We see God zoom in on the one guy who verse 9 tells us “walked in close fellowship with God.” There is that image again from the garden with the cool wind blowing and God walking and talking with Noah. Looking at the story of the flood may seem like God is not concerned about man or He wouldn’t kill them all. But, the truth is because God loved man and had let him run wild for far too long there needed to be a cleansing. So God, in his justice and mercy choose Noah to make a fresh start.

When I go to fix something in my house, toilet, closet door, wood flooring, whatever. I will visit Lowes or Home Depot usually 4 times as a minimum just for that one project. Usually it’s 1 time to buy “everything I need” for the project and then 3 more times in one day just to get what I forgot. I once went to Lowes, bought what I needed for the project, and went to my car to sit and think so I wouldn’t have to come back. Of course I remembered something and went back in to get it . . . 4 times I did this and the cashier just laughed at me everything I came back inside. I can’t imagine how long it would have taken me to build an ark like Noah did. This massive Zooboat was built without a single trip to Lowes! Well done sir!


Some people don’t believe Noah and the Ark actually existed. They think it’s just a fable but that is not the case if you believe the Bible is the authentic word of God. There is no room for legends or fairy tales or mythological stories found in the Bible. Your view of God’s word, the Bible matters. It is either %100 factual historical account of our beginning and God’s involvement in their lives or it is %100 lie. You can’t have fairy tales mixed with theology. There is a ton of geological and scientific evidence that points to a flood, but that is just the icing on the cake. As a Christian, you read God’s story and you see God to be truthful and trustworthy. So when someone comes along and says science has confirmed the Biblical account of blah blah blah that’s nice, but we already knew God’s word to us in the Bible is true.


DBL07If you were alive when the flood happened, why would God choose you?

  1. Because you like puppies?
  2. He has to choose somebody
  3. you try your best to be a good person
  4. you don’t think he would
  5. God is gracious

God decided He would love you and draw you to Himself out of pure Grace. Thank Him for that today.