So Noah finally finished the boat and had all the animals together and it is my guestamate that it took him 100 years. Now you may say 100 years! Seriously, could these people not count or did they have a bad calendar? No, if you read Ch5 you see the lifespan of people was a lot longer the closer to creation you get. Maybe it’s like the whole dog year thing we somehow calculated for every year we live today it is like 7 years for a dog. I think today you and I are the dogs who age quicker.

Do the math, if we live to be 100 today that would be like Noah and them living to 700. I don’t believe they were all old and wrinkled like Yoda at age 80 like we get today. I think it was a lot longer life and they really lived hundreds of years and aged slower. The reason I think it took Noah at least 100 years is 5:32 says Noah was 500 when he had his 3 sons, who had to help him build the yacht. And by the time Noah was 600 7:6 God told him to get on the Boat.

Another cool thing is chapter 6 verse 20. Noah and his family didn’t have to travel all over and live capture 2 of every animal. God made the animals come to Noah, which is quite helpful!

Verse 10 is funny. After 100 years of building a boat in the desert and funny looks from the neighbors, God says all aboard. Then they wait and wait and wait. I wonder if the neighborhood kids came by and made fun of Noah and his family inside the massive cruise ship for 7 days.

DBL07Have you ever had to wait on God?

What was the result of that wait?

Hebrews 11:7 tells us that Noah is known as a man of faith because he waited patiently on the Lord. In the introduction, I told you about the phrase “When the rubber meets the road” Here we see Noah’s faith be more than a religious ideal, he put it in action and obeyed God. What about you?