Onion Rings Studios Relaunched

Onion Rings Studios Relaunched

Onion Rings Studios was created back when the internet was invented (almost) way back in 1998. My last name is Rings and being in youth ministry students give you nicknames so some high school guys at my first church started calling me Onion, thus the Onion Rings Studios. After 20 years in youth ministry working at churches from 300 to 1500 and a Young Life Area Director I have collected, & invented more games, skits and youth messages and I’m in the process of putting them all here…for you. http://www.OnionRingsStudios.com

At Onion Rings Studios we have a 1000’s of Party Games, fun group games, youth ideas,youth activities for youth group and youth programs including youth group icebreaker games, wide games, youth camp games, messy food games, indoor youth group games, outdoor youth group games, water fun games, junior youth games, icebreaker ideas, birthday party games, youth bible games, church youth group games and team building games.

Check out our Fun Youth Group Game Ideas and more skits! 20+ Years of Youth Ministry Resources Everything You Need in 1 website.









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