Joseph is quite the prankster. He uses the same trick as before, but this time he took it up a notch by putting the silver cup in Ben’s bag. Then he messes with them and says “Don’t you know this is the cup I tell the future with!” You stole my magic 8 ball! I’m not sure how he can keep a straight face in all this, but he has Judah quaking in his sandals. (vs16)

Yet despite his fear of this Egyptian ruler, Joseph, Judah is like Colin Raye’s country song “That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.” Judah says Joseph is dead (verse 20) and it must have been the #1 cause of deaths in the Middle East . . . Bear attacks! (Verse 27)

And he completes his sob story with, “you wouldn’t want to kill an old white haired man now would you?”

Despite Judah’s shortcomings, he steps up here and gives a courageous speech to the Egyptian leader (Joseph). What about you? Is God calling you, like Judah, to do something honorable or courageous?