended with hand bent at wrist Rooster – palm facing to left or right, brought to forehead Monkey – pull ears out from head with hands Beaver – bring to fingers bent to mouth like big teeth Worm – wiggling one bent finger Elephant – one arm extended away from nose, other arm wrapped around and grabbing the nose (hardest one to do, thus challenging to try and stay King)