Origin of The Lone Ranger Skit

Origin of The Lone Ranger Skit

The original broadcast of the “Origin of the Lone Ranger”. I got mine at Cracker Barrel Reste.  Then listen to tape 237,052 times and read these words and then lip sink it at club. This skit is done by one person doing all the different character. Try to dress in some cowboy stuff and change hats or something for each character)

Early settlers in the west had to brave men and women

ready to fight for their lives at any moment

There was Danger on every side

There were wild beast, scavenge Indians and… the Cavendish Gang

Gun fire

Butch Cavendish headed a pack of outlaws.

They struck without warning to steal and Kill

open fire on that wagon train

Wipe them out to their last man

gun fire and yelling

the Cavendish gang attacked ranches and towns as well as wagon trains.

Everyone feared butch Cavendish

his gang grew rich and powerful

Finally the Texas rangers learned where butch Cavendish and his gang were hiding .

6 Texas rangers guided their horses along the canyon floor to arrest the Cavendish gang.

Presently captain Reed signaled a halt

Bring it in boys

huh, huh , huh(draw on reigns to stop horse).

We’ll wait here until the scout returns

Do you think it was a good idea to send Collens our guide on ahead?

It was Captain Reeds younger brother who asked the question.

The captain explained that Collens, who was not a Texas Ranger, was the only man who knew the country and who could scout ahead for information.

Then, while the Texas rangers waited for the guides return, the captain said to his younger brother:

My wife and son are coming from the east.

If something happens to me and you survive… well I know you’ll take care of her and Danny


I’m going to count on you to resign from the Rangers and work that silver mine we staked out.

See that my son and his mother get my share.

I  promise

here comes Collens the scout.


(Collens) whoap hoa there ho, ho Sydney

(Captain Reed) Well What’s the word Collens?

Good news captin’ Reed It’s all clear.

I scouted the rim on both sides of the canyon and found no sign of the Cavendish outfit.

All right boys lets go

get up there.. get up


Collens the guide lagged behind unnoticed by the Texas Rangers who moved in single file along the floor of the rock strewn canyon.

They didn’t know that Collens had lied!

That Butch Cavendish and his killers were waiting in ambush on the rim on both sides of the gap.


Here come those Rangers boys just as Collens told us

yeah, yeah

Now we can’t get down on the floor of the canyon without going a long way back

and it’ll be dark in half an hour

 so we’ll just keep pouring lead into `em from up here until we’re sure their dead

then we won’t be taken any chances.


Gun shots


the rangers leaped from their saddles and sped out as they returned  the fire from both sides of the canyon.


{gun shots}


soon 4 of the rangers were killed

Captain Dan Reed and his brother, wounded several times kept fighting side by side.

{gun shots}


Then the Captain  fell mortally wounded.

And a moment later his younger brother.

Whoat ulp

the last of the rangers slumped to the ground


The outlaws waited and watched for any sign of life from the rangers.

Then rode away convinced that all 6 men in Brian’s Gap were dead.

sunset Came then darkness


{Indian Music}


That night an Indian examined the bodies by moon light.

After examining the first 5 men he muttered softly

hmm, them dead

Then he came to the 6th man, the younger brother of the captain

and this man alive


The Indian lifted the man tenderly in his strong arms and carried him to a nearby cave where he bathed and dressed the wounds.

Then he took a spade from one side of the cave and returned to the canyon where he worked steadily until the dead men had been buried

Returning to the cavern he sat watching through the remaining hours of the night.

Daybreak found the ranger stronger.

But by night fall the wounds had become infected.

{painful, restless light moaning}


The Indian called on all his knowledge to treat the wounded man

He went day and night with out rest

{Indian Dance}


It was the morning of the 4th day when the ranger opened his eyes

And for the first time the Indian saw them clear and calm.

Uh, you wake, me glad

Yes I…so weak.

You wounded bad

I..I remember and ambush

That right!  Me find you in canyon

Carry you here to cave

It’s daylight

It mornin’

Then I must have been uncontious all night

It several days since fight in   cannon

Several days?



There’s something familiar about you

You, you remember?!

Many year ago, you only boy

you find Indian boy in trouble

you save life Indian boy

yes, your name is Tonto

That right

years ago you called me kemosobby

That right

 and you still kemosobby 

It mean faithful friend

Tonto, there were 6 of us in that canyon , the others, what about the other rangers?s

other ranger all dead



one was my brother

You only ranger left

you LONE Ranger


{cup ear to hear the music off to the right}


the lone ranger


{cup ear to hear the music off to the left}


tonto those killers know me by sight

If they know one man escaped they’ll look for him


them not know one escape

Tonto bury 5 men, make 6 graves

crook think you die with others


Then my name shall be forever  buried with my brother and my friends

from now on my face must be concealed…

a disguise perhaps or a mask

{face lights up with idea light bulb expression}

That’s it… a mask

I’m the only one who knows about the Cavendish gang

with you help tonto I’ll get every one of those crooks.


In the Rangers eyes there was a light that must have burned in the eyes of knights in armor

A light that through the ages lifted the souls of strong men

who fought for justice , for God