I could write a prequel to this Journey through scripture titled “Man’s run from God” thus the need for this book. Throughout scripture we are continually being dim witted and defiant and running from the only one who truly loves us unconditionally. By the way when I say man, it’s not a gender reference but link to huMAN. Which is you, unless you’re a really gifted monkey or dolphin, in which case you should put this book down and back away slowly and go play with your ball.

When people tell me “I run 3 miles a day,” I usually respond “I run only when chased.” It always gets a cheap laugh, but maybe that joke is more profound than it ought to be. Maybe God pursues us, chases us because we continue to run. Why else does he keep telling us in scripture to “be still?” If only we would be still in God’s presence, the intimacy with God that awaits us is beyond fathoming. I hope that is what we will do together over these chapters on our journey through God’s Word. Speaking of which, this book is a companion to be read along with a chapter of the Genesis each day. Read the Bible passage first and then this book or vice versa, try both approaches and see what you like. I prefer the New Living Translation as it is accurate and easy to read and understand, which I think are pretty good qualities to have.


It’s hard for us sometimes to savor the Bible and explore deeper because of our familiarity of the events. I tried to block out any memory of what happens next and read each chapter with freshness to see what God was doing in the lives of His people step by step. We all know Abraham and Joseph’s story and we know how it ends and our minds often times rush over passages without chewing our food slowly and enjoying the flavor. For me, this journey through scripture in the pursuit of man is like an Outback Steak.

When I get the filet I take small bites and chew slowly enjoying the flavor and texture of the finest steak in the land. My hope is you will walk away from this book with that approach to reading God’s word. As you read the lives of real people, savor the aroma of their lives, their culture, the customs, and the geography. All these angles come together to take you deeper in the lives of the people you read about here in Genesis. Savoring a passage, putting yourself in the culture with a teleporting time machine; will turn scripture from a dry and dusty ancient scroll into a 3-D action movie with God and his people as the stars. Watch and see how God’s plan of redemption explodes off the pages as God pursues his people.

My hope for you and for me throughout this journey through scripture is that you could see the relentless pursuit of God. I hope you will see how God is connected to the folks here in Genesis, but also I hope you find great solace that God is pursuing you. The Bible is no man made story about God, it’s too messy and we look like fools too often. This is God’s story, a story of redemption, love and God’s passionate pursuit of man.

 2 Quick things:

1. Sometimes I get a RANDOM THOUGHT so I just say whatever pops into my head.

2. There is a phrase “Where the rubber meets the road” it means here is the most important point for something or the moment of truth or time to get into action. An athlete can train all day, but the race is where the “rubber meets the road” and they’ll know how good they really are. So in keeping with our theme of running I thought it would only be appropriate to take a few moments after you read a passage to ask the question “What does this mean and How can I apply this to my life” So at the end of each chapter there are questions to put our bodies and hearts in motion. When reading God’s Word there needs to be a response. How can I go forward and live this out?