Star Wars Skit Menace in the Mobile Home Park

Star Wars Menace in the Mobile Home Park

All of these actors never had a good acting job since Star Wars and now they all live together in one trailer in a mobile home park.  For costumes you can use a bath robe or Kung Fu outfit for Luke, For Chewbacca we used the same outfit from the Bat skit which was some coveralls covered with mop strings painted brown. We used a safari hat as well to hide the face of the beast. For R2 we took a smoker grill and painted it to look just like R2 and stuck a speaker inside as someone hidden with a mic would whistle. 

L = Luke

C = Chewbacca

LE = Leia

R2 = duh

MR = MR Evil

Here is the R2D2 I built for this skit
Here is the R2D2 I built because I’m a geek 🙂

Act I

(cue Star Wars Theme)

[Luke walks in and sits on couch eatin’ moon pie drinking RC cola. It is empty so he shouts for a new one]

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L: hey furball get me another RC!

C: uggh (mad)

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[RC cola can ripped to shreds is thrown in from off stage]

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C: uggh (mad)

[if !supportEmptyParas] [endif]

[Chewbacca enters holding a RC cola he walks up to Luke and squeezes the can as it explodes all over Luke]

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L: I can’t take this any more!

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[Leia enters]

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LE: Luke, calm down. I know living in this small millennium camper down by the river together for the last 20 years has been stressful.  But what else can we do?!

L: If we don’t get a role in the new star wars film I am going to go insane!

C: uggh (I agree)

LE: yeah, but how?

L: I don’t know, but there has got to be a way! Maybe we should ask Yoda.

L: R2D2 get me.. R2 where are you? 

{have R2 covered up with a NASCAR blanket or dirty clothes}

R2: beep, beep

L: R2 get out of there and get me Yoda on the satellite link up.

R2: beep

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[screen comes on and dialogue w/ Yoda begins] {Shoot video clip of Yoda action figure or puppet for this sequence. (Email me if you want to just send me a tape and I will copy what we did for you (all 3 video sequences, all you have to pay for is shipping) Then actors dialogue with TV ]

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Y: oh hello young master Luke

L: Hello master Yoda

Y: I see you still are having problems w/ that wookie friend of yours.

C: ugh (that’s right)

L: Yeah, anyway, Yoda you gotta help us get a role in the new star wars film.

Y: umm I see… well there might be a way.

L: How?

LE: Please tell us Yoda, we’re dying here.

Y: Well, George is having some trouble with a hostile take over of his movie studios.

L: yeah, go on!

Y: perhaps if you were to find out who is behind the take over and stop his evil plans.  Then maybe George will cast you in his new movie.

L: All right

LE: yes

C: ugh


L: thanks Yoda

Y: no problem

L: Come on ya’ll we’ve got to find out who’s behind this to get our lives back.

(cue Star Wars Theme)

[exit stage left even]

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Act II

(cue Star Wars Theme)

[scene opens with whole group sitting on couch.  Opening the lid on R2 to get out an RC]

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L:    R2 pull up a list of all the Evil villains that got out of prison in the last year.

R2:  beep,beep,beep

LE:  Yeah, and cross reference those with people who have the word Evil anywhere in there name.

R2:   Beep, Beep

L:  [opens R2’s lid again and pulls out a picture of Darth Vader with the words Mr. Evil written across the top] 

    Man this Mr. Evil is ugly… but he looks really familiar???

C:    uggh (you moron)

L: R2 where can we find this guy?

R2:  beep, beep

L:  Wow R2 you mean to tell me you can get him on the live Villain Cam for me!!!

R2:  Beep, Beep

[if !supportEmptyParas] [endif]


MR:  what do you want , can’t you see I’m Busy!

L:      Yeah, uh, well, we were just wondering if you would be interested in a free make over?

MR:    MAKE OVER!?  Look buddy if you’re selling crazy we’re all full here, so beat it!

LE:     No, no really Mr. Evil sir, we just want to give you a free make over.

MR:    You’re not trying to get me to use one of those 10-10 numbers are you?

L:      NO SIR


C:      uggh

R2:    Beeeeep

MR:   {pauses a minute} Well… I guess that will be okay I’ll come by next (whatever night you have club) How’s that?

L:     That’ll be fantastic.

[TV fades to static and then off]

L:   {Luke begins to tell the others of the plan as they walk off] Okay, here’s the plan.  When he gets here next week, Chewbacca you…. (cue Star Wars Theme)

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[if !supportEmptyParas] [endif]

Scene opens with a chair set up in the middle for Mr. Evil’s make over.

(cue Star Wars Theme)

[everyone walks in]

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L:   Okay, you all know what to do right?

LE:  yeah, yeah

C:  uggh

R2: beep

L:  shh here he comes

[Mr. Evil enters cue Imperial March music]

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MR:  I’m here for my free make over.

LE:   Right this way MR Evil

LE:   Oh boys could you come help with Mr. Evil’s Makeover.

[L & C  enter and tie him up to the chair with duct tape or whatever]

MR: hey what’s going on here!!?

L:   [taking a deep breath and saying micro-machine-style] We are here to thwart your efforts to overthrow Lucas Arts Studios so we can have our jobs back and be in the new Star Wars movie!!

MR:  curses! If it weren’t for you medalling kids and your dog… that is a dog right? ( pointing to Chewbacca) I would have gotten away with my “Evil” plans

L:   Now tell us who you really are “MR Evil” or I will have to use my light saber on you!

MR:  Please that thing is so old and rusted you probably couldn’t even cut through a tomato and then a shoe smoothly. (Gensu)  Okay, My name isn’t Mr. Evil.

L:  haa, I knew it!

Mr.:  It’s just me Darth Vader

LE:  I knew he looked familiar

C:  uggggggh (You people are stupid)

L:  But why were you trying to destroy Lucas Studios?

Mr.:  the same reason you captured me.  I haven’t had a part in a movie since Star Wars.

LE:  Yeah, but that’s no reason to be so Evil.

L:  R2 get me George Lucas on the Celebrity Cam

R2:  beep

[what we did here was take the video footage from the re-release of star wars at the beginning where they had an interview with Lucas.  We simple recorded the video footage w/o audio then used a mic to dub in our own lines like a kung foo movie]

[if !supportEmptyParas] [endif]

G: Ah I see you kids were able to capture the villain

LE,L,C: yeah

G well you saved my studio, so I guess you can be in my new movie. Come on over to the studios.

LE,L,C,R2: {celebrating} (cue Star Wars Theme) everybody exits stage left

Here are 2 more skits I wrote, Feel Free To steal the idea and say it was your 😉