Stinky Christmas SheepWhen I think of Christmas, sometimes I think of sheep in the manger, which makes me think of stinky sheep, which makes me think about David. Christmas can be exhausting for those in ministry, so here is a quick encouragement from God’s investment in David’s life.

As you reflect back on the year so far you may have some tough stuff you have had to deal with in ministry. I was in youth ministry for 20 years, been there done that, got a box of camp T-Shirts to prove it! 🙂 The point is God is training you right now through you circumstances. It’s tough to get the big picture, but we catch a glimpse of in here with David.

Here are a few of God’s training methods.

In Solitude – David spent a lot of time in the fields camping out watching and protecting those dumb sheep. He had a lot of time to reflect on the beauty of it all and really connect with God.

In Obscurity – David’s character wasn’t formed in the popular “in crowd” and pride. His own dad barely paid any attention to him. David was faithful in the little things the unseen, unknown, unappreciated and un-applauded – that’s what molded David.

In Monotony – J Oswald Sanders says “Long practice perfected his playing of the “guitar” and this is what first brought David to Saul’s attention, Then he mastered the sling – hours and hours of practice – which led to victory over goliath”

I’m going to close with 2 truth we can take with us for our lives.

  1. It’s in the little things we prove ourselves capable of the big things. Before God entrusted David with the lives of the entire nation of Israel, God 1st gave him a flock of sheep to protect.
  2. When God develops inner qualities, He is never in a hurry. Godly character is developed over a lifetime, and sometimes painful.

Just remember that no matter how much growth you have yet to do, no matter how out of place you might feel as his servant, you are like David are chosen by God to feed His stinky sheep! 🙂

Humbly in Christ,

Matthew Rings

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