Materials needed, blindfolds, Water balloons (can be substituted by Styrofoam coffee cups, or various other dry things for inside use), and students. Set up the minefield by randomly placing the water balloons in a marked section of ground (a concrete slab or basketball court work well for this. grass also works, but you will need to set boundaries). Put your students into groups of about 4 or 5. Give each team a blindfold. Put the blindfolds on one member of each team. The point of the game is for the team to get across the minefield with the fewest casualties the fastest.

If a person touches a mine he/she is out (if it bursts water on them, it just makes it more fun). The team members must be their eyes and tell them which way to go. The blindfolded people crossing the field must stay within the set boundaries, and only one person per team may be on the minefield at a time (so they can’t lead them by touch). Team members help each other by shouting directions. Works best if mines are close together and if teams are close together. Sponsors may yell out random directions to try to throw them off. The trick is (don’t tell the kids this till after it’s over) for the person in the minefield to pick out a certain voice and listen to that one voice.


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