Steal Stuff From Hula Hoops
You’ll need one Hula Hoop and two soft rubber balls for every four or five players. Place the hoops on the floor throughout a large area and place two rubber balls in each hoop. Have kids form teams of 4 or 5 and ask each team to choose two people to be guards. Tell the teams that the object is to get as many balls in their hoops as possible within a time limit (5 or 6 minutes). Players attempt to steal balls from other teams’ hoops without getting tagged by the other teams’ guards. Guards must keep one toe touching the floor inside their team’s hoop at all times. Tagged players must freeze and sit where they are tagged, first replacing any balls in the hoops. Tagged players can be “unfrozen” by other players on their team. A Player who successfully steals a ball takes it to the team’s hoop, where is can be stolen again by another team. Players are not allowed to steal balls from other players while they are bringing them to their hoops.
The team with the most balls in its hoop at the end of play wins.