This game requires teams of 6 or 7 be chosen. The number of teams depends on the number of kids present.

Once the teams are chosen, litter the floor with dozens (or hundreds) of deflated balloons. Then give each team a full pair of long johns (or union suit) . The team then decides who will wear them over their clothes. It works to their advantage to find the wiriest person for this part, (although you’ll need to be careful to not make weight an issue).

Once the long johns are on, the leader of the game does or says something to officially begin the game (a cap pistol, the word “go”, etc.) The object is for the team members not in long johns to begin inflating balloons, and stuffing them into the long john pants and tops. Decide on a time limit that will officially end the inflating and stuffing portion of the game.

Each team is then featured one-by-one as they are given a pin to begin popping each balloon–counting out loud as they do. The balloons are popped through the clothing. Ultimately, the team with the most number of popped balloons is the winner.


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