Mass Movement Duct Tape Youth Group Game
duct tape youth group games
Gather players at one end of the game area. Form even-numbered teams of six to eight kids. Ask players in each team to line up shoulder-to-shoulder, facing alternately in opposite directions. Give a full roll of one-inch masking tape to a person at the end of each line (either end, doesn’t matter). Ask that person to stick the tape end firmly to his or her body at about waist level, wrap the tape around a full turn, and pass the roll to the next person in line, who will repeat the full-turn process and pass it on, and so forth down the line. Have players keep wrapping themselves in this manner until the tape is used up.
Then say: “Your team’s goal is to walk across the playing area and back, keeping your line intact. If someone tears off and separates from the line, do a quick patch job and continue on.” Don’t bother with penalties for “tearing away.” Taping each other and attempting to move as a team is more important than quality of performance. If you inadvertently substitute a roll of fiberglass tape for this team experience, the group bonding might be a bit more permanent than you bargained for. But if there’s some duct tape around…