Have everyone sit in a circle or something as close as you can get. Then, have each person give their name and make sure each name is clearly said so that all others can hear it. After going through the names once or even twice, have someone start in the middle by asking someone to call the name of someone in the room. The person in the middle proceeds to find the person and try to whop ’em with a rolled up newspaper (or pillow) before that person can say both their name and someone else’s name in the room. If they get whooped before they can say their name and someone else’s name, they are now “it”. Also, if the person whose name is called fails to say both their name and another person’s name, they will have to be it. The person who is in the middle takes the place of the person they whoop. This helps people learn each other’s name and mixes kids around with each other.

Items needed: Rolled up newspaper or pillow (pillow is actually preferable).